Thieves targeting Phillip?

DarkLadyWolfMother 24 November 2007 5

I arrived at work (in Phillip) to find we’d been broken into last night. I suspect we weren’t the only ones as after the Police left, they visited another business further up the street.

The locksmith we called said he’s had a lot of work in the business area of Phillip lately due to break-ins and suggested that a group may be targeting it.

It seemed a very rushed job with only the immediate area of the building ransacked and in a mess. Whether that’s how they operate, or whether our alarm caused them to rush I don’t know.

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5 Responses to Thieves targeting Phillip?
Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:17 pm 26 Nov 07

I blame Workchoices: it’s made the theft business so cut throat these days that theives are working longer hours for less pay and only two weeks leave per annum!

les les 9:05 am 26 Nov 07

our car got stolen from Phillip last week. Just to add to the dodginess of the area. During the day.

ant ant 10:50 am 25 Nov 07

Yep. A gang has been targetting the farms at Pialligo for years. They go dormant for a while, and you get lax, and then they hit you again. It’s really quite upsetting, and they must be watching a lot to know when to hit, and not get caught. We did catch 2 of them once, they’d already hit us, but had returnd. But the cops said because we didn’t catch them with any of our property in their hands, they couldn’t do anything. They even had a kid in their car acting as lookout.

Mælinar Mælinar 12:44 am 25 Nov 07

Thieves that work to routines are very hard to catch because of their efficiencies.

Best to call it a job well done and install those cages that trap people, and have an outstanding 6month holiday application on your bosses desk.

(after 6m the smell is not so pungent that you can consider re-entering the home with a liberal application of whatever)

grundy grundy 12:29 am 25 Nov 07

Speaking of break-ins…

Was at another house watching the election results and our house was burgled within the 3 hour period that we weren’t home!

We think it’s the same person that did it last time (the guy that did 40 houses in O’Connor mid year).

So f-ing angry… 🙁

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