The Workers want to know why we can’t be nicer?

johnboy 16 December 2011 56

Back in June we cast our eye on Southern Cross Ten’s “The Workers” and their exhortations for children to go to bed.

Elizabeth from The Workers has this week been in touch to express her disappointment with us all:

From: Elizabeth Gaunt
Subject: The Workers Goodnight by MWF

Message Body:
Hi there,

I really hope you can do the right thing. My name is Elizabeth Gaunt and I’m one of the members of the group The Workers.

I have noticed the story and video of the television commercial I am in and the proceeding comments, and I have to say I’m so saddened by what MWF and followers have said about us. We are creepy, or pedophiles, or going to ‘rape’ children. We are loving parents, professionals and performers who are just having a go at producing some new content in television. I’m disgusted by the comments and would ask that you please look at removing the post and all it’s comments as we are all highly embarrassed by them.

We have a wonderful new childrens show on southern cross ten running Monday to Friday at 8.30am. Perhaps you could write some positive things about us instead?

I really hope you can understand we are just normal people having a go, and would appreciate the opportunity to be respected for it on a blog like this.


(We’re unsure if Elizabeth is the ballerina or the nurse)

Listening to the above video here in The Eagle’s Nest we did wonder if it wasn’t effective at getting children to go to bed simply to escape the glass shattering racket.

If, on the other hand, you’re a fan there is a YouTube channel to rejoice in.

the workers

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56 Responses to The Workers want to know why we can’t be nicer?
MWF MWF 7:54 pm 08 Feb 13

fabforty said :

Oh my god. They are back !

…and almost a year later they are still creeping out me and my kids.


fabforty fabforty 7:58 pm 11 Mar 12

Oh my god. They are back !

I thought Ten had seen the light last year when they took this rubbish off.

But no. Not only are they back, but its the same cringe-worthy effort that we were subjected to ages ago.

Jojowood Jojowood 12:30 pm 09 Jan 12

Solidarity said :

Rusalka said :

Of course in the scheme of things going into children, it’s not the worst. Of course there is a scale. My point is that whether you like it or not, with kids entertainment there is a gender stereotype which goes both ways. The Workers replicate that.

Simplified it’s women in pretty and caring roles, and men in heroic and strong roles. This is not “wrong” and neither is better (all are completely necessary and equal) but it tells kids that that’s what roles they need to play. And kids don’t notice but they are constantly fed this, which in the 21st Century is rubbish. Boy and girls should be subjected to adults of both genders doing all different roles and jobs and taught that whatever they want to do is great, no matter what gender they ascribe to.

I have beautiful nieces and nephews that are raised this way, but still come home from childcare or out from watching TV spurting nonsense about how they can’t do certain things because that is a “boy” or “girl” thing to do. And I think shows like this should take some responsibility and think about the messages they inadvertently send.

Maybe the TV broadcasting is set up in a way…. not to tell children things, but to appeal to them… so they… you know, appeal to the target audience they are trying to entertain?

“I wondered if this show was an attempt to address generation umemployment. Beyond the gender stereotype issue, what the show does portray is normative ambition. Children need positive role models to show them hope, drive and success. The show is clever and fun.”

EvanJames EvanJames 1:04 am 08 Jan 12

poetix said :

EvanJames said :

PM said :

So how is a ballerina a “worker” anyways?

It’s a nice little job for a girl to do before she gets married and settles down.

I missed this earlier. You are an evil man-troll.

Yeah, but evidently a very ineffective one! No one bit on it! I shall have to study Violetta who is much more practised in the art.

poetix poetix 10:59 pm 07 Jan 12

EvanJames said :

PM said :

So how is a ballerina a “worker” anyways?

It’s a nice little job for a girl to do before she gets married and settles down.

I missed this earlier. You are an evil man-troll.

weeziepops weeziepops 9:55 pm 07 Jan 12

Holy snappin’ duck crap – have you guys seen their rendition of “Dem Bones”? Some crazy shizzle…

EvanJames EvanJames 12:38 pm 19 Dec 11

PM said :

So how is a ballerina a “worker” anyways?

It’s a nice little job for a girl to do before she gets married and settles down.

Angelina Angelina 12:34 pm 19 Dec 11

PM said :

So how is a ballerina a “worker” anyways?

Maybe she’s meant to represent artistic, creative jobs.

Or maybe it’s character night at the strip club. Who knows?

Grail Grail 12:33 pm 19 Dec 11

I wonder if deliberately invoking the Striesand Effect is the same as deliberately invoking Godwin’s Law?

PM PM 12:23 pm 19 Dec 11

So how is a ballerina a “worker” anyways?

luther_bendross luther_bendross 11:16 am 19 Dec 11

Mang said :

‘So you think your’e from France?’

“Are You Tougher Than A Fifth Grader?”

jessieduck jessieduck 10:28 pm 18 Dec 11

Hi Beth! Don’t drink and email!

What’s always confused me is why the song plays during the 7pm Project… not really kids TV is it?


fgzk fgzk 7:16 pm 18 Dec 11

Wake up workers. They nearly had me with there ditties going around in my head all afternoon. But then I noticed the right wing propaganda on their Utube page. including a tribute to Hitler, migrant workers issues, Angelia Jolie.

Fascist front. Should of known when its the jacks that wake you up.

fgzk fgzk 6:46 pm 18 Dec 11

They are starting to growing on me.” Wake up workers, wake up. Get up out of bed” on the lounge room stereo at 6:00am.

I feel the “angst” of being a worker mixed with the fear of being woken by Ben. Yet I’m happy and having fun. Its deep man. Wake up.

Classified Classified 11:49 am 17 Dec 11

There’s really no call for some of the comments here.

fgzk fgzk 11:15 am 17 Dec 11

If you ever see these hand signals then its either a bad stripper-gram or a very gay stage show.

fgzk fgzk 10:54 am 17 Dec 11

I liked this one. Its Bens job to teach us hand signals of the police. Hands on hips everyone.

Might help some posters in other traffic threads.

I don’t see the fireman connection. I do blame TV shows like this for the rise of ultra-violent computer games. Its very repetitive and droning, but that must be the genre.

WillowJim WillowJim 10:01 am 17 Dec 11

WillowJim said :

I can’t imagine absorbing the [b]world/b] through the perverted prism that it their perspective.


WillowJim WillowJim 9:59 am 17 Dec 11

Such defensiveness on here. The original attacks on the show were cruel and not even remotely humorous. But that’s the internet, isn’t it?

If anything, it’s the original commenters who are creeps. I can’t imagine absorbing the view through the perverted prism that it their perspective. Ironic that “creepy” is the label they applied to people who try to put something innocent together to entertain children.

jenny123 jenny123 8:56 am 17 Dec 11

It appears she is the ballerina.

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