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Theodore assault

By sunshine - 2 May 2007 36

just catching up on my news and read in the canberra times about the sexual assault in theodore on a poor 16 year old female at 11am!

Is this town getting worse or are the idiots becoming more brazen. probably both.

Hope they catch this guy.

[ED – Or (and this would be a good thing IMHO) are woman getting braver about reporting these things?]

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Theodore assault
DJ 9:24 pm 03 May 07

TB, usual rant perhaps but tell me something, who decides what is news worthy? If the CT and WIN etc get information that don’t think will gain ratings will they air it?

Terry_wrist – what business was it of yours? You don’t know the residents do you? Live in the street and couldn’t drive through? I hear lots of speculation and no real reason to justify providing details. If the incident was an accident or a suicide or something else why do you need to know? Go on, give me the “I have a right to know where my tax payers dollars get spent” argument – I’ll probably need to put on BA myself to deal with the stench from it.

Your “We can’t really rely on the police to get news out reliably” effort is pathetic. What would you know. I saw above that Teddy Bear was wondering how I might know about things… how would cranky, yourself, terry and the others know differently?

Speculate all you like – I’m doing it too and trying to sew the seed of doubt just like you are. I’ve yet to see proof of any of the rubbish some people come up with. Just because I don’t go for the conspiracy theory’s and the anti-authority line doesn’t mean I am wrong.

It’s easier to sell papers/news with speculation than the truth. Ask Jack.

yogie47 8:35 pm 03 May 07

I heard that Narabundah was one of those things the media don’t report one, i.e. suicide. Why the need to have fire trucks with BA gear, might have been there a while and no smell or look to good.

RM 6:14 pm 03 May 07

Yeah, kids from Narrabundah College are a known reliable source of information. WIN news was there, but it didn’t make the news. Gee, maybe it wasn’t newsworthy!
Teddy bear, why not call WIN news to get the REAL story instead of one you’ve invented.
I can see what you’d like – the police tell the public everything, and then they decide if they should’ve been told!

teddy bear 9:49 am 03 May 07

DJ making his usual rant against the Canberra Times and Jack Waterford. I must try and find out whether his claim that the AFP provides information but the Canberra Times refuses to print it.

What kind of information is DJ talking about and how does he know all this?

el 7:48 am 03 May 07

I thought the siren assembly itself would be located under-bonnet behind the grille.

Danman 7:26 am 03 May 07

Methamphetamine lab could be one possibility.

I dont think I would want to be in an unmarked cop car with a siren on the dashboard – damn that would be loud.

terry_wrist 10:58 pm 02 May 07

What is going on.

That now makes 3 sexual assaults on girls aged 10-16 in Canberra in the last month. Well, three that have been in the media that is. We can’t really rely on the police to get news out reliably.

After all, unless I missed something, there was no mention of why fire brigade, police and ambulance crews were in Strezleki Cr in Griffith yesterday. I don’t think it is too normal around Canberra for a road to be blocked by police in unmarked cars (with sirens on their dash boards), three fire trucks (1 Scania tanker, 1 Breathing Apparatus Support Unit and the Hazchem Responce Truck) and an ambulance.

Seriously, not one word about why firemen in hazcem suits were entering a house and why detectives were walking around looking in bushes and questioning people. I asked my son who goes to Narrabundah College if he knew about it. He said a lot of them saw the trucks driving up there and when they went to look, a few people knew who lived in the house. The house belonged to a known drug dealer who in one kids’s words was “totally screwed”. I think you guys would want to know if a drug lab next to your house was raided while you were at work? These things have a tendency to blow up afterall!

bubzie 9:43 pm 02 May 07

Oh god. I’m a 16 year old female, who lives in the next suburb from there.. (and i read the article. Errgh, im staying away from theodore now..and i thought it was a nice and quiet suburb?!?)

cranky 9:01 pm 02 May 07


As noted, I can’t refer to individual cases, but suffice that there were three AFP stories of minor interest that were reported in the CT over the weekend that I considered would not previously have made it into print.

cranky 8:55 pm 02 May 07

DJ, I have to illustrate the lack of logic in your arguement. Here we have Waterford bellyaching about the lack of information provided by the local AFP regarding Canberra centric crime, and you are opining that the CT has received this information, but has chosen not to publish it. Not logical! Far more logical that the AFP has been remiss in the past to providing this information.

I have no interest in promoting the CT, but I am happy enough with the content and priorities. I am astounded by the politics of other mainstream newspapers, and can only be amazed that there are enough readers with complimentary views within their extended readership to support their circulation.

johnboy 8:32 pm 02 May 07

can’t say I’ve noticed any increase in useful media releases on the AFP website.

DJ 8:29 pm 02 May 07

Cranky, I guess nobody has thought of this already, and it wasn’t going to come from the CT (or RA) but perhaps there hasn’t been an increase, or a healthy wad as you describe. Perhaps they are actually benefiting from a change of ownership and are actually doing their jobs and printing the stories they were provided by the AFP.

Why does everybody have the blinkers on and go with the notion that the CT could do no wrong and that the AFP are the bully’s here?

Waterford vindicated? You’re joking aren’t you? With any luck he’ll leave soon with a very heavy and empty heart – he should have trouble sleeping at night for a very very long time. Canberra would be better off without him spreading his brand of poison.

cranky 7:37 pm 02 May 07

Todays CT reports that the AFP media unit coordinator, a Daryl Webb, has been “moved to a different post”. This statement was wrapped up in so much spin I am still giddy. He is apparently currently on leave.

This may explain the impression I got over the weekend that the CT was receiving a very healthy wad of stories from the AFP, to the point where I wondered if the media unit were’nt trying to overload the system. Sorry, the papers have gone out, so I can’t back this up with chapter and verse.

Perhaps it does indicate a changing of the guard? Perhaps Waterford is vindicated?

lateralis 7:11 pm 02 May 07

I wonder if it has anything to do with the crime rate in Theodore going up, since the release of a couple of juvenile deviants in the suburb lately?

Ari 6:23 pm 02 May 07

Another possibility is that the AFP might have finally have decided to share some information about what’s always been happening with the rest of us.

Unlikely, but just a thought.

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