Theodore assault

sunshine 2 May 2007 36

just catching up on my news and read in the canberra times about the sexual assault in theodore on a poor 16 year old female at 11am!

Is this town getting worse or are the idiots becoming more brazen. probably both.

Hope they catch this guy.

[ED – Or (and this would be a good thing IMHO) are woman getting braver about reporting these things?]

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36 Responses to Theodore assault
DJ DJ 12:23 pm 07 May 07

Silence from Terry? Perhaps he is roving for more news to share… or he’s back in him classroom with the rest of the students?

Hey Vic, surely when you log on to RA the BS meter is dangerously high?

Ari Ari 10:47 pm 05 May 07

I reckon El’s on the money.

I asked my son who goes to Narrabundah College if he knew about it.

So daddy’s got an Aurion and is in the SES, eh?

el el 10:33 pm 05 May 07

The writing style would more closely match a Narrabundah college student – one would guess (and hope) an SES would at the very least know the correct usage of ‘past’ and ‘passed’.

It might also explain why he claims to walk past that area twice a day (rather than driving one of the three Toyotas he claims to own?)

MRB MRB 10:31 pm 05 May 07

Terry – do you seriously want to know the basic details on everything that happens? If it was explosives/terrorism/drug lab, you’d be pretty sure that it WOULD have made the news. That leaves one obvious conclusion – it wasn’t important! Believe it or not, things happen all the time in Canberra that you don’t need to know about.
If the police/firies/ambos started publishing every little thing they did just for your satisfaction, I’d imagine you’d need a larger paper than the CT (even with its oversized pages).
The only upside would be that you wouldn’t need to ‘widly speculate’ anymore I guess!

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:36 pm 05 May 07

But terry, being the 2 month old appointed SES officer with an Aurion as you claim, you would be at work not reporting this to the police???

Maybe, just maybe, my bullshit meter is going off every time you post something here.

DJ DJ 8:59 pm 05 May 07

I was questioning not attempting to offend. So maybe not your face on the news… do you think you were doing the public a favor? Did you call the radio stations for their ability to immediately disseminate your thoughts of possible terrorism or a dangerous clandestine lab? Why did you wait for them to arrive?

If it had already been reported (emergency services were in attendance after all) what was the need for you to report it?

I think you were doing the wild speculation here.

terry_wrist terry_wrist 7:59 pm 05 May 07

I am offended by any suggestion that I rang Win News to be on TV. I happened to drive past on the way back from work, saw all the commotion and was directed away around the scene down the side road. I stopped, rang WIN, they sounded very interested and they send some people out. When they arrived, I LEFT.

The news may not have though it important enough to say anything about. But I still think a quick mention of what is twas is important. Some of the people looking on were speculating it could be explosives (ie. terrorism) or a drug lab because they had heard small explosions in the past. One older person even said “they’ll be something on the news” in response to another passing by asking what’s going on.

The point is, unless they give basic details, not how much or what exactly, just was it a drug lab, weapons cache or bomb factory, then at least we will know and it should stop wild speculation.

teddy bear teddy bear 6:43 pm 05 May 07

What on earth is RM going on about. What was the story I invented? I am not aware of any story let alone an invented one.

Perhaps he/she is referring to DJ,s story about the AFP providing information to the Canberra Times but the paper refusing to publish it.

No doubt this could happen with “boring” news, but not for a “sexual attack”.

DJ DJ 9:40 pm 04 May 07

Thanks the heavens for Terry. Three cheers all round! Why did you call them? Did they offer you money or your face on TV? I saw a fire truck on Braddon the other day – QUICK, CALL WIN!…there could be a meth lab in Mort Street…. make sure you check under the bed and every lock in your house three times before you go to sleep.

If there was a dangerous situation you would have been told. Period. In anticipation of the mountain of BS that is going to be posted about not being told anything by the AFP – get over it or get help. If you can’t then describe, in minute detail, when you were placed DIRECTLY at risk from not being told something by the AFP in your suburb. Now is the time for less hypothetical rubbish and some hard facts to back your claims….

smack smack 9:14 pm 04 May 07


Why dont we just get the AFP to install one of their computers in your house so you can decide what is of public interest and what not! Better yet why dont you apply for the job as the head of AFP media relations?

terry_wrist terry_wrist 7:30 pm 04 May 07

correction: i rang win news, not i range them.

terry_wrist terry_wrist 7:26 pm 04 May 07

You know why Win News was there… because I range them. Talked to a woman in the news room who quizzed me about what was going on. When I said handcuffs, she said in a loud and excited tone… “you mean there are people handcuffed!” I said “no, but the cops have them out”. She sounded so disappointed. Wind News arrived five minutes later.

DJ, yes I don’t live in that street. But I walk passed there twice a day. So when I see guys in Hazchem suits walking into the house 20 metres from me, and a hose running into the house (on the tv show The Force the showed a drug bust, the fire briage were called to water down possibly explosive chemicals) I would want to know. Win News turned up, no good picture just fire bridge in pink/red hazchem suits so they spoke for five minutes to the cops and left. Never made the news, but neither did the high speed chase through Banks five weeks ago, or the brawl at the Lanyon Market Place in March where around a dozen police anda dozen schools kids were having a big argument over who punched who.

Oh and about the siren. I mean the flashing blue and red strobes were on the dashboard. My mistake, I stupidly call the whole package (lights and all) sirens.

cranky cranky 7:00 pm 04 May 07

‘its someone she knew but they just don’t have enough evidence to convict. And that they were waiting for the said person to make a mistake’

Maybe the AFP should sit down with our very progressive Attorney-General Ruddock, and work out an interview plan which may consist of sleep deprivation to assist this individual to cooperate

Sammy Sammy 6:18 pm 04 May 07

Note that they caught the Casino taxi rapist very quickly this week, following the publicity in the media that compelled a witness to come forward.

Sammy Sammy 6:17 pm 04 May 07

its not david eastman is it

Nah, they’re too busy trying to fit him up for Fagan’s death.

bonfire bonfire 9:56 am 04 May 07

its not david eastman is it ?

shauno shauno 8:23 am 04 May 07

“the public know almost nothing about who killed Kathryn Grosvenor way back in 02.”

I heard a while ago that there is a suspect and its someone she knew but they just don’t have enough evidence to convict. And that they were waiting for the said person to make a mistake or something like that anyway.

johnboy johnboy 7:29 am 04 May 07

Ignorance shall make ye rich?

hk0reduck hk0reduck 11:55 pm 03 May 07

I don’t want to know about how many drug busts are going on in my suburb, it might lower house prices >.

farq farq 10:56 pm 03 May 07

I mean the whole ‘fire trucks and ambulance’ thing, not the assault (the morbid curiosity bit).

I think I would like to know about any assaults that are still unsolved in my local area. So if the offender is still out there, then I think we have the right to know (and the police do issue warnings, like for the serial rapist in aranda&cook).

If some one is charged over an assault, then is there a need for the public to be told the sordid details?

Slightly off topic, it still bugs me that we, the public know almost nothing about who killed Kathryn Grosvenor way back in 02. I did not followed the inquest etc (and I’m not saying the police are holding anything back they can’t by law release), but I wish we could get closure on that one.

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