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The Wit and Wisdom of Jeff Manny. Part 2, Mutating Afghanis

By johnboy - 10 January 2012 33


Back in June 2010 we noted with some mirth that Justice Gray had been particularly scathing about the self described “second richest and biggest business man in Belconnen“.

In October 2011 I was treated to an unpleasant evening of emails from Jeff Manny, air conditioning impressario (and former heavy advertiser during the cricket), who objected to our linking and quoting the findings of the Supreme Court.

And then a strange thing happened. It turns out the Jeff Manny runs an email list of some of the most powerful people in Australia (and the world as you will see) and periodically holds forth on many subjects.

Friends and family have found Jeff’s emails hilarious, I even print them out for a friend. So we’ve decided we really should be sharing them with the RiotACT audience.

Here is part two:

from: Jeff Manny

to:,, Emma Gilbert , Ehsan Abbasi, Rahul Kaul ,, tony,, Youxin Zhao , Adam Z Zhang,, “Iafrate, Gemma (T. Abbott, MP)”, Ivan Garanovich,,, Paul Colagiuri Lawyer, PORTER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dateline, David Hannes, david lardner,,, David Friend,, “Farrow, Kelly (Sen B. Brown)”,, Gary McGrath,, John Griffiths,,,,,,,,,, zone legal,, Christopher Dibb,,,,,,,

date: Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 1:05 PM

subject: Afghanis are Mutating as i warned you before

Dear Mr. Smith the defense minister

Please get out of Afghanistan now, before more Australians die in Afghanistan

There is no chance for the western world to win the war in Afghanistan

Afghanis are mutating now to defeat you, as I warned you before that there are 300 thousand of well armed and well trained of them now

Those 300 thousand of well armed and well trained never will be your side, doesn’t matter what
It goes back to the time of the Alexandra the great 2500 ago when he attached to Afghanistan and killed all the men and young boys
Raped all the women, occupied the land

It is the same in China, India and Japan, Africa and South America

The answer is not by killing, I know you want to say that you are not killing Chinese, Indians and Japanese any more
You just killed them on the past and now that they are strong you can not and do not want to kill them because they are stronger

They got stronger to kill you, in fact they will kill 300 millions of you, I have identified the bug in their culture which is embedded
For a long time

Do you know why? Just look at the Allan Joyce of the Qantas, he put a torture to 80,000 Australian stranded all around the world to prove a double standard point,

In one breath he says that the Qantas can’t afford the rise of the minimum paid worker who gets $40k a year ($800 per week before tax and $600 after tax
Pays $600 rent or mortgage per week and if wife is lucky gets another $600 per week to pay all the expenses like food, clothing, bills ect) and he himself gets
$2 million a year pay rise on top of $3 millions the base salary ($100,000 a week)

Is this $100k per week is a blood money? Is Alan Joyce is a mass executioner to get such a high pay? Is action of Allan Joyce a coup to bring the Federal Labor down?
Who is behind this plot? it can’t be Allan by himself, I reckon the main target is either to bring the Federal government down or inflect a big damage

Julia Gillard, you know the Universe’s solution to this, bring Qantas back to ownership of people of Australia and I told you how to do it in my pervious email

I tell you a short storey about Mohammad prophet of Islam “one day a woman bring her child to Mohammad and ask him to tell to her child that don’t eat Dates,
Mohammad replies to the woman that I have just eaten a Date (desert fruit), therefore I can’t tell the child that don’t eat Dates”

This is what I am talking in one had Alan Joyce gets $2 millions rise who really doesn’t need it that much since he already gets $3 millions a year, then
On the other hand, declare a war against lowest paid worker with a big bang against the people (Australians) paying his entire pays

I am astonished that a company and its CEO kicking people on their face (Australians) who feed him, Qantas just made bloody $500 millions profit for a year
It is not that Qantas can’t afford it, you people got no idea how bad it is to be stranded other side of the world, I have experienced it and it is not good

Now you can see why am I fighting against Globalization and privatization, this is the result of it the same way that private arm makers sending innocent American
Soldiers to the Vietnam to get killed in a gruesome way just to sell their weapons to the American public for more profits

I want survival of human race on earth, better living of human race on earth and preserving justice on earth

Kind regards

Jeff Manny

[Photo by The U.S. Army CC BY 2.0]

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33 Responses to
The Wit and Wisdom of Jeff Manny. Part 2, Mutating Afghanis
Mumbucks 2:14 pm 10 Jan 12

It’s time to light the lights time to get things started for the Manny show tonight!

Thoroughly Smashed 1:56 pm 10 Jan 12

NoImRight said :

I feel like some dates

The skin gets stuck in my teeth. Ugh.

Thumper 1:30 pm 10 Jan 12

NoImRight said :

I feel like some dates

12th of March?

NoImRight 1:21 pm 10 Jan 12

I feel like some dates

fgzk 12:16 pm 10 Jan 12

CSR At least that trailer promised tits. I now feel so let down by our zombies.

colourful sydney rac 11:59 am 10 Jan 12

Mutating Afghani’s? Could be worse, could be Nazi Zombies:

Primal 11:51 am 10 Jan 12

The wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead.

MrMagoo 11:43 am 10 Jan 12

He may be wealthy, but wealth can’t buy you intelligence or the ability to write with clarity or sense. Does the guy realise that half the people on his email list have probably blocked him by now. It’s a bi concerning that some people have a forum.

Amanda Hugankis 11:35 am 10 Jan 12

Manny-speak … as amusing as lolcats …

And I love the bit where he tells Julia ‘and I told you how to do it in my pervious email’ … yeah, Julia … the one with all the holes in it?! Don’t you remember?!!

Obviously he’s not well … which makes it slightly less funny, but I do have tears running down my face. Does that make me a bad person?

bitzermaloney 11:32 am 10 Jan 12

Jeff Manny for Chief Minister!

At the very least it will entertaining. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the Greens.

JessP 11:04 am 10 Jan 12

Illiterate and stupid! A winning combination.

Thumper 10:27 am 10 Jan 12

What a strange fellow.

fgzk 10:07 am 10 Jan 12

The same, just a different set of gunmen pulling the trigger.

poetix said :

Speaking of justice on earth, I wonder how things will go for people like this when we decide we’ve had enough over there?

Makes even Alan Joyce look benign. Almost.

dungfungus 10:03 am 10 Jan 12

Lookout! There’s a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

poetix 9:49 am 10 Jan 12

Speaking of justice on earth, I wonder how things will go for people like this when we decide we’ve had enough over there?

Makes even Alan Joyce look benign. Almost.

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