The Wit and Wisdom of Jeff Manny. Part 3, the Passion of the Manny

johnboy 17 January 2012 26
crown of thorns

Back in June 2010 we noted with some mirth that Justice Gray had been particularly scathing about the self described “second richest and biggest business man in Belconnen“.

In October 2011 I was treated to an unpleasant evening of emails from Jeff Manny, air conditioning impressario (and former heavy advertiser during the cricket), who objected to our linking and quoting the findings of the Supreme Court.

And then a strange thing happened. It turns out the Jeff Manny runs an email list of some of the most powerful people in Australia (and the world as you will see) and periodically holds forth on many subjects.

Friends and family have found Jeff’s emails hilarious, I even print them out for a friend. So we’ve decided we really should be sharing them with the RiotACT audience.

from: Jeff Manny

to:,, Emma Gilbert, “Tony \\(MP\\” ,, “Iafrate, Gemma (T. Abbott, MP)”,,,, Paul Colagiuri Lawyer, PORTER,,,,,,,, zone legal,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dateline, david lardner, David Hannes,,,, “Farrow, Kelly (Sen B. Brown)”,, Gary McGrath,, John Griffiths,,,,,, Christopher Dibb,,,,, “McEvoy, Mandy (J. Bishop, MP)”

date: Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 2:53 PM

subject: The Universe’s solutions

Dear Friend;

I am talking to you in a way that opens our eyes, the way the Universe gives us the solutions, please read it with care

I have put lot of my time to write this for you among millions other things in my plate that shows how much I love human race

I put the humans first before my own needs and works to be done

    1. I have said in a forum that Green Energy will become cheaper than fossil fuel energy in the future and people asked me how,

    My answer help from the Universe, because green energy is free and what ever is free and cheap will be sold cheap, where as we need
    to buy the fossil fuel to convert it to the energy. Simple analysis, isn’t it

    2. I went to Afghanistan in 1970s, before Russians invade Afghanistan. We were guest of a family. This family gave us food and shelter

    In 1990s I went to Japan, we were guest of a family. This family gave us food and shelter

    But what did I found a difference. Afghanistan was considered one of the poorest countries on earth even those days and Japan the richest nation on earth even now

    Afghanistan: a) We were given a room next to river with no TV, no Phone, no Electricity but air was fresh and we were very happy and comfortable, b) We were given a fresh simple food which was very tasty c) When we traveled in the village, air was clean and fresh, kids were jumping in the river, no cars and no stress and its seemed to me not many people had job, were either sitting under a tree or walking with their donkey, everyone greet us and wanted to share their food with us, we did not want to leave. It seemed to me people were happy for what they had but they did not have much

    Japan: a) We were given a room in a tall building, with electricity, phone and TV and we had to turn the air conditioning on to be in the room and we were very uncomfortable and unhappy, b) food was decorated in a different bags and wrapping which were absolutely beautiful but the food inside the wrapping wasn’t that good c) When we traveled in the city, air was polluted and lots of people had to wear mask, kids were not smiling, just following the parents, traffic jams everywhere, no one talked to no one, everybody was rushing and looked very busy, people were drunk in the train station who were coming home after 16 of hours of work who were over tired, street people were sleeping outside the train station and a few people eating from garbage bin in the station, for us just to have a bit of normal fun, we had to go to one of fun park to ride those horrible machines. People looked had everything but no one was happy
    Japan suppose to be the best of western world
    What is happiness? The definition of the happiness by the Universe is that of happiness of mind rather than happiness of the body

Disgraceful: Don’t tell me doesn’t happen here, I met a lady yesterday who came to Australia 40 years ago from England at age of 12 years old. She was absolutely broken since she hadn’t gone home back to England last 40 years, not even once and she wanted to go every year, she said that she never considered Australia her home and she was forced by her parents to come to Australia and from the first minute she wanted to go back and her Australian husband never let her go back to England even for a visit, I have promised her that once I get my money from ANZ bank then I will send her along with all of her family back to England for a nice holiday

You should be ashamed of yourself that sending a police man to come to tell my wife, she is a bated wife and ask her to leave me to move to a woman’s refuge and break her family by scaring her just to get to her pants where I had taken her 4 times to Japan in first 10 years marriage and her family came here 6 times

Please type Jeff Manny on Google you will see the following

    1. A report from the Act Supreme court who did not accept my plea of “ Qualified privileges” in regard of I accuse a man called ********* a police man alleged pedophile , that means I didn’t have the right to write a letter to the police in confidence to report another police man on basis of rumor, it doesn’t say he is a pedophile or not , it just says about what rights do I have but you can see a society called itself ACT Riot who is been financed by non Australian has put that in a totally different way which makes me a guilty man

    2. Another report is a person who claims who bought an airconditioning from me, I have got court documents that he confessed that he never met me and his claim got nothing to do with me but he can’t even take the report away from the Google and he claimed that he did not put there

    3. If you see another report in Google in regard of me and company called Complete constructions, the judge called Master Harper wrote a very good judgment and speaks very highly about me and defines my good characters and my good heart but unfortunately you can’t open this report

    4. A report says that the person who bought my business did not have to look after the past customers, I will send you a copy of contract to show that he is responsible and he has accepted that in the court but once again he can’t remove the report from Google and he claims that he did not put that there. I can’t remove these report either myself, I wrote to Google and other parties but no one replying me back

Who is attacking my credibility? So far I have reached to a secret agency. Is this same case of Christ when he came to save you, he got killed in a gruesome way.

