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The Workers want to know why we can’t be nicer?

By johnboy - 16 December 2011 56

Back in June we cast our eye on Southern Cross Ten’s “The Workers” and their exhortations for children to go to bed.

Elizabeth from The Workers has this week been in touch to express her disappointment with us all:

From: Elizabeth Gaunt
Subject: The Workers Goodnight by MWF

Message Body:
Hi there,

I really hope you can do the right thing. My name is Elizabeth Gaunt and I’m one of the members of the group The Workers.

I have noticed the story and video of the television commercial I am in and the proceeding comments, and I have to say I’m so saddened by what MWF and followers have said about us. We are creepy, or pedophiles, or going to ‘rape’ children. We are loving parents, professionals and performers who are just having a go at producing some new content in television. I’m disgusted by the comments and would ask that you please look at removing the post and all it’s comments as we are all highly embarrassed by them.

We have a wonderful new childrens show on southern cross ten running Monday to Friday at 8.30am. Perhaps you could write some positive things about us instead?

I really hope you can understand we are just normal people having a go, and would appreciate the opportunity to be respected for it on a blog like this.


(We’re unsure if Elizabeth is the ballerina or the nurse)

Listening to the above video here in The Eagle’s Nest we did wonder if it wasn’t effective at getting children to go to bed simply to escape the glass shattering racket.

If, on the other hand, you’re a fan there is a YouTube channel to rejoice in.

the workers

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
The Workers want to know why we can’t be nicer?
AngryHenry 1:50 pm 16 Dec 11

I doubt any of the commenters in here are even in the target demographic for the workers…

Gender stereotypes?


Let kids be kids for a little while longer and if they enjoy this stuff, cool!

There are worse things being put into young people’s brains than this.

Rusalka 1:34 pm 16 Dec 11

“The Workers” might like us to be nicer, but I would like them to portray women better. They may be insulted about the comments of them being creepy, but I’m insulted by the fact that they are continuing to push gender stereotypes on to kids. Why not have a boy nurse (and make sure its a nurse not a doctor) and a girl police officer for example.

I’m not holding my breath for them to stop offending me (don’t even get me started on the noise they call song), and I think what they are doing on TV is more offensive than some tongue-in-cheek comments here on RA.

poetix 1:12 pm 16 Dec 11

You can imagine a similar premise in Communist Bulgaria. Always look forward to visits from the happy healthy workers of the Motherland. I am truly grateful that my child is beyond The Workers demographic. I still want to murder The Wiggles. In the Night Garden, however, has a weird psychedelic appeal, with Makkapakka and his stones.

Henry82 1:06 pm 16 Dec 11

Looking through the previous thread, i can’t find a single comment about ‘raping children’ or ‘paedophiles’. Yes, the expressions are exaggerated, so out of context they look a bit creepy.

Mang 1:05 pm 16 Dec 11

Solidarity said :

Not going to comment on the content because to me it just looks like normal kids TV, I don’t have any kids so… meh, but…

I want to be on TV! How do normal people like me get on TV?

‘So you think your’e from France?’

Dilandach 1:02 pm 16 Dec 11

While looking at the initial posting, there wasn’t really anyone saying that the group were up for the rape of children. About as close as it went were double entendres about the fireman wanting someone to touch his hose.

Honestly Elizabeth, I’m not even sure why you’d even bother complaining. Its not like parents would read the site first and immediately come to the conclusion that ‘The Workers’ are a half hour of kiddy grooming staring your favourite sex predators in costume. Its a bunch of adults critiquing a kids show while using adult themes. I doubt sophie lee cared too much that she was ogled by every male watching at 4:30 while at the same time kids were enjoying bugs bunny. Nor do I think that the chicks from High Five cared they got the same either. Why? Because it had no baring on their show and what they wanted to do. Entertain kids.

That’s what you want to do, kudos to you but you are going to get people who either don’t like the show, love it, stare at your breasts the whole time you’re on screen, wonder if the policeman and the fireman engage in more than a friendship or just think you’re all sexual predators ready to steal the children during the night. You can not make everyone like you. Just do what you do and don’t worry about what people say or think.

The only reasons I can think of this being bought up now is either the show was cancelled and you think the comments had some sort of effect on having it cancelled or that you’ve only just found/got told about the comments and think that it will have some affect on the future of the show.

chewy14 12:54 pm 16 Dec 11

Congratulations on improving the video and fixing Evil Fireman.

cubicle01 12:54 pm 16 Dec 11

Still weird. Right up there with the !EXTREME CLOSE UP! Children of the Corn that read the WIN News in Canberra. Will have to tune in an see if the show is any better than the bed time bit.

Gantz 12:51 pm 16 Dec 11

I now feel terrible – I tore that show apart!
Well at least I stopped after they re-did their ‘Go To Bed’ commercial and actually do have a show…

Solidarity 12:46 pm 16 Dec 11

Not going to comment on the content because to me it just looks like normal kids TV, I don’t have any kids so… meh, but…

I want to be on TV! How do normal people like me get on TV?

AngryHenry 12:41 pm 16 Dec 11

Agreed why can’t we be nicer? Kinda weak to take pot shots at people who are trying to produce some local TV content and probably getting paid bugger all to do so.

Let’s see the people who take said pot shots step out from behind their aliases and try and do something in front of a TV camera. That would be intereting viewing wouldn’t it?

intaba 12:36 pm 16 Dec 11

It’s Ballerina Beth!

00davist 12:32 pm 16 Dec 11

I’m sorry, but the look on the face of the fireman was absolutely terrifying, turn of the sound and watch him.

I make no apologies for what is clearly true, the man came up scary in that clip.

Erg0 12:32 pm 16 Dec 11

In fairness, the new version is much, much better.

sarahsarah 12:27 pm 16 Dec 11

We are creepy, or pedophiles, or going to ‘rape’ children.

Proof reading fail.

The screen grab of the construction worker kind of reminds me of Adam Sandler.

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