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The unspeakable in pursuit of the unedible – Hargreaves v. Coe Round 1.

By johnboy - 12 January 2009 30

Gungahlin Al has been in touch to point out that the the disgracefully slovenly ACT Legislative Assembly Hansard service has finally spun it’s laggardly wheels and the December sitting is now available. Al forwarded me this exchange:

    MR HARGREAVES: But the wish list that they had was an interesting one and I will go through a few of them. One was waiting lists for aged care accommodation. Yes, we were going to do that some time ago. Another was a land bank for aged persons accommodation care. We have already got that. Another was multiunit properties. We have already got that; it is in Housing ACT. In fact, I could take a couple of people around on a tour if they want one.

    Mr Coe: I’ve asked you for that.

    MR HARGREAVES: Did you say something, young fella?

    Mr Coe: I’ve asked you for a tour.

    MR HARGREAVES: I would not give you a tour of the old-people homes because you will frighten them.

    Mr Coe: Thanks. Good on you; you’re a real professional, minister.

    MR HARGREAVES: You, my dear boy, would not know the meaning of the word. My dear fellow, you were still in a sandpit when we were in here looking after the people of Canberra, and I will be here the day you go back to the sandpit. You are just such an absolutely appalling addition to this place. You should take some advice from some wise people such as Mr Doszpot.

    MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Ms Burch) Can we get back to the subject, minister.

    Mr Coe: Great use of the MPI! Great use of it!


    MR HARGREAVES: Mr Coe, you are a stand-up joke.


    MR HARGREAVES: In fact, I suggest that you go and use some public transport. (Time expired.)

I suppose that if we must be represented by both Messrs Hargreaves and Coe it’s nice that they can at least be rude to each other for our entertainment.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
The unspeakable in pursuit of the unedible – Hargreaves v. Coe Round 1.
Thumper 7:55 pm 12 Jan 09

It would all be hilarious if Hargeaves wasn’t a minister. Anyone outthere that voted for him? Give yourself an uppercut. He is a disgrace.

shauno 7:38 pm 12 Jan 09

Who are the dickheads that voted for this guy? Come on give me a reason why you voted for him.

54-11 7:19 pm 12 Jan 09

Hargreaves is an absolute disgrace. I just can’t understand why Canberrans keep voting for the prick.

trevar 7:14 pm 12 Jan 09

That’s not a deadsh.t, that’s a f*ckwit! A deadsh.t is harmless, but this senile old bastard is actually taking the votes he was given and playing silly buggers with them!

Seriously, who do these people think they are? How dare they even bother standing for office if this is their intention? Hell is too good for sub-human butt-monkeys like this!

‘Bout time for a no-confidence motion in the worthless old bastard.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:48 pm 12 Jan 09

What an utter deadsh.t. Lost opportunity to suggest that the real reason he doesn’t want to take Coe on a tour is that they’ll mistake old man Hargreaves for one of their residents, sedate him and then strap him to a bed. “The nurses are taking my money! What smells like mustard?”

fabforty 6:11 pm 12 Jan 09

John Hargreaves is clueless. I remember a time when ACT police were so desperate for numbers and equipment the few patrols we had sometimes had to share portable radios and torches. Morale (and member safety) was understandably low. Our then Minister responded to our concerns by making a press statement about how the ACT had more police numbers than the previous year. .yadda..yadda..yadda.. nothing to see here, move along, move along.

How this pompous prat remains in the legislative assembly astounds me. If he has nothing to hide, he should give Mr Coe a tour.

poptop 5:55 pm 12 Jan 09

And now Jeremy Hanson has issued a Media Release calling “Shenanigans” on Minister Hargreave.

Election stunt? How cynical of him!

jakez 5:46 pm 12 Jan 09

I’ve found that when you immerse yourself in politics you quickly lose all perspective, particularly with regard to manners.

If that exchange had taken place anywhere other than in our Legislative body, it would represent a truly appalling attitude and behaviour.

It’s not even clever. At least back in the day, politicians used to be witty in their insults.

Whatsup 5:43 pm 12 Jan 09

Name calling and put downs… Mr Hargraves you are sounding like you need some advice from some wise people. And to think we are paying for you to behave like this.

Skidbladnir 5:19 pm 12 Jan 09

Now if only they could be rude to eachother for our benefit

And if any MLA wants to raise into Hansard, the speed (or lack thereof) for the ACT Govt staff in processing the Hansard, I will give them the shiniest of shiny pennies[1]

[1]: Penny may be purely metaphoric in nature, and may be replaced with equivalent amount of beer, wine, or tasty tasty fruit juice[2], should I ever run into you at a social function, and entirely at my discretion.
[2]: Whatever your poison is, but you’d have to do much more than just mention it to get an entire pint.

peterh 5:15 pm 12 Jan 09

nice to see the older ministers helping out the new ministers with positive advice and support…

Granny 5:10 pm 12 Jan 09


: D

barking toad 5:08 pm 12 Jan 09

Our minister John was obviously in a testy mood.

Perhaps he had to pay for lunch. And chose a cheap and crook red to boot.

PM 5:03 pm 12 Jan 09

I love it 🙂

Vic Bitterman 5:02 pm 12 Jan 09

hargeaves probably had the shakes and needed a ministerial wine, or three, before driving home.

Remember, he’s our drink driving minister.

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