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To the oxygen thief who stabbed my car tyre.

By Tim33 - 16 May 2013 65

oxygen thief

On the 11th of Feb 2013,  I was returning to the HACS building in Belconnen to drop off some work.  As I was pulling in to the driveway next to Zeffirelli’s that leads to the car-park area;  there was a bloke in business attire that stepped right in front of me with what appeared to be headphones on and what appeared to be a APS pass hanging off his belt.  I gave him a love tap on the horn to make him aware that I was there and drove on through.

After parking in the Loading Zone I got my work and proceeded into HACS.  As I stepped through the glass entry doors I realized I had forgot my mobile phone so I turned back around and there was the same bloke,  he was bending down and stabbing my back left tire.  I approached him and asked him what he was doing,  the coward took one look at me and started running for it.  I gave chase but with leather work boots and an arm full of paperwork flying everywhere I just couldn’t catch him.  There were several quite surprised witnesses to this event as it occurred in an ACT Government Car-park.

Imagine that,  not being able to take a little warning honk and risking my life and the lives of others by vandalizing an ACT Government contractors car.  If I hadn’t have seen this bloke puncturing the tyre I may have driven off and lost control around a crowd of people and/or other cars.  With the help of some friendly CCTV owners I have a couple of shots of this criminal,  it is unlikely that he will be caught for this act but I dare say my employers tyre isn’t the first that he has stabbed.

Please see photo lifted from CCTV of him running away past Zeffirelli’s.  He could certainly move that is for sure.  (sending photo to JB over email)

What’s Your opinion?

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65 Responses to
To the oxygen thief who stabbed my car tyre.
Dilandach 11:30 am 16 May 13

So if it was an APS employee what departments are around there? ATO (not sure if they’re still around there), ABS, ACMA…

ABS seems to be the closest to zeffirelli’s.

Tetranitrate 11:25 am 16 May 13

How does a clown like this get hired by a government department in the first place? I mean seriously – does he just carry around a knife/screwdriver/ect wherever he goes? wtf

Genie 11:10 am 16 May 13

Yogie said :

Obviously a criminal act – but a breach of the APS Code of Conduct?!?! Opinion sought…..

This guy breaches almost all points in the code of conduct.

Especially failing to comply with Australian laws – eg destruction of Government property

funbutalsoserious 10:49 am 16 May 13

what a gutless act

Rawhide Kid Part3 10:48 am 16 May 13

Yogie said :

Obviously a criminal act – but a breach of the APS Code of Conduct?!?! Opinion sought…..

Can be a breach if the offender is identified as a Public Servant as the OP says by noticing the APS ID Pass and it is during that persons working hours.

thebrownstreak69 10:41 am 16 May 13

What colour was the pass? What direction was the guy walking when the original incident occurred?

Gungahlin Al 10:39 am 16 May 13

It would be interesting for the security folk at the nearby departmental offices to look through their footage of employees leaving their offices shortly before that time to see if they have close matches. Headphones may be visible too.

I would think this is the sort of behaviour departments would not want from any staff, so would likely be willing to task after hours staff to do the groundwork.

tuco 10:39 am 16 May 13

Wait – so he had the implement already with him?
Or he could find a suitable weapon in the few moments you had your back turned?
Wow – must be fun working in that place.

bainbridge 10:35 am 16 May 13

Oxygen thief. Best. title. ever.

Yogie 10:32 am 16 May 13

Obviously a criminal act – but a breach of the APS Code of Conduct?!?! Opinion sought…..

bundah 10:29 am 16 May 13

You don’t happen to live anywhere near Pitchka do you? 🙂

thebrownstreak69 10:26 am 16 May 13

Oxygen thief? It’s probably more accurate to call him a nitrogen thief.

Conan of Cooma 10:18 am 16 May 13

Er… Just hang around and keep an eye out for him? He’s obviously local!

peebus 10:05 am 16 May 13

PBO said :

You dont touch a mans car (or womans either)

That’s the rule I live by. Touch me but don’t go near my car!

PBO 9:56 am 16 May 13

Surely there must be other CCTV installations around that would also have gotten an image of this F##ker, this guy needs to be caught, charged, fired and publicly humiliated.

You dont touch a mans car (or womans either)

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