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By Hubman 21 August 2009 13

I’m not sure if this is the forum for such a post and do apologise in advance if it is deemed inappropiate. I’m essentially looking to raise as much exposure as possible in order to raise funds for Paediatrics at the Canberra Hospital (PatCH).

Paediatrics at the Canberra Hospital (PatCH) is in need of our help to raise much needed funds for state of the art medical equipment. This is a wonderful opportunity as a community to make a difference in the lives of the children of Canberra. As a local family business we at HUB Asian Supermarket would like to help this very worthy cause and we call on your help to raise as much funds as possible for the hospital. As a family we have experienced first-hand the devoted care, love and continual support that is provided by the doctors and nurses when our own family member was a patient.  We understand completely the need for the doctors and nurses to have state of the art equipment to help them perform their role in making our children better. These extra funds help maintain the excellent standard of service provided and the continual upgrading of facilities to assist is in taking care of our children. So how can we all help, it’s easy and delicious?  Utilising HUB’s services and together with your support we can contribute some financial assistance to the hospital…how…by simply enjoying our famous fresh pork or chicken roll.    

For three days in September, Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th  and Saturday 5th in all our three stores (Gungahlin, Tuggeranong and Belconnen), ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of our fresh pork or chicken rolls will be donated directly to Paediatrics at the Canberra Hospital (PatCH). We are aiming to raise $5,000, however if we can all help spread the word about this great cause we could even double this amount, which would provide even more equipment for the Paediatric Unit.

For only $5.00 enjoy a fresh roll for breakfast or lunch and we will donate the entire $5.00 to the hospital.  So come on Canberra, let’s spread the word and be part of a community that takes care of each other. We really can make a difference!

Jason & The Hub Family   

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Hubman 10:54 pm 24 Aug 09

Overheard – I can be contacted on 6251 9126(Jason). Glad to take on any advice that you may have.

Granny- The rolls are a vietnamese version of say Subway. The secret to the good taste is the Pate and Mayonnaise which unfortunately most kiddies don’t like. Of course you can ask for these two ingredients to be left out of the rolls for the kiddies.

Thankyou to all for your feedback and hopefully we can hand over a decent size cheque to PatCH.

BTW – Nat from Thai Chiang Rai in Belconnen popped in on the weekend and pre-ordered 100 Rolls. Thats $500 already to PatCH before the event has commenced. As I understand it, she is giving the rolls to a few soccer teams.

Granny 9:16 am 24 Aug 09

Good for you, Hubman! I will try and remember to mosey in to the Gungahlin one that weekend. Can you get a meal out of them, or are they more of a snack? Do kids like them usually?

fabforty 6:51 pm 23 Aug 09

I’ll be heading down to the Hub too. I do most weekends anyway, but that’s beside the point.

For those cynics out there, ask yourself “would it be better if the Hub did nothing ?”

Every little bit helps and if they make extra profit out of it from additional sales I say “good on them for pulling their fingers out”. There is nothing stopping other business doing the same for any cause that appeals to them.

IrishPete 2:56 pm 23 Aug 09

It doesn’t sound like Hubman is going to make any money out of this, so he has to be praised for his effort.

Personally, I find it distasteful that public hospitals feel the need to compete with charities for the limited donation dollar. In a first-world country, how about we fund our hospitals adequately though taxes, so that everyone pays, not just the generous or those looking for a tax-deduction (and I don’t mean you Hubman – your motives are admirable)?

So instead of buying a $2 raffle ticket, why not buy 4 stamps and write to your MPs? It will probably be worth more to the hospital in the end.

Cynical Pete

Overheard 1:14 am 23 Aug 09

Woody, it scares me to say this, but I’m firmly in your camp.

Good on you, Hub, for having a crack. If I could have found contact details for you today (could have helped in your blurb) I’d have rung to offer some advice with your promotions.

Will aim to do so in the new week.

Slashor 4:25 pm 22 Aug 09

Time to drop on down there for lunch. I do like delicious causes.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:24 am 22 Aug 09

Let this be a lesson to the Canberra business community: don’t give. It just upsets (tiny, tiny) people.

“Good cause, but you’re just advertising.”
“Well, that’s nice, but I’d just like to point out nobody seems to be supporting {insert personal cause here].”

Bloody whingers. You’re the reason philanthropy is dead in this country. Me, I’m having HUB for lunch.

You may call me a cynic.

I was thinking of another word. It starts with F, ends with T and has seven letters.

gun street girl 8:13 am 22 Aug 09

Pesty said :

Good cause for sure, it’s still advertising. Harvey Norman and others regularly advertise goods at cost price or less to get you in the store. They call them “leaders” You may call me a cynic.

PaTCH is hardly lacking generous sponsorship from commercial ventures – this isn’t a new thing:

Good on Hubman for helping out; it’s just a shame other units in the hospital aren’t showered with so much generosity (yes, slightly biased opinion, but true nonetheless).

Hubman 10:00 pm 21 Aug 09

Pesty, I respect your views but maybe a little bit of background may change your view of my intent. My son spent six weeks in Paediatrics one week of which in the Intensive Care Unit. It was simply pure exposure to the hospital system that opened up my understanding as to what these health professionals have to go through in caring for the sick. I couldn’t do anything then to help but am in a position to do so now, hence the organised fundraising event. I’m sure that those who have been in similar situations to what I have gone through will understand.

It’s unfortunate that it always seems to take first hand experience before we appreciate the great work that the Doctors and Nurses provide.

This is just my way together with the customers to give back.

jackal 9:38 pm 21 Aug 09

Pesty said :

Good cause for sure, it’s still advertising. Harvey Norman and others regularly advertise goods at cost price or less to get you in the store. They call them “leaders” You may call me a cynic.

Do you also tell the kids santa doesn’t exist because he was a concoction of Coke Pesty?

Pesty 5:06 pm 21 Aug 09

Good cause for sure, it’s still advertising. Harvey Norman and others regularly advertise goods at cost price or less to get you in the store. They call them “leaders” You may call me a cynic.

jennybel75 8:38 am 21 Aug 09

A good, innovative and tasy initiative and one which I’ll happily support (I love the Hub fresh ricepaper rolls).

MissPeaches 8:11 am 21 Aug 09

Excellent cause! I’ll post this on our classifieds at work. 🙂

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