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The Zierholz Brewery bar/cafe – opening real soon now Now open

By johnboy - 1 August 2008 43

[First filed: July 19, 2008 @ 10:03]

With the fitout and paperwork nearly complete Christoph Zierholz invited a select group to have a look at the bar/cafe he’s built into his Fyshwick brewery.

The slideshow tells you most of what you need to know.

Everyone there seemed to like it, more importantly I like it.

The glass topped beer barrels are a nice touch and the long tables are deeply reminiscent of central european beer dens.

He’s hoping to be open for business before the end of the month. So well worth checking out if you’re in that part of town.

[RiotACT swaps ad space for Christoph’s beer. But we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t like it.]

UPDATED: The following just in from Christoph:

    Zierholz at the Brewery Bar and Restaurant will be officially open for business as of 11 am today…

ANOTHED UPDATE: In response to your questions I can now confirm the beers will sell for $6 per pint, $3.50 per half. Food for now is kransky rolls and hopmeister battered fish and chips, with a chef being interviewed this weekend so more to come thereafter.

Weekdays 11-7pm (or late)
Weekends 11-5 (or later by booking)

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43 Responses to
The Zierholz Brewery bar/cafe – opening real soon now Now open
Duke 8:19 am 21 Jul 08

You can also buy Zierholtz at Woden Tradies. The cost is about $3.90 for a schooner – slightly more than a Carlton. Excellent beer, excellent value.

Headbonius 9:02 pm 20 Jul 08

Maelinar is right. Beer is a sacred thing not to be trifled with or argued over. It even has it’s own patron saint. True.

“From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world” – St. Arnold of Metz.

Saint Arnold was born to a prominent Austrian family in the year 580. Even back in those days the Austrians were famous for their love of beer, and admired for their brewing prowess. Beer was a proud Austrian tradition that was not wasted on young Arnold.

As a young man, Arnold entered the priesthood and began moving his way up that earliest of all career ladders. At the age of 32, he was given the title Bishop, and in 612 was named “Arnold, Bishop of Metz.” (Metz is in France.)

He is said to have spent his life warning peasants about the health hazards of drinking water. Water was not necessarily safe to drink during the dark ages, especially around towns and villages. Nasty stuff. Arnold always had the well-being of his followers close at heart.

Beer, on the other hand, was quite safe. Arnold frequently pointed this out to his congregation. He is credited with having once said, “From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.” It goes without saying that the people loved and revered Arnold.

In 627, Saint Arnold retired to a monastery near Remiremont, France, where he died and was buried in 640.

In 641, the citizens of Metz requested that Saint Arnold’s body be exhumed and carried from the monastery to the town of Metz for reburial in their local church – The church where Arnold had so frequently preached the virtues of beer. Their request was granted.

It was a long and thirsty journey, especially since they were carrying a dead bishop. As the ceremonial procession passed through the town of Champignuelles, the tired processionals stopped for a rest and went into a tavern for a drink of their favorite beverage – Beer. Much to their dismay, they were informed that there was only one mug of beer left, and that they would have to share it. That mug never ran dry and the thirsty crowd was satisfied.

Every Saint needs a miracle. That’s how the Church decides you are a Saint. The story of the miracle mug of beer spread and eventually Arnold was canonized by the Catholic Church for it.

Saint Arnold is recognized by the Catholic Church as the Patron Saint of Brewers. He is recognized by Beer Church as a top-notch, supernatural beer stud.

Several other Catholic saints have been associated (officially and unofficially) with beer and brewing. Here are just a few that might be worth researching if you have greater interest.

Saint Augustine of Hippo
Saint Wenceslas of Czechoslovakia (aka “Good King Wenceslas”)
King Grambrinus
Saint Brigid of Kildare
Saint Arnold of Soissons
Saint Arnou of Oudenaarde
Saint Adrian
Saint Veronus of Lambeek (think Lambic)

Mælinar 8:48 pm 20 Jul 08

FFS people – you are arguing over beer.

Seriously, arguing over beer.

I’m not kidding, beer.

I’ve considered selling body parts for beer. Get a grip you lot.

johnboy 8:46 pm 20 Jul 08

paull said :

Zierholz is the greatest beer ever invented and its the greatest thing to come out of the ACT in the last 100 years. They need to bottle and sell it.

We all need to buy lots and lots of his beer, and then he’ll do just that once he can afford the bottling plant.

johnboy 8:45 pm 20 Jul 08

A story every couple of months on the development of the only commercial brewery in the ACT. Yes, complete overkill, thank-you for setting me straight while impugning my integrity despite complete disclosure.

You’ve convinced me utterly.

paull 8:44 pm 20 Jul 08

Zierholz is the greatest beer ever invented and its the greatest thing to come out of the ACT in the last 100 years. They need to bottle and sell it.

flying doormat 8:41 pm 20 Jul 08

while your at it may as well change the website name to zierholzact

johnboy 8:37 pm 20 Jul 08

Yes, heaven forfend anyone like anything and still disclose their interest.

flying doormat 8:35 pm 20 Jul 08

Any chance riotact could get Moyra to do some of these infomercials?

Bassman 5:40 pm 20 Jul 08

Mmmmm Sounds good. I wonder if they would consider doing tours where you pay a bit extra, have a few beers/food and they do a brewing demo?? I know I’d be in.

And for anyone that hasn’t tried their beer, go to Debacle. On tap… Very, very good….

Danman 9:13 pm 19 Jul 08

wow – looks sweet – last time I was there it was just a big warehousey place that I could drive a trailer and car into… I guess Mrs Danman and I will have to come check it out with a few friends – Horse Park Drive = cheaper taxi fare home

glasscentralcanberra 6:37 pm 19 Jul 08

Yum – will have to make it our first port of call.

ant 3:59 pm 19 Jul 08

I’ll start a website and they can put ads on it and then I’ll get it for free, too. humf.

realityskin 11:01 am 19 Jul 08

awesome. can’t wait.

the beer is about $6 a schooner i think?

ant 10:38 am 19 Jul 08

(and last line in article): Oh yeah?! Then every one who reads the Zierholz stuff should be entitled to a middie or at least a pony!

How much IS their beer, anyway?

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