    5. Is this case same as Julian Assange, some one who wants best for the people, but I haven’t done anything illegal in our laws, I just have expressed my mind

    It is so obvious that some one trying to destroy my credibility like Wikileak founder. But I want best for you people

    I have offered all these facts to all the media but no one is interested but if some one get overcharge for repairing a fridge then it will be all over the media

Problem: I know all of you reader can do arithmetic but listen to this simple equation offered by the Universe. Say we have 5 Dollars, we want to divide these 5 dollars to 5

people, The Universe’s way, gives 1 dollar to everyone as a sign of equality and socialism and communism instantly without wastage of time, Western way, hires sets of consultants, accountants and economists to see who should get more, after years of work they come with a nice formula and complicated, but wages for these consultants, accounts and economists is already 4 dollars,

There is only one dollar left to divide among 5 people that means 4 dollars of these community has been lost due to inefficiencies and 4 out of 5 of people got sever health and financial problems since money did not come to them on time, these 4 have to give all of their shares to just come out of the trouble and the fifth person is in the jail for trying to steal

loaf of bread due to hunger and will be sent to England for life to exile as a punishment for stealing. This is the way banks work in the Western world. Banks, insurances and financial institution are none producing sectors and size of them should be reduced by 10 folds

Solution: Slow down and you will get more, you are chasing your tail now. Go back to your churches. Did you know some of the best Operation Management in the world are not MacDonald’s, Toyota factory or American government but Churches, I study term of layout in the Operation Management, could not come up with a better example than a

layout of a church, by the way I am not Christian only, I practice all the religions and when I am going to get exploited by a lot, called themselves master of the religion then I practice no religion I can write books about Operation Management of the Church, whether is about its location or Just In Time process or Bottleneck

It is dangerous times: It is becoming like time of the Christ when Romans having the absolute power and been manipulated by the Israelis to kill the Christ

If you did not understand the above email, it would be summarized in one sentence which is Simple things in life is often the best

Please slow down, this way is leading to a steep fall

Please note, My story is like the story of that Jewish guy whose brother got killed in New York and after 10 years got justice but my case is coming to 10 years but I haven’t go the justice yet, that is why I always say America is the land of freedom

Kind regards

Jeff Manny

Note: I have attempted to faithfully reproduce the email as sent in html the one alteration is removing the name of the policeman potentially being defamed by Mr Manny.

[Image: Matthias Stom’s Christ Crowned with Thorns c 1633-30 Courtesy Wikipedia]

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26 Responses to The Wit and Wisdom of Jeff Manny. Part 3, the Passion of the Manny
Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:04 pm 31 Jan 12

JessP said :

The lights are on but no one is home.

No, no, no, no, no: the air-conditioner’s on, but someone forgot to put the goldfish back in the budgie’s cage.

Manny’s real – it’s Big Al that was fake……

EvanJames EvanJames 11:15 am 18 Jan 12

We used to get those kinds of letters in my old job. Before the internet, such letters were many pages, hand written and often in capitals. And if they didn’t start in capitals, by about the third page they were in capitals.

Sadly, such letter nowadays are treated as official corro by ministers’ offices and their departments waste days preparing serious responses to them.

We used to just sticky-tape them to the wall above the filing bins so people had something funny to read while they were stuck there, filing.

Baldy Baldy 10:05 am 18 Jan 12

One of my hobbies is reading this type of rantings on the internet. They come up with some pretty wild stuff.

Poor guy

creative_canberran creative_canberran 6:43 pm 17 Jan 12

This the air-con bloke?

matt31221 matt31221 12:47 pm 17 Jan 12

WTF factor 10???!!

He definitely needs psychiatric help.

Take this line –

“I put the humans first before my own needs and works to be done”

This is indicative of him believing he is somehow not human, something special – a god perhaps. This is a symptom of Bipolar disorder or someone experiencing psychosis.

