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The under world of Canberra makes the Times

By p1 - 5 October 2008 34

Canberra Times has a story with a front page picture today on the underneath of Canberra. It is a pretty generic story about drain exploring in Australia, which they have made a half hearted attempt to connect to out fair city. It is a shame that they didn’t try a bit harder to include some photos of the Canberra drains they reference.

Also interesting on account of the number of urbex related threads on riotact in recent times. Although maybe I am just jealous that they didn’t ask to use any of my photos…

“Exploring” in Canberra – any good tunnels / caves or other fun exploring areas?

Exploring underground bunkers near Canberra

Top Secret military “bases” in Canberra

[ED – we wouldn’t mind getting more of your photos p1]

So who decided the barbed wire was necessary?

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
The under world of Canberra makes the Times
ant 12:02 am 06 Oct 08

I don’t know who reads teh CT. In a major gov’t dep’t in recent months, I was after a copy as someone in our area was allegedly photographed in teh party pages, and I hunted high and low, made phone calls, and NO ONE had it. No one got it. SMH, Australian, Straits Times, Financial Times. But no CT.

The CT does nothing well. It’s not national, it’s not local, it’s not nothing.

bigfeet 9:59 pm 05 Oct 08

PBO, whatever happened with the possible bunker you were talking about in this post?

Did it actually turn out to be something interesting?

Or was it an overly elaborate septic system as you feared?

Danman 8:26 pm 05 Oct 08

skid, I concur….

Personally though – in canberra at least, drains tend to be round concrete pipes for the most part – and to that end quite boring..

People should see whats above ground before they resort to underground…

Soo many better photos to be had..

Seems like there is a lot of curious rioters here…..

Skidbladnir 8:15 pm 05 Oct 08

Part of me thinks its a little bit irresponsible to have the CT putting up a feature article about going exploring up storm drains when the weather is starting to turn wet.

But then again, with a readership demographic of zimmer frames, “is my photo in there” social types, government, business & advertising community, they’re not the most likely candidates for being sweapt away in flash flooding.

Next time I go running around underground, I’ll have to bring a cheap camera with me.

Footloose 7:44 pm 05 Oct 08

All the photos are off the website…and man are there some pix there!

Danman 7:30 pm 05 Oct 08

indeed – and probably being used without permission – which I am following up..

PBO 7:26 pm 05 Oct 08

A fine example of Armchair Journalism, The last time that the Canberra Times did a story on this was about 15 years ago. At least the particular journalist involved came down the tunnels with us instead of cutting and pasting other peoples websites into a story.

To top it off, those are all Sydney and Melbourne photos.

Danman 6:22 pm 05 Oct 08

err linky dont workee

This again

Read and memorise this

Danman 6:19 pm 05 Oct 08

Just read that canberra times article and its a load of dog….

One way to make a lot of kids do things they are not meant to is to advertise it in the paper.

And one would be stupid to access sewers, because, unlike stormwater tunnels, sewers are a closed circuit, and besides the obvious biohazards, there is little to no air, and lets not forget that most noxious gasses are odourless.

I suggest if anyone is inclined to go places like this then you best read and memorise this file first.

And remember – #1 rule – when it rains – no drains…

Danman 6:01 pm 05 Oct 08

Its no secret that I am affiliated with the Cave Clan, they take beautiful pictures, and to that end, thats is the nature of my involvement with them.

Just because I have not mentioned it does not mean it is a secret.

Its a pity that Canberra times did not get in contact with a more reliable source than the internet for their article. I for one could have anonymously submitted several photos of a better calibre of than what I have seen in this thread…

Thumper 4:53 pm 05 Oct 08

Pretty half arsed attempt at a story that, as JB suggested, had some promise. Which is a pity as it could have been quite interesting, especially if they’d included old buildings.

ant 4:50 pm 05 Oct 08

Those threads about “unknown Canberra” etc here are excellent, and we can always come back to them, unlike a newspaper story which dies and is used to line the compost bucket.

The one about the caverns under NPH, and the one about secret facility under the JG Gort. wiht the ramp and disco foyer were fascinating.

johnboy 4:03 pm 05 Oct 08

Not a freelancer or a wire, Cayla Dengate’s a regular writer for them.

It felt to me like a promising feature that had failed to come together by deadline but got thrown out the door anyway.

Wide Boy Jake 3:50 pm 05 Oct 08

Yeah, I saw that article as well. Fairly hopeless with no local photos or interviews with local cavers. It seemed to be written by a freelancer or else snaffled off the wire services with an attempt to throw in a bit of local colour to make it relevant to locals. Fairly typical of the Sunday Canberra Times which is fast becoming a joke.

p1 3:40 pm 05 Oct 08

Sorry for that collection of typos and examples of poor grammar, I somehow posted it while still typing.

The Temple of Doom, in “Secret Squirrels” one of the drains mentioned in the CT article.

I have to wonder about the activities of some of riotact’s residents, after looking through some other photos. Care to comment, Danman 🙂

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