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Tidbinbilla serves Kangaroo meat at their cafe.

By FreddyVegan 12 December 2012 126

Over the weekend myself and an interstate friend went to Tidbbinbilla for a lovely day with the kangaroos and wildlife. Afterwards we decided to stop off at the new cafe they have there for lunch. You can imagine our shock and horror when we saw grilled kangaroo fillet and kangaroo sausages on menu. Kangaroos are one of the main attractions at Tidbinbilla, what message are we sending to visitors if we offer our native animal up for lunch. Spend the day with the kangaroos then come and eat them for lunch served along side Native Bush Tomatoes, wtf?.

Although I probably shouldn’t be suprised, this is canberra after all.

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Tidbinbilla serves Kangaroo meat at their cafe.
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Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 9:49 pm 27 Dec 12

Here_and_Now said :

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

It’s not normal vegans that make peeps mad, it’s the hard line nut case ones like freddy here that basically call everyone who doesn’t fit their definition of vegan a murderer or rapist and go around spreading lies(see the article about kangaroo farming posted earlier).
They never post sources, they are never logical and they try to act superior and highly intelligent when in truth it’s always the opposite.

I think it goes both ways, too. I know people that do eat animal products who continually try to ‘catch out’ vegans regardless of said vegan’s behaviour. I think there are, unfortunately, people from all walks of life who just enjoying ticking each other off.

(That said, strictly speaking someone can wear leather shoes and still be a vegan. Veganism is about the diet.)

Not sure how many vegans you have met but I know a bunch who won’t ave leather anything.
The weirdos won’t even drink some delicious mescal.

KB1971 8:44 pm 27 Dec 12

Antagonist said :

KB1971 said :

Synthetics are mostly made of petro chemicals which are far from natural …

Petrochemicals are derived from crude oil, an organic and natural product.

Venuslace said :

Hysterical ranting …

These rants make me smile. Like when you notice a piece of dunny paper stuck to someone elses shoe.

Yes the crude oil is a natural product, the refining of it not so much. Especially into plastics such as nylon.

How_Canberran 7:52 pm 27 Dec 12

bigfeet said :

I can imagine YOUR shock and horror. I imagine it would have been amusing to watch.

I can’t however imagine a normal person being shocked or horrified that a local cafe decided to serve healthy local produce.

Most would think its a good thing.

Spot on! Like serving whale meat jerky on the Sea Shephard.

How Canberran.

FootyFan 7:11 pm 27 Dec 12

Venuslace said :

This article is so vile, it is making me ill. Isn’t “Tidbinbilla ” supposed to be a” Wildlife Refuge?” Their food service should be banned of all the happy animals we buy bags of food to fatten them up for their menu is disgusting and deplorable! . I’ll never bring my children or visitors there again, and I am quite sure many people who are aware of this disgrace will not spend their hard earned money for the “Wildlife Retreat”, feed the joeys, then have lunch of their mothers after they slaughter them.

I do hope you never eat seafood at a seaside restaurant. Since it amounts to the same thing.

Also, considering they don’t kill kangaroos from the reserve for food but rather get it from suppliers, your accusation of “having lunch of their mothers” is just plain stupid.

Postalgeek 7:07 pm 27 Dec 12

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

it’s the hard line nut case ones like freddy here that basically call everyone who doesn’t fit their definition of vegan a murderer or rapist…

Can you post a screen shot of that?

Zan 6:57 pm 27 Dec 12

milkman said :

…Kangaroos are much more environmeentally friendly than cows, and taste better anyway. ….

Kangarroo is a very lean meat. Easier for the stomach to digest. No cholesterol either. Lots of iron as well. After a meal you could get very energetic, so to speak.


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