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pommyb 14 January 2015 5


I was looking at the cost of tickets to the upcoming Cricket World Cup group games at Manuka. $20 general admission seemed to be not too excessive. Standard mail delivery $7 – registered $10. Sounds a bit high but hey-ho. Or, I can print them at home – awesome, save on delivery costs. Wait a moment – if I choose to print them at home it’s going to cost me $6.

$6 for me to print them? Plus my paper and my ink. Aren’t I doing part of their job for them by saving them the effort of printing, packaging and posting?

Earlier this year AFL fans got upset about a $2.50 “service/delivery fee” for the same option. See – http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/footy-fans-fuming-over-mcg-afl-match-ticket-delivery-fee-online/story-fni0fit3-1226837590261?nk=7b79ff8992ea1149de5801a794f30407/

Sounds like a rort to me. Boycott anyone?

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5 Responses to Ticketek “Print At Home” cost
mistertim mistertim 10:31 pm 14 Jan 15

The fee, as far as I understand it, is what Ticketek receives for being the booking agent and proving the related support for the event (related support including, possibly, validation of tickets at the venue). So, whoever is running the event says that tickets costs $20, then Ticketek adds their cut after the fact. Running the ticketing process is not free, so it’s fair that Ticketek charges a fee, but I agree with Roksteddy – this should be included in the advertised ticket price, not added on afterwards. It is quite misleading

thatsnotme thatsnotme 9:27 pm 14 Jan 15

The $6 fee should be relabelled at ‘booking ahead of time’ fee. The only way to avoid that fee would be to show up on the day, and buy a ticket from the gate.

I agree that the ticket price should, when advertised, include booking fees – especially when those fees are unavoidable. Saying that a print at home ticket should have no fees ignores the reality of the situation, which is that the event have chosen not to sell their own tickets, and have contracted Ticketek to do it for them. They’re not going to do that for free though, so there’s a fee on top of each sale.

So normal mail delivery is actually $1. Registered delivery is $4.

Looking at the Ticketek site, it also looks like the fee is per-transaction, rather than per-ticket. If that’s the case, then they’re definitely one of the more reasonable ticket sellers going around. Compare that to airline tickets, or even buying Hoyts tickets online, where the fee is per ticket.

$6 for you to be able to hop online, pay for your ticket, print it off and head to the game doesn’t really seem that unreasonable to me.

watto23 watto23 9:22 pm 14 Jan 15

They are definitely pushing the boundaries of what is allowed. The advertised price should be attainable by reasonable means. The airlines got in trouble for it. not sure why ticketing is any different. I think they get away with it because the fee isn’t per ticket, but per event.

dungfungus dungfungus 4:08 pm 14 Jan 15

It’s not an ACT Government Utilities Tax Charge is it?

Roksteddy Roksteddy 1:03 pm 14 Jan 15

I agree. The very same thoguht came to me just a couple of days ago when I was booking tickets to a different event.

The way I look at it, the ‘print at home’ option should be free for starters but if its not, then the price of the ticket should be quoted at $26, not $20, as this is the minimum price you can pay. Then there is an additional charge if you select one of the other delivery options.

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