Time for a rant about double parking

Adza 23 January 2008 41


What is it with drivers? I guess I see it more in Queanbeyan than anywhere else as there is a proper “main street” unlike most parts of Canberra.

Why do a lot of drivers think it’s perfectly ok to completely stop in the left hand lane, double park and either let someone out, let someone in or sit there and wait for someone to get out, pick up the pizza they’d ordered and hop back in the car? They also seem to think it’s ok to put their hazard lights on to make it better.

It’s not just NSW drivers, it’s ACT drivers doing it too. Everytime I have to change lanes to go around them (sometimes having to wait for traffic) I always beep them to tell them to move on. Most look at me dumbly or nod and smile. Once in particularly heavy traffic I got stuck behind one such driver so continually honked until he moved.

Tonight, a driver of a DC plated vehicle decided to pull into the Woolworths carpark. 10pm at night and hundreds or parks available, but did she pull into one? No, she stopped in the middle of the lane in the carpark to drop someone off, the continued to circle the carpark, going slowly past the door to see if the person was ready to be picked up. All to save about 10 steps.

Does this irritate anyone else or am I just in the minority?


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41 Responses to Time for a rant about double parking
Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:59 pm 23 Jan 08

Doesn’t it just!

I remember politely enquiring out my window to a cyclist on the road one day “what’s wrong with the cycle path?” Honest, I was polite and not aggressive. It was near the oval on McCaughey Street in Turner, the cycle path would struggle to be 3m away from the road. Anyway, the cyclist seemed okay, and I went on my merry way. Shortly after he caught me at the Barry Drive traffic lights and let out the most astonishing tirade of abuse. Okay, I can understand he probably thought I was being passive aggressive and stuff, but went off his tit really bad. Haha, made me laugh pretty hard really.

I drive a pretty small car, I’ve half a mind one day to go, well, FU if you’re not going to use the cycle path, then I will!

howdy howdy 1:21 pm 23 Jan 08

Hey I use the bike lane on the Gungahlin ‘grass sculpture’ turn off. Sweet revenge. It makes me feel so rebellious.

Why anyone would intentionally place their life at risk for pure the sake of their right to be on the road is anyones guess… oh hang on, roundabouts : P

Seriously though if there’s a perfectly great clean and safe path with no traffic on it, what’s the sense in riding over the gravel, car debris, glass etc knocked to the side of the road by cars?

I know someone who been knocked off his bike twice (at lights) where there was no safe path provided and it ain’t a pleasant trip to the coast…

atoz atoz 1:23 pm 23 Jan 08

I sometimes pull up at the lights on my bike and ask a driver ‘Why are you driving on this road? Why don’t you drive on the busier road that runs parallel to this one?’ They just look at me like I’m crazy and say ‘It’s none of your god damn business?’

howdy howdy 1:26 pm 23 Jan 08

Did you laugh when the cyclist was yelling at you? That would have been funny to see. Some people look really funny when they’re angry…

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 2:00 pm 23 Jan 08

Double parking is a symptom of not having sufficient or sensible parking options, no focus on motor vehicle law compliance other than speeding and drink driving, and the extremely poor standard of skill needed to obtain a license (and the fact that you never get retested).

howdy howdy 2:00 pm 23 Jan 08

atoz – going to jail for manslaughter after killing a cyclist with my car is my ‘god damn business’ : )

I thought Australians had an ‘obesity epedemic’ anyway, you can hardly say the bike paths are teeming with people…

Mælinar Mælinar 2:03 pm 23 Jan 08

Obesity – Australia’s solution to the fuel crisis. Watch this biofuel space.

howdy howdy 2:43 pm 23 Jan 08

Then once there are more cyclists than cars we can then swap paths?

I once approached a roundabout (cough) and my passenger said ‘look out’. I couldn’t see anything but I stopped anyway. I said “what” and looked right, then looked left, said “what”, then looked right and around a bit more, then out from the blind spot created by the panel joining the front and side window emerged a cyclist. The cyclist had been in this blind spot the entire time I’d been approaching the intersection.

Had I not had a passenger that day? Scary thought.

BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID. Cars have a hard enough time avoiding each other. Just be grateful for the bike path a metre away : )

howdy howdy 2:49 pm 23 Jan 08

And I am NOT doing a turkey dance at every intersection. It looks stupid.

Adza Adza 3:10 pm 23 Jan 08

Sorry to pick nits, but there is a significant difference between “no parking” and “no standing”.

I agree Guru, but these people are stopping in the middle of marked lanes on a road.

Sands Sands 5:48 pm 23 Jan 08

If you’re just running in to drop a dvd off, I don’t see a problem. How long could it take? And if you decide to use a park (and potentially take that park away from someone who might be parked for a longer time than 30 seconds), driving in and driving out etc. Yawn. Just pull over, get someone to run it in and be on your way.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:48 pm 23 Jan 08

We kkep an old key on the change tray for the passenger to casually run along the painwork of god-damn selfish mother-screwing tools like you Sands.

Sands Sands 8:40 pm 23 Jan 08

That speaks volumes.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 9:32 pm 23 Jan 08

Yeah, that’s pretty ordinary typing by anyones standard Sands, you got me…

David MacCormack David MacCormack 11:32 pm 23 Jan 08

As a former member of the Australian Bicycle Council, I can safely say there is no sweeter sound than that of a bike being crushed beneath my car wheels.

hingo hingo 8:58 am 24 Jan 08

Sands, have you actually ever been to this video store in Gungahlin? I guess not judging by your comment. It is simply not wide enough to deal with how many cars use that street at night. That street is a nightmare anytime past 6:00pm.

howdy howdy 9:21 am 24 Jan 08

That spot is terrible, and people try and speed through the narrow gaps when there’s barely enough room for one car. eeek.
I once parked in one of the bays on the other side next to the pizza store? Never again. Watching all the cars swipe by was quite nerve wrecking…

Sands Sands 10:19 am 24 Jan 08

No sorry Hingo, I haven’t been out that way so can’t really say. Sounds bloody awful though. If the argument is about laziness then I’m all for double parking while someone runs in to pick up a pizza or drop off a dvd. But I wouldn’t hold cars up to do it.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:39 pm 24 Jan 08

The parking outside the Gungahlin video shop is a pain. A (long) while back I saw the parking cops having a blitz there and the word got around and people stopped parking there, but the coppers stopped coming and so the illegal parking returned.

The same thing happens at the Ngunnawal shops. People are to fat and lazy to walk the extra 2 metres from a proper parking spot so they pull up in front of the bakery.

Pity the parking cops from Dickson don’t frequent GTC/Ngunnawal. I got booked (yes I was parked illegally so I deserve it) on a Saturday night at about 8pm. $159 it cost me! Probably cheaper to do 150km/h through the red light/$peed camera at The Lakes club on Gungahlin Drive.

AaronT AaronT 9:06 pm 25 Jan 08

Well i am sick of people parking in the no standing zone around the entrance to the ABS underground carpark on Camron Ave in Belconnen.

It makes it impossible it really painfull (3pt turn) to do a u-turn on that street after picking up my partner from work.

The area is clearly marked with signs and lines on the road that it is no standing but that doesnt stop people parking there despite ample spots further up the street (10-50m).

Sometimes i wish i could just take a picture of the offending vehicle and send it somewhere so they get booked for it.

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