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To help … or not?

By bigcohuna1 - 25 October 2010 25

Hi Rioters,

was driving through Queanbeyan on Friday afternoon when I happened accross a scene.

young bloke in working clothes out front of a workshop, lying on the ground, surrounded by another adult and three kids. They flagged me down waving their arms and shouting “stop” and “Help”.

So I did – pulled over – did a u turn and came back….to which by this time young matey was now up and leaning on the front fender of a car, and the others were all rolling around laughing and letting me know me what a ” ‘f*&#@ng dumb b*&@ard this bloke is” (i.e. me).

Not happy Jan!

O.K, far be it from me to say whether or not you should stop and help someone – what do other Rioters think??

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
To help … or not?
davecdp 11:34 am 25 Oct 10

Postalgeek said :

By the way, what was the name of the workshop?

1 im sure the owner would be interested to hear this story

A Noisy Noise Annoys 11:06 am 25 Oct 10

Don’t stop and help anybody, just keep driving/walking. We live in dangerous times and the risk is just too great.

AngryHenry 10:52 am 25 Oct 10

Give them a reason to call for help.

Erg0 10:41 am 25 Oct 10

This is one of those times when a justified sense of moral superiority is your best weapon. The opinion of someone who thinks that pretending to be seriously injured is high comedy really isn’t worth a second thought on your part.

georgesgenitals 10:25 am 25 Oct 10

Some people are just assholes. Don’t let this make you cold. The world needs good humans.

ThatGuy 10:08 am 25 Oct 10

In this day and age it simply isn’t worth it to stop in that kind of a situation. If it was just the man on the ground by himself then maybe.

When I was living in Sydney there were several cases of something like the above, but with a far worse outcome:

Man and woman having a verbal argument in the street. Man gets violent/aggressive. Good samaritan steps in to try and calm it down. Two other blokes suddenly appear from around the corner. All three blokes and female proceed to beat the living crap out of the samaritan and rob him.

Stay in the car and from a safe but visible distance call the cops. It’s a shame but better that then having your car stolen and the living sheets beaten out of you.

Postalgeek 10:06 am 25 Oct 10

By the way, what was the name of the workshop?

Postalgeek 10:02 am 25 Oct 10

Next time reverse over them and then when people slow to help them, let them know that only f*&#@ng dumb b*&@ards stop to help.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:00 am 25 Oct 10

You did the right thing. F*ck those guys.

Frano 9:53 am 25 Oct 10

You did the right and honourable thing. Too many people walk/drive past circumstances where people are in real trouble. You’re not the one who should be laughed at and embarrased, they should be very embarrassed for being such morons (you could almost excuse the kids as a prank, but the adults…real winners they are!)

JessicaNumber 9:51 am 25 Oct 10

I always respond seriously to calls for help. If it’s a tasteless joke you haven’t lost much and if it’s genuine you might save someone. Often it’s a “hilarious” suicide threat on Facebook making fun of people with depression. Today for you it was an “injury.” You did the right thing and should not reconsider your actions.

p1 9:44 am 25 Oct 10

I recommend next time you call the Ambulance, police, workcover, and Today Tonight.

Then talk to them.

Tooks 9:34 am 25 Oct 10

They sound like a real pack of winners. Wonder if they’ve ever heard of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Eby 9:25 am 25 Oct 10

They must be really bored…

Kudos to you though, you did a nice thing.

DeadlySchnauzer 9:15 am 25 Oct 10

Generally help, but never stop and help someone in Queanbeyan?

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