This isn’t funny anymore he needs help.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:38 pm 17 Jan 12

Anyone want to chip in towards setting up a stall for him in Garema Place, so he can wave his arms at an audience and scream about the impending apocalypse? We haven’t had one of those for a while…

For reference, Mr Manny seems to have had an eventful run just from the last few years of Supreme Court transcripts, and the recent incoherent ramblings have only lent support to my original “who in their right mind” suspicions…

P and W v MANNY and Anor 5 September 2005 – 11 June 2010
(which resulted in RiotACT’s subsequent coverage)
Shiels v Manny & Anor 25 June 2010
(Formal vacation of name supression as part of the former)
Jeff Manny & Ors v Anthony Sims & Ors 23 March 2011 – April 8 2011
13. During 2007 Mr Manny’s wife commenced proceedings against him… 14…net asset pool of some $4m. In broad terms, his Honour divided the pool as to 43% to Mr Manny and 57% to his wife.
18. On 1 November 2010, the bank served a notice of default on each of the companies claiming the total then owing to the bank, $10,733,090.02.
33. The fact is that the companies owe the bank something of the order of $10m and are not in a position to pay it back without at least selling a major portion of their assets, probably most and perhaps nearly all of their assets. The companies… are technically insolvent.
Complete Constructions Australia Pty Ltd v Jeff Manny Pty Ltd May 2010 – 10 Jun 2011
“11. Mr Manny informed me on the hearing of the application that he has no money, and is presently reliant on Centrelink benefits.

p1 p1 12:32 pm 17 Jan 12

J Christ, J Assange, and J Manny. Three of a kind.

jonquil14 jonquil14 12:26 pm 17 Jan 12

bloviate said :

Well, it goes without saying – but he’s obviously not all there. Definitely hilarious however.

I’m not sure how I feel about parading this around in the public sphere though hey. If he was just an idiot, it would be fair game, but this guy is legitimately ill in the head. And being a Canberran blog, the RiotACT doesn’t exactly obtain the same anonymity as the internet in general. I feel a tad sorry for the guy

The thing is, the politicians and media outlets on the distribution list get hundreds of these types of letters and emails every single day. Mostly this kind of stuff is just ignored, but I think it’s good for people to know that a lot of admin work in political offices/media/government departments is taken up with dealing with these nuts.

Sure you can delete the emails and throw out the letters and faxes, but that takes time and even then, receptionists and call centres whose job it is to help the public still spend half their time screening phone calls from conspiracy theorists and people like Jeff who have a little too much time on their hands and think it’s absolutely vital that Tony Abbott’s office/ASIO/the Daily Telegraph hear about how the new world order in association with the pod people and the reverse vampires are combining to eliminate the meal of dinner through implementing a carbon tax.

Disclaimer: I used to have the privilege of answering the phones of one of the recipients of Jeff’s emails.

shirty_bear shirty_bear 12:13 pm 17 Jan 12

Oh. My. Buddha.

My brain refuses to accept that anyone could author this screed.
This must be shopped … I can tell by some of the pixels and from having seen a few shops in my time 🙂

qbngeek qbngeek 11:29 am 17 Jan 12

The only thing I got from that entire email that seems to be even remotely true is that the simple things in life are the best, but he couldn’t even phrase that correctly.

Thumper Thumper 11:24 am 17 Jan 12

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Let it go JB.

As I have seen more of his writings it has become increasingly clear that Jeff needs help, mocking him (as I have been guilty of) is not going to do anything to assist possible recovery and is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

I have to say that I’m thinking the same.

DermottBanana DermottBanana 11:17 am 17 Jan 12

I’m starting to wonder if Manny’s rants are creations that JohnBoy comes up with late on a Friday night when he’s ingested a bit much? Or maybe it’s a team effort of a bunch of comedians somewhere? Surely like this cannot exist in the real world?

fgzk fgzk 11:14 am 17 Jan 12

poetix said :

I’m looking forward to ‘ACT Riot’ being promoted to Judas some time soon.

I heard Judus is a baptist now and posts on CAUSERIE.

johnboy johnboy 11:10 am 17 Jan 12

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Let it go JB.

As I have seen more of his writings it has become increasingly clear that Jeff needs help, mocking him (as I have been guilty of) is not going to do anything to assist possible recovery and is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

Have you read this one?

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 11:07 am 17 Jan 12

Let it go JB.

As I have seen more of his writings it has become increasingly clear that Jeff needs help, mocking him (as I have been guilty of) is not going to do anything to assist possible recovery and is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

johnboy johnboy 11:01 am 17 Jan 12

Rawhide Kid Part3 said :

Is this person for real??……

You made him up, didn’t you Johnboy?

I’m flattered you think I’m capable of such an invention.

poetix poetix 10:59 am 17 Jan 12

I’m looking forward to ‘ACT Riot’ being promoted to Judas some time soon.

Rawhide Kid Part3 Rawhide Kid Part3 10:57 am 17 Jan 12

Is this person for real??…… You made him up, didn’t you Johnboy?

bloviate bloviate 10:55 am 17 Jan 12

johnboy said :

It’s been a tough decision to publish.

But society allows him to roam free, and he does want his cause taken up.

fair enough, fair anough

Erg0 Erg0 10:50 am 17 Jan 12

I presume that by “non Australian” he meant “unAustralian”.

That simplicity sure did work out well for pre-1978 Afghanistan, eh?

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