Tongue and Groove the new sensation?

johnboy 22 February 2009 18

The Friday afternoon boozing scene in Civic has a new player that seems to be sweeping all before it.

Tongue and Groove on Bunda Street is always so chokkas when I go past that I haven’t even had a chance to go in and find out what it’s like.

The decor certainly seems to feature a lot of wood work, as you’d expect with a name like that.

So readers, what have your experiences within been like?

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18 Responses to Tongue and Groove the new sensation?
OzPhoenix OzPhoenix 3:54 pm 23 Feb 09

OzPhoenix said :

Didn’t know that mural was hand painted, so no more impressed. 🙂

Sorry, that is meant to read “…, so NOW more impressed”. Sounds a bit harsh otherwise. 🙂

OzPhoenix OzPhoenix 3:52 pm 23 Feb 09

Stopped in for a drink one Tuesday night with some mates. Enjoyed the lime and chili martini which was only 13.50 (most places in canberra do martinis starting at 14 – I thought). Found it odd how you can get table service for drinks if you sit at the tables, but not if you’re on the comfy seats etc. Not sure how that works out when it’s chokers on the Friday nights etc.

Liked the decor, reminded me of Kremlin Bar. Didn’t know that mural was hand painted, so no more impressed. 🙂 I also really liked the lighting above the bar – so much so I took a photo.

Haven’t eaten there, but would be interested to give it a go just to know.

farnarkler farnarkler 9:17 pm 22 Feb 09

Rubbish place full of rubbish people.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 7:57 pm 22 Feb 09

Just another yuppie spot that will be gone in a few years. No character or class. Good place for pubes who think they’re hip to hang out.

brumbiesfan212 brumbiesfan212 7:47 pm 22 Feb 09

was there a few fridays ago, was very nice.
even nice enough to attract the likes of gary humphries who was there at the same time!

amanaplanacanalpanama amanaplanacanalpanama 11:12 am 22 Feb 09
taco taco 10:51 am 22 Feb 09

I tagged along with some workmates there for lunch one day, and they took one look at the prices on the menu and high-tailed it out of there.

martyo martyo 8:25 am 22 Feb 09

Popped in on Friday night for a pint – seemed more like an exercise in attempting a Guinness book of records entry. How many people can you fit in a concrete box?. Left 5 minutes later with no drink.

Shockingly bad name btw – really a technical term for joining wood together….hmmmm

“the hammer & nail in the coffin”

Auntyem Auntyem 8:01 am 22 Feb 09

There was mention of this place in the comments from Megajames in the Valentines Day Rip Off story:

Tongue & Groove – rude staff, very slow bar service, what’s with the take a number and come back in 15 minutes for your cocktail!?!?

Dannyo Dannyo 12:12 am 22 Feb 09

Checkout the Mural on the back wall…hand painted by a very talented local and now rich artist..

junkett junkett 10:46 pm 21 Feb 09

Genge Street has been there for a long time, even if the street directories missed it.
I’ve stopped in for dinner. Not bad, but not huge serves for the price. Its the “Gus’s” staff/owners/partners trying a new gig I think listening to their prattle over the bar. The place might keep the yuppies happy (and the O’Connor whiners even happier as the “‘Nun” might slow down on Sunday arvo’s).
For me, better food to be had cheaper elsewhere.

jase! jase! 10:22 pm 21 Feb 09

was there last saturday and it looked more like a drycleaners

RiotFrog RiotFrog 9:37 pm 21 Feb 09

Is this the new Tilley’s ? 🙂

deye deye 8:19 pm 21 Feb 09

old canberran said :

Genge Street? That’s a new one. The Genge family used to own a garage in Mort Street. It looks like those new buildings are where the Bunda Street car park was. Yes?

Tongue and Groove (works on so many levels – I expected a bit of pink in the decore) is in the new tax building which was built where the Griffin centre used to be. The Carpark was on the other side where the Canberra Centre (north quarter), Griffin Centre and the other new tax building are.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 7:16 pm 21 Feb 09

So which comes first, the tongueing or the grooving?

old canberran old canberran 6:34 pm 21 Feb 09

Genge Street? That’s a new one. The Genge family used to own a garage in Mort Street. It looks like those new buildings are where the Bunda Street car park was. Yes?

witm witm 6:03 pm 21 Feb 09

Went there for dinner with a large group on Wednesday night without a booking. Very accommodating, good service, quality food, reasonably priced. Seemed a bit pushy on getting customers in and out as quickly as possible (Sammy’s style) but overall rather impressed.

RatsNest RatsNest 5:18 pm 21 Feb 09

Been there once. Was ok but nothing particularly special about it that will draw me to go back.

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