The thunder of the Annual Reports

johnboy 27 September 2013

This year the Annual Reports were unusually well synchronised.

We’re sure this has nothing to do with overwhelming the limited resources of Canberra newsrooms to investigate them.

Considering us thoroughly overwhelmed here’s the Ministerial media releases from which the mirror image of the greater atrocities can be made out:

    1. Community Services Directorate

    Joy Burch, Andrew Barr, and Shane Rattenbury assure us all is well, or if not well then getting better:

    The Community Services Directorate’s 2012-13 Annual Report showed significant developments in supporting people with disabilities, children, families, the elderly and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Canberrans.

    This was coupled with further work to assist the community sector meet the challenges ahead.

    Minister for Disability, Children and Young People Joy Burch said among the main pieces of work was preparation for the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the ACT and ongoing improvements to the care and protection system.

    2. Economic Development Directorate

    Andrew Barr couldn’t bring himself to mention the directorate, or it’s annual report, but there are some things he wants credit for:

    The ACT Government continues to stimulate Canberra’s economic growth through the implementation of a range of diversification initiatives.

    Growth, Diversification and Jobs, the ACT Government’s Business Development Strategy, continues to be implemented and numerous initiatives and programs including Innovation Connect, Canberra Business Point and InvestACT are assisting the private sector to grow, innovate and create jobs.

    An additional $1.5 million is included in the 2013-14 Budget for the Global Connect initiative which provides for a suite of programs to support the continuing diversification and internationalisation of the ACT economy.

    The Red Tape Reduction Panel met regularly throughout the year to identify and eliminate regulations that were proving to be unnecessary impediments to business.

    3. Education and Training Directorate

    Joy Burch continues to take credit for good parenting:

    The Education and Training Directorate’s 2012-13 Annual Report shows the ACT continues to perform well in NAPLAN testing, school completion, and school attendance, Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch said today.

    4. Territory and Municipal Services

    Mayor Rattenbury stresses that they’ve been trying hard:

    “It has been another busy year for TAMS as they work hard to deliver a wide range of services that Canberrans rely on every day,” Mr Rattenbury said.

    “Looking after our growing city is a large job and last financial year included tasks such as watering 21,474 developing trees, responding to over 11,300 tree maintenance requests, managing 503 playgrounds, loaning out 3,173,342 library books, managing 149,000 domestic rubbish and recycling collections, impounding 188 stray trolleys, mowing over 68,000 hectares of open space and sweeping 16,964 kilometres of road.

    “There were also 7.6 million customer interactions with Canberra Connect, which is up from 7.3 million in 2011-12

    5. ACT Policing (Property Offences)

    Simon Corbell says crime is down across the board (a global trend):

    Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, has commended ACT Policing for continuing to drive down crime in Canberra, following the release of the 2012-13 ACT Policing Annual Report.

    Mr Corbell said offences against property in the ACT fell by 5.2 per cent during the reporting year – the lowest result in 11 years.

    “There have been significant decreases in a range of offences in the ACT when comparing 2012-13 to the previous financial year,” he said.

    6. ACT Policing

    Simon’s also thrilled with things generally:

    Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, today commended ACT Policing on its efforts to engage with young people and identify those vulnerable to becoming offenders, or victims of crime.

    Mr Corbell said the 2012-13 ACT Policing Annual Report, tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly this week, showed ACT Policing had excelled in its efforts to refer young people to diversionary programs.

    7. Justice and Community Safety Directorate

    Rafting down a river of champagne Simon Corbell tells us Worksafe is doing a great job:

    Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, Simon Corbell, today welcomed the increase in WorkSafe ACT inspections on construction sites in the ACT, following the release of the 2012-13 Justice and Community Safety Directorate Annual Report .

    “WorkSafe ACT has focused its resources on site visits and inspections, as part of the ACT Government’s response to the Getting Home Safely Report,” Mr Corbell said.

    “Construction site visits increased from 1,057 in 2011-12, to 1,211 in 2012-13 – an increase of 14.57 per cent.

    “This has resulted in significant increases in regulatory action in the construction industry, when comparing figures from 2011-12 to 2012-13.”

    8. Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate

    The hits keep coming for Simon with climate change and nature conservation:

    The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate Annual Report outlines significant work to protect and enhance the ACT environment, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.

    “The most significant activities were the release of a new climate change strategy and the developmentof a new nature conservation strategy,” Mr Corbell said.

    “Following community consultation, the government released a new climate change strategy, which includes 18 separate actions, to set the ACT on the path to meet its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets and establish a strong foundation for the achievement of the overall target of being carbon neutral by 2060.

    “We also commenced an Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme that is expected to reduce residential sector greenhouse gas emissions in the Territory by 6% while reducing household energy costs.

    9. Health Directorate

    Katy Gallagher says she’s been busy:

    ACT Health’s 2012-13 Annual Report shows ACT Health has seen one of the busiest years on record.

    “Across the community we have seen increased presentations to the emergency departments and admissions to public hospitals, increasing birth rates and more people requiring elective surgery, all of which are placing higher demands on our public health system,” the Chief Minister said.

    “Significant work has been undertaken to further improve and expand the delivery of health services to meet these demands.

    “Record numbers of elective surgeries, more public hospital beds, improved cancer services, record investment in health infrastructure, the highest life expectancy in Australia and high childhood immunisation rates all show that our health system is responding to community health needs,” the Chief Minister said.

    10. Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate

    Chief Minister Gallagher remains busy and thinking hard about the Centenary:

    “2012-13 was a busy year for the newly formed Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate. The directorate was involved in several major national policy reforms including the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the national education reforms,” the Chief Minister said.

    “A particular focus during 2012-13 has been delivering the centenary celebrations, which has seen a major program of events and community celebrations put on, boosting tourism and raising the profile of the nation’s capital nationally and internationally.

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