9 April 2007

Troy Williams crossing the line?

| johnboy
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[First filed: April 04, 2007 @ 22:18]

Troy Williams’ efforts to get publicity for his run for the seat of Fraser know few bounds, he’s even ponied up cash to buy advertising space on this very website. (soon to run out Troy, want a renewal?)

Jon Stanhope is seriously unimpressed with reports that Troy Williams stickers are turning up “on traffic signs all over Gungahlin and north Canberra”.

“The fact that his Liberal Party colleagues are now defacing taxpayers’ property with stickers authorised and printed by Liberal Party President Gary Kent shows that no one in the ACT Liberal Party listens to Mr Stefaniak.

“It’s time Mr Stefaniak showed some leadership and made his Liberal colleagues remove these illegal stickers, and forced Mr Williams to be disendorsed as the Liberal Candidate,” Mr Stanhope said.

I can’t say I’ve noticed them in my travels but if someone wants to send me some co-ordinates I’ll get out there with the camera and add a photo.

Sacking offence?

UPDATED: The damn things really are all over the place once you start looking. Here’s two I noticed once I got out with the camera:

Hmm, looks like he’s not the first into this space with the charming Smack Big Chicks folk already there.

But where there’s room we get more:

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Hey Troy
Is there anyway you can get your campaign volunteers to attack the graffiti out at Ngunnawal while they’re on their travels, seeming Stanhopeless can’t find the $200,000 a year to remove it anymore.
You’ll be able to find it all as soon as you enter Ngunnawal as its starting to look like the Bronx.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt10:44 am 10 Apr 07

Troy – seems your taking responsibility has worked well. I don’t live in your electorate, but best of luck.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt10:43 am 10 Apr 07

I laugh whenever I see the union stickers and posters around the place, because it reminds me of just how outdated and irrelevant to modern Australia the union movement really is. I used to be a union delegate once, which is how I learnt to hate them.

James-T-Kirk10:14 am 10 Apr 07


You mean if I print up a couple of hundred stickers saying that Stanhope is great and should be elected, and plaster them around the city (well worth the $ for a box of laser printer labels) – I can get somebody sacked.

Vell – Comrades – Very Vell done indeed – ve Shall Be Takung Controll of dis Kuntry soon.

TroyWilliams9:45 am 10 Apr 07

G’day all

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Easter break.

Organising some of our campaign volunteers to take the stickers down won’t be a problem as not having put the stickers up myself, nor having asked that they appear, it is a straight-forward request. Simply, it’s the right thing to do.

All the best


How about a comment from Troy?
-We know you read this site, stand up and be counted.

it all makes a difference

IMO there’s a difference between defacing a traffic sign and attaching a poster or placard to a sign post below the sign.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but with advertising of this standard he deserves my vote.

Keep it up Troy, who knows maybe these stickers is what is needed to get that 9.4% swing. Thats only an extra 20,000 odd votes. You go for it.

A criminal offence?

Since I cannot read these traffic signs now, I take no responsibility for either speeding, turning or parking when I shouldn’t, going wrong way up one-way streets etc.

-I shall forward all my traffic fines to Mr Williams.

queen_vic_toria_II5:13 pm 05 Apr 07

I think that Stanhope is being a hypocrite! He allows those bright orange ‘Your Choices At Work’ posters to be up on light posts all over the territory, yet he is telling Mr Williams off for stickers… nothing should be put on road signs, by the Chief Minister needs to practice what he preaches… and considering that the Labor Party has been caught graffiting and also littering light posts with posters shouldn’t Stanhope step aside – there is a whole host of other reasons as well!

CanberraGreen5:02 pm 05 Apr 07

by the way

down with all the posters plastered everywhere for band gigs!!!

just jokin

CanberraGreen5:00 pm 05 Apr 07


williams doesnt need to make the point about this being a ‘storm in a teacup’ coz u just did for him.

sure the guy needs to exercise a little more control over those helping him, but ever thought that he might actually be telling the truth??? probably a lot of people volunteer for campaigns and not everybody is a drone, no doubt some have their own way of doing things even if its not proper. chucking stickers everywere was always going to be dodgy so bit hard to see a candidate sanctioning it.

kiss kevin good night

CG, he had his mobile no on the bottom of the leaflet so I rang it – easy. I also got the line that he didn’t do it and couldn’t control what his minions did. (Works for Howard, so why not Troy?) That was last December though, so looks like not much has changed.
(Cue thundering response from Troy, telling us this is all a storm in a teacup while Kevin Rudd is planning to sell us out to the unions, etc.)

RedCarsGoFast3:04 pm 05 Apr 07

My gf was agro bout this and sent an sms to Troy. He said called something like that ‘though he didnt do it he would to the right thing and take care of it’. Is this a first, a politican taking some responsibility?

What’s Stanhope ever taken responsibility for? With the fires he blamed the fire service, the public servants, the fone company and more recently a judge and a priest. Its about time he bought a mirror, and looked for who’s responsible.

The problem with a candidate isn’t getting to speak to them, it’s getting them to stop talking.

CanberraGreen2:19 pm 05 Apr 07


i got that letter too. all it said was something about McMullan not standing up when schools all across his electorate were closed down. dude, you are as full of cr@p as McMullan, Stanhope, Williams and the rest.

I’m amazed that you called and got through to williams tho!!!! When was the last time anyone actually SPOKE to a mp, mla or candidate?

I rang Troy to complain late last year when one of his leaflets blaming Bob McMullan for ACT school closures (!) was lodged under my windscreen wiper – fine of $1000 applies last time I looked. He was unaware such things had been happening, couldn’t control what his minions did on his behalf etc. Definitely liberal leadership material!

In Canberra? HOW DARE SHE!!! Quick everybody, go through her garbage so we find out why she dared to cross over the wall.

ralph, yea, but how often have liberal pollies said “i didn’t know…”

I spoke to Troy about this last weekend as I noticed them plastered over the back of traffic signs through Palmerston.

He was unaware that this had been happening.

captainwhorebags7:53 am 05 Apr 07

So are the tacky orange Workchoices / David Hicks posters that are on every second lamppost legal? If not, then where’s the outrage over Stanhope’s union buddies putting those up?

Is there any evidence to suggest Williams actually put the stickers there or are stickers on public property grounds for resignation.

We should all get some Stanhope stickers and put them up all over the place. I very much doubt he would then call for his own sacking.

On the other hand we all thought Bruford should go, I’d like to see what it is we’re talking about.

What *is* interesting is that our Brave Leader has been goaded into acknowledging a Liberal candidate and is giving him more oxygen than the stickers would have generated, while at the same time raising the Bruford ghost.

So Bruford’s vandalism was OK, but Williams should be sacked?


After reading Stanhopes press release I have found my answers to the legality and the Stefaniak link.

I fail to see what placing stickers on traffic signs has to do with listening to Bill Stefaniak. Did Bill recently put out a press release deriding the placing of stickers on ‘taxpayer property’ that I missed?

The whole Stanhope release smacks of a very poor attempt at taking a shot. Why would the parliamentary leader have anything to do with disendorsing a candidate anyway?

In the realm of actions, stickers is hardly a big deal. I don’t know the law in this case or what exactly makes them ‘illegal’ but really, who gives a ****.

Troy Williams should be disendorsed for stickers the day that John Stanhope resignes for the death of numerous Canberrans due to his own malfeasance.

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