Top Secret military “bases” in Canberra

H1NG0 17 January 2008 127

As I took the day off from work (sick) today, I decided to fill in time by doing some random google and wikipedia searches. I got onto the topic of secret bases in Australia, in particular, Canberra.

I’m not one to be convinced by these kinds of stories; none the less, my search recovered quite a few interesting articles and theories from different people. Here are several of these so-called “secrets” I found regarding Canberra:

Deakin Exchange is apparently a NSA facility disguised as Telstra.

Telstra Tower has secret areas. One particular communications tech who worked on the tower claims that it has been used to spy on the Chinese Embassy. He gave a long interview to Jana Wendt which was shown on the ABC and which now has a ‘D-notice’ on it – that is, further publication of the interview is forbidden by the Federal Government.

An 1973 interview with a former NSA agent living in Australia “confirms” that there was a large base operating under the US Embassy guarded by US Marines. Apparently employed up to 100 people. No longer exists and just patrolled by Rent-a-Cops.

The Naval communications station in Belconnen is probably the most famous. Rumours of an underground base have been surfaced all over the place.

Various tunnels running underneath Lake Burley Griffin, New Parliament House, Old Parliament House, US Embassy, Black Mountain Tower etc. Maybe someone can confirm or deny if there are any known tunnels under Canberra.

Foreign Affairs (Underground Bunkers, Forrest)

A massive multi-level underground facility under Parliament House.

There are tons more. One poster ‘Ixataar’ on the Above Top Secret forum lists a whole bunch of secret facilities in Canberra which he claims to have set foot in. In his words “Canberra has everything…”. God help us if there is anther world war, it seems like Canberra is the biggest target in the Southern hemisphere!

Here are some of the sources I quoted from. All coming from different threads/pages on the one forum.

Former NSA Agent Interview “confirms” base under US Embassy
Secret sites observed by Canberra resident ‘Ixataar’
Telstra Tower Spy Conspiracy

It is all quite an interesting read. Some ideas I find amusing such as Canberra becoming the Capital of a New World Order (One World Government). I’m not one to be easily convinced but one has to wonder that by Canberra being the nations capital, the chances of it having some sort of secret underground facility would seem appropriate.

Has anyone heard of any other rumoured Top Secret facilities in Canberra? Has anyone set foot in any of the tunnels underneath Canberra? Opinions? Let us know!

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127 Responses to Top Secret military “bases” in Canberra
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dr phil dr phil 10:24 pm 11 Nov 10

ATO Data Centre. has to be one under it. just has to be..

kaynox kaynox 2:57 am 21 Jul 09

for those of you who love to roll down PH it is now legal again! bring on sky fire for the best seats in the house!

DJ DJ 7:06 pm 14 Jul 08

CIA? FBI? KGB? Another TLA?

Pandy Pandy 6:07 pm 14 Jul 08

“Anzac Park West” who used to occupy it?

canberracapital canberracapital 7:30 pm 16 Mar 08

Hopefully i can help a bit. In regards to the following:

1. (Secret underground base under U.S. Embassy) I have been around that place alot and I work near there so I dont believe there is anything under there.
2. (Tunnels around different major canberra locations.) I work in security at Parliament House so I know alot about this. There is NO secret tunnel facility between The Lodge (PM’s house) and New Parliament House. There ARE some sort of secret burial sites under Commonwealth Park and Lake Burley Griffin.
3. (underground facility under Parliament House) From the ground level there is 2 – 3 more underground private levels of the building. This is basically the heart of Parliament House. THis is confirmed. I work in security there.

Other: There is no tunnel complex from Parliament House to the Lodge. The PM travels in his car with AFP to Parliament House via the normal public roads. ALthough he does have his own ground level entrance. A prominent Canberra celebrity has been rumoured to have an office in a prominent canberra public building. Also, I believe there have been 1 or 2 people killed in Old Parliament House just ater it was opened.

I hope all of this has been of help, and I do work in Security at Parliament House so if oyu have any quesitons please let me know.

Mælinar Mælinar 3:59 pm 23 Jan 08

Next time your walking that way Thumper, I’ll bring my fishing rod.

Thumper Thumper 3:24 pm 23 Jan 08

They do look like squat missile silos from Google earth.

i’ll take some photos of them next time I’m walking that way.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:47 am 22 Jan 08

Yeah, but I have trouble with the Japan, after all they did in WWII! 🙂

caf caf 10:46 am 22 Jan 08

There’s a sqn of them based in Japan too.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:38 am 22 Jan 08

Tom Cruise seems like a nice American.

I’d like to go to the States one day; just to see an F-22 Raptor in action.

Thumper Thumper 9:00 am 22 Jan 08

Been there, done that.

Don’t ever want to live in the US ever again…

Mælinar Mælinar 8:52 am 22 Jan 08

everyone who has posted here is now under NSA scrutiny and will never be allowed access to the USA evermore – from my perspective, who cares. The only good thing about America was it was the place they kept Americans until recently. The ones that have gotten out should be encouraged to return.

With cattleprods if necessary.

Deano Deano 12:19 am 22 Jan 08

My understanding is that it is now used as a communications/navigation facility for Airservices Australia.

There are any number of these facilities spread around the countryside. All air traffic control, except for actual airport traffic, is managed from a couple of ATC centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Instead of having great big transceivers at each of these sites, and requiring planes to have equally big ones, the transmission is beamed by satellite to a number of small transceivers located along the flight paths. This way the radio traffic is kept local and the planes don’t need big radios. There is another one located in Orroral Valley behind the old tracking station

Deano Deano 12:10 am 22 Jan 08

Off topic slightly but does anyone know what the “lights” are in the distance (very bright, viewable in the daylight no worries) as you come into Canberra on the Federal Highway

Bruce Stadium perhaps.

cyborgzr cyborgzr 12:04 am 22 Jan 08

“On Google Earth or Google Maps (satellite) there is a comms facility 3km due north of the Cotter Dam wall. Has lots of antennas and dishes. Anyone know what it is and who runs it?

Or perhaps in keeping wiht the tone of this thread… Is it an as yet undiscovered secret alien facilities designed to send data about our planned city to Sirius or somewhere???”

A high frequency diplomatic radio communications
facility in Uriarra used to belong to the US Government but was transfered back to the Australian Gov back in 1988.

My understanding is that it is now used as a communications/navigation facility for Airservices Australia.

Pandy Pandy 8:23 pm 21 Jan 08

Oh I should say since I posted the extistence of this Area 51 on a US military blogg site, I guess everyone who has posted here is now under NSA scrutiny and will never be allowed access to the USA evermore.

Pandy Pandy 8:14 pm 21 Jan 08

“Block 51”? As I said earlier AREA 51!!!!!!

It really is linked to all Area 51’s around the world by secret man-tube vacuum shuttles.

Makes me wonder if it is a US embassy facility is the land part of US territory?

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