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The Witches are having a Solstice festival – With Wendy Rule!

By johnboy - 29 April 2006 30

Canberra’s witches are taking over Ginninderra Village from June 17th to July 16th, 2006 to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Details here. It sounds like a pretty exciting program of witchy events, with singer Wendy Rule coming to both sing and give workshops in the use of voice in ritual. (I now understand a lot more about my female friends who own Wendy Rule CD’s).

The Witches meetup page is also very excited.

I particularly liked this description of the main event.

Winter Solstice Ritual – AN ASATRU BLOT – all welcome including kids
BYO plate to share afterwards

Incidentally ACT Tourism should be doing something with this. I’m sure North American wiccans and witches would love to experience a Winter Solstice in June.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
The Witches are having a Solstice festival – With Wendy Rule!
bulldog 2:28 pm 01 May 06

I’ll bring the T-Bones…. Some for us and one for the fish.

Maelinar 1:58 pm 01 May 06

Speaking of beer, call me Jesus but I just put down a homebrew this weekend.

The great news is, although I can do it (I know I can), the wife won’t let me drink 50 glorious litres of Coopers Draught in one sitting, and I have to check out my new beerfridge, complete with external taps.

Once it’s ready (I have to test it thoroughly – I may even have to put another brew on), I’ll set a date and we can all talk shite in the back yard. I’ll fill you all in on a plan Bulldog, Thumper and I came up with a couple of months ago involving fishing, the RiotACT and a hot sunny day (and beer).

bulldog 1:15 pm 01 May 06

witches shmitches – as long as they’re having fun and not hurting anyone they can knock themselves out.

As for casting spells – well unless they cast a spell on me to turn me into a loudmouthed, beer loving braggart – there’s no such thing.

Maelinar 11:58 am 01 May 06

Cast a spell on me then, I dare you…

LurkerGal 10:28 am 01 May 06

Ooh, Mael, I expected better from you!

I’ll be there, if only because Wendy Rule is fab!

Maelinar 10:21 am 01 May 06

Because they haven’t identified that they are casting a spell, which has had a tangible or even semi-credible effect.

There’s no prerequisite for secrecy as far as I am aware, that’s for the AWB and Department of Defence matters.

johnboy 9:39 am 01 May 06

Mael: How do you know they haven’t cast a spell on you already?

Thumper 9:04 am 01 May 06

True, it is a lifestyle, and in some cases, a fashion statement (a bit like kids going through a Goth stage) but its roots are pre organised religion, roughly 2000 BP, so if there is the possibility of one true religion or belief system then witchcraft (in a generic form) would logically have to be it.

There was an interesting program on SBS last night about the subject although, as you would know, I am regularly exposed to the subject.

Maelinar 8:46 am 01 May 06

wicca, white magic, black magic, voodoo, hocus pocus, I don’t care.

I’ve heard it called a lot of things, wicca I have only heard in recent years, previously it was called heather, and before that it was white magic and white witches.

Until I have had a spell cast on me, I’ll continue thinking it’s more of a fashion choice than a reality.

Thumper 8:37 am 01 May 06


It’s wicca….

Maelinar 8:32 am 01 May 06

Since there’s going to be a larger abundance of them than usual, I reemphasise my open invitation:

Cast a spell on me, influence my interspatial trajectory1.

Or just burn a candle and think good/evil thoughts, it doesn’t matter either way. Until I am affected by ‘wicker’, I’ll continue considering it a material for making baskets.

Except those people who believe in wicker who are in a position of power above me and can actually influence my career (eg: fire me), which isn’t a display of wicker anyway, it’s a display of rank.

vg 10:41 am 30 Apr 06

I’ll go to see if any of them are lighter than a duck

Ari 9:10 pm 29 Apr 06

She turned me into a newt!

barking toad 8:33 pm 29 Apr 06

Throw ’em into the pond!

bonfire 12:21 pm 29 Apr 06

yet more lost souls who have so little faith in the abilities of man they look for answers from con artists and story tellers.

any form of organised religion is all about picking your pockets.

even jesus chased avaricious priests from the temple.

i would hope my rates were not spent on promoting mind control.

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