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To the obnoxious women at Cube last night. You are mean.

By reactivista - 15 March 2009 60

To the obnoxious women at Cube last night,

Yes, my friends and I usually stick our coats and sweaters behind the cushions on one of those couches.  We keep our valuables on us at all times, but we can’t be bothered to drag our sweaters around with us when we want to dance. Being poor students, $8 for locker rental is hardly justifiable either, and we’re more than willing to take responsibility for our things if they get stolen.

However, for you to stand in the way, and not move to allow us to access our things when we ask politely is pretty rude. We were wanting to go out for air because I wasn’t feeling well, and I needed my sweater. You were standing, it’s not like you were comfortably reclining.

Oh and you persisted. Telling us that “it’s not my problem” when I asked you if I could get my things from right behind you. We were as nice as possible. You know what? My seizure medication was in my sweater which I explained to you, but you continued to roll your eyes, saying “it’s not my problem”, and refused to move your derriere.

My friends and I go to Cube because it’s the only place in the city that we feel comfortable and accepted as young queer women. Thus, if I wanted to deal with douchebaggery, I would go to Moosehead’s or ICBM. Do us a favour and go there next time, where your asshattery is likely more than welcomed.

No love,
A couple of girls who believe in karma.


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60 Responses to
To the obnoxious women at Cube last night. You are mean.
vg 7:20 pm 15 Mar 09

You think I really care that much.

If and when I do post it won’t be something that needs to be in Dolly magazine as per this thread

ant 6:55 pm 15 Mar 09

Don’t you hate it when there’s orange in your vodka? I believe I read somewhere that vodka and orange was what prostitutes drank.

vg, we invite you to post some examples of topics you’d like to see on Riotact. You know, those “big” issues.

You just go to the blue button up the top, that says “post an item”, it’s quite easy.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 6:53 pm 15 Mar 09

Poor students but can afford to go out to a niteclub.

My heart: broken in two.

Granny 6:39 pm 15 Mar 09

vg said :

Next you’ll be complaining of a little too much orange in your vodka and orange

Yeah … that sucks!

; )

vg 6:36 pm 15 Mar 09

Poor students but can afford to go out to a niteclub.

Different definition of ‘poor student’ to what I know.

Riotact, dealing with the ‘big’ issues.

Next you’ll be complaining of a little too much orange in your vodka and orange

SadMushroom 6:29 pm 15 Mar 09

Karma is good but kicking her in the funny spot would have been better.
No wonder I don’t go out much. Was crap like that that stopped me going out in the first place.
No matter where you post it, as long as you posted and got it off your chest.

Granny 6:27 pm 15 Mar 09

It sweater outside than inside too!

ant 6:18 pm 15 Mar 09

erm, what is this “sweater”? It doesn’t sound very nice. You know, pigs sweat, men perspire and ladies glow, and all that. Is this some kind of medical device for people with a perspiration problem?

And Panama, I may love your cartoons but PUNS see one banished to the Offal Thread. You do not want to go there.

astrojax 6:16 pm 15 Mar 09

[groan…] stick to the pencil, palindrome! 😉

panama 6:11 pm 15 Mar 09

oh the irony that they decided to seize ya medication

Granny 6:06 pm 15 Mar 09

Yes, you’re right. They are mean. I also believe that what goes around comes around, but the important trick is not to take pleasure in the inevitable comeuppance.

old canberran 5:55 pm 15 Mar 09

It seems as though anyone who goes out at night for a drink these days runs the risk of getting abused, bashed up by an over eager bouncer or knifed by someone of islander or middle eastern appearance. Looks like the girls are getting into the swing of things as well.
I think the word “obnoxious” is a bit tame for these “ladies”.

grunge_hippy 5:47 pm 15 Mar 09

venting. here is as good a place as anywhere!

BerraBoy68 5:25 pm 15 Mar 09

Nice post – assuming the people you are targeting are RA regulars. If they’re not, then I’m not sure what the point of this thread is.

toriness 5:08 pm 15 Mar 09

they sound like b*tches.

just wondering – what if you needed your medication but your sweater had been stolen?

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