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The Witches are having a Solstice festival – With Wendy Rule!

By johnboy 29 April 2006 30

Canberra’s witches are taking over Ginninderra Village from June 17th to July 16th, 2006 to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Details here. It sounds like a pretty exciting program of witchy events, with singer Wendy Rule coming to both sing and give workshops in the use of voice in ritual. (I now understand a lot more about my female friends who own Wendy Rule CD’s).

The Witches meetup page is also very excited.

I particularly liked this description of the main event.

Winter Solstice Ritual – AN ASATRU BLOT – all welcome including kids
BYO plate to share afterwards

Because after making supplication to the Elder Gods, I guess it’s nice to share your pasta bake.

Incidentally ACT Tourism should be doing something with this. I’m sure North American wiccans and witches would love to experience a Winter Solstice in June.

What’s Your opinion?

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The Witches are having a Solstice festival – With Wendy Rule!
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Absent Diane 8:37 pm 02 May 06

but you have to admit… that a lot of christian traditions bare a striking similarity to religions far older that christianity has slandered for being pagan. this includes there beloved jesus…

Mael – they didn’t still easter they took the concept of death and rebirth at the same period of the lunar cycle and made it their own… and killed anyone else who said it was theirs…

Paganism is as equally as fanciful as any religion… but a lot funner

Maelinar 4:27 pm 02 May 06

I think you’ll all find most religions started having celebrations at similar times due to lunar events. Saying that the Christians ‘took’ or ‘stole’ them is taking a bit of a step without being absolutely sure that there is hard ground where your foot will land.

AKA show me the vellum parchment that says words to the effect of ‘We officially steal Easter and call it ours’.

I love the stone henge comment – 1 vote for ^bump to tagline

Thumper 4:23 pm 02 May 06

“Christianity is essentially a pagan religion… therefore christians have no right to knock other pagan religions”

That’s stretching it a tad far AD.

Without doubt Christianity stole many of their ideas and rituals from previous paganistic beliefs, but christianity is not a paganistic religion.

Have a look in a dictionary at the two.

Having said that, I knock all religions equally, and I also show respect to all religions equally, although some I must admit are simply weird, dangerous, or slightly evil, and those I don’t have much respect for.

Absent Diane 3:48 pm 02 May 06

I agree with wonsworld… halo’s represent sun god worship…. religious festivals around the times of winter solstice (north hemisphere) and equinox… the fact that most major paganistic religions had a dude who road into town kicked some ass on behalf of the little people, got captured, died as a martyr for the little people (around the time of the spring equinox), was ressurected a couple of days later..

Christianity is essentially a pagan religion… therefore christians have no right to knock other pagan religions…

wonsworld 2:35 pm 02 May 06

Ari.. Chaffless weed is the best option… and Stone Henge is actually the world’s largest mull bowl

Thumper. I think broomstick flyers are akin to the mob that is into yogic flying 🙂

Ari 12:56 pm 02 May 06

So that’s why Stonehenge is ring-shaped?

johnboy 12:47 pm 02 May 06

I thought that bit was about putting groovy drugs on the end of the broomstick and sticking it up your date.

whatever floats your boat….

Ari 12:47 pm 02 May 06

Wonsworld – do find a lot of chaff in your weed?

Thumper 12:45 pm 02 May 06

I wish I could fly on a broomstick. That would be seriously cool….

simto 12:42 pm 02 May 06

And, to put it politely, Christianity ain’t exactly what I’d call one cohesively organised bunch either. Yes, most of them are at least working off a roughly similar version of the Bible, but there’s enough variant readings and “oh, but of course, that doesn’t apply to us” attitudes out there to mean that pretty much any attitude you choose to adopt in any given situation is probably defended as Christian in one way or another.

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