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cb60 29 May 2007 43

“Ingebra” is a small farm in Burra , 20 minutes from Canberra and is the home of 100 happy thriving free range chickens. They are now 7 weeks old so around September will be laying their first eggs. Egg lovers who insist on true free range chickens are now invited to make orders for a limited supply available in Spring 2007. They will be delivered within 24 hours of being laid
in recycled cartons. A maximum of 40 dozen will be available each week while on the lay. People will be invited to come out and meet our chickens.

So if you love chickens and their eggs you can make contact by email

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Jazz Jazz 1:31 pm 22 Jul 08

I have 3, which is just enough to bake the odd cake, have fresh eggs benedict for breakfast on the weekend and keep my son amused as he chases them around the yard.

smiling politely smiling politely 12:32 pm 22 Jul 08

Re: duck eggs – you have to be pretty careful with them as the shells are a lot more porous than chicken eggs and are therefore more susceptible to salmonella and other nasties.

While duck eggs are very good for baking, I reckon the main benefit from ducks is pest control, fertiliser and pure comedy value (they can be funny little critters). If you keep them it’s worth getting a big truck tyre cut in half, then filling it with water and using that as a “splash space”, they love it.

Ideally I guess it’d be cool if more and more people kept their own chooks like the great Australian backyards of old…

cb60 cb60 12:30 pm 22 Jul 08

Hi jagman,

Please visit our site which is still under construction.
Hopefully the site will be completed by the end of August.

If you are going to sell that’s great, we need
more free range farmers but I don’t run workshops.
I don’t have the time I had when I first started
this thread.

Best of luck.

jagman2020 jagman2020 11:34 am 22 Jul 08

Hi cb60,
I am living in Bredbo now and started a free range chicken coup as more of a hobby.. I am going to sell to friends etc.. I was wondering if my wife and I would be able to visit your farm to talk turkey.. No chickens… lol..
Just be interesting to see how someone else has done it etc…

Do you use merammas for protection?

cb60 cb60 7:28 pm 29 Sep 07

How much is the going price for free range at the Southside markets pjp? very curious to know.
I’m now selling my eggs to an upmarket restaurant
in Manuka and the customers are loving the taste and colour of them. I’m getting a good price and can rely on selling them without having to spend
long hours on side of the road!

barney barney 1:27 pm 29 Sep 07

I like Free Range Eggs, and Free Range Bacon !

pjp pjp 1:09 pm 29 Sep 07

There are currently a lot of free range egg sellers at the Southside Farmers Markets Phillip. I guss its a good time of year for eggs. The prices are low as there is a lot of compition. You can speak to the farmer to check authenticity. Every Sunday 9-12noon CIT Southside CAmpus Phillip

cb60 cb60 4:47 pm 04 Sep 07

Our chickens are laying now and you can pick them up by the side of the road across from the Mugga Lane tip on Saturdays between 10-2pm.
Price of eggs is only 5 dollars per dozen when picked up – eggs no more than 48 hours from point of lay.
Delivery is substantially more.
Please see first post for email contact.
Limited supply

cb60 cb60 8:46 pm 06 Jun 07

You have to see how a proper free range egg farm works and in my case with over 600 chickens prior to this to get a hands on understanding of how it works.
Clean nests and the right kind is what works along with proper fencing, feeding and watering systems. There are so many types of architecture for this out there.
This is a family tradition for us now so I have
many years of experience behind me to improve on what worked and didn’t work before.
Ducks are another thing and I cannot comment on them. They do like their ponds though!

ant ant 8:29 pm 06 Jun 07

Our duck eggs were always well covered in pooh! ducks splurk everywhere (these ones ate snails and things which seemed to make them even more splurky). We’d just scrub them before opening them for cooking.
Ducks spend the night in their nest, they don’t decamp to a perch, so there was ample opportunity for splurking repeatedly in the nest. I can just imagine the average punter, used to supermarket eggs, being confronted with a liberally splurked duck egg.

cb60 cb60 8:24 pm 06 Jun 07

No, that is unacceptable. No eggs should be picked up except from their nests. There is NO excuse for picking up eggs outside of the nest for consumption. Eggs are fresh from attending to the chickens and their nests each and every day- twice a day. The real challenge is keeping eggs clean by ensuring there is enough fresh straw in their nests to keep down the inevitable habit of chickens creating droppings wherever they go.
Luckily they prefer to save it for their perch.
I have no problem eating a fresh egg with droppings on it but you can’t sell those eggs- although they are often sold that way in small green grocers in Sydney. Better that than the eggs being cleaned which destroys the barrier protecting the egg from nasty bacteria. Sometimes
a dry cloth can be used to brush away dirt or hay without compromising the hygene of an egg.

ant ant 7:42 pm 06 Jun 07

That’s one of the things with free range, they are out lying where the hens have hidden them, and sometimes older eggs get found. Maybe lying in the sun for a bit, so one side gets cooked! Often a good thing to break each one into a cup or soemthing before breaking it into your cake or thing that can be ruined.

The Girls of Gallway, I think that was the ones the Oaks Estate hoochery sell. They’re hidden down in the soft drink fridge (with the milk).

jim2000 jim2000 6:23 pm 06 Jun 07

I got some bad free range eggs at my local IGA they were the Gallway girls or something, about 4 eggs un the dozen looked like they had been 1/2 boiled, then left and packed, dont think Ill get them again

pjp pjp 6:12 pm 06 Jun 07


Best of Luck, as a former free range egg farmer I will tell you that what ever amount of eegs you think you will get, half that number and that is what you will get in salable eggs. $10-12 a dozen is pretty steep i get my true free range eggs from the Southside famers Market, There are a few people selling there at about $5 a dozen, and to show jsu how authentic they are they are unreliable.

I had 400 chooks on a free range egg farm closer to canberra than you will be and basically with the price of grain and unreliablity of free range eggs you will be very very luck to make any proffit at all, In fact i would look at it as a hobby that is not costing you too much.

ant ant 9:28 pm 03 Jun 07

You want to be using the right ammo for those Tofus, you only get one shot before they’re onto you.

I spose I shouldn’t mention the Oaks Estate Groggery sells eggs (even if they are from Burra) as Coles and Woolies might send the frighteners around.

Thumper Thumper 12:29 pm 30 May 07

I tend to like the free range tofu as well.

I used to hunt tofu many years ago when it was legal. Dangerous critters when wounded and cornered. you just never knew when they were going to attack.

Saw a man have his leg torn off once…

caf caf 12:25 pm 30 May 07

ant: they sometimes have those eggs at ainslie IGA too.

ant ant 10:41 pm 29 May 07

You can get Burra eggs at the grog shop at Oak’s Estate. The box says Teh Girls of (something or other). Bloody useful if you’re heading home through Oaks (to visit the grog shop!) and don’t want to stand in line at Coles for hours. They sell milk, bread, and eggs. and grog.

cb60 cb60 8:40 pm 29 May 07

10- 12 dollars per dozen in case anyone is in doubt.

cb60 cb60 8:36 pm 29 May 07

To be fair to Nik-The-Pig (hmmmm) I plan on selling these eggs to a lucky few for top dollar. In other words, people passionate about their eggs and the condition the chickens live in that laid them.
It is not my staple income but it will more than pay for itself as there is 20 birds per acre of organic pasture plus free recycled vegetables to supplement grain.
It is a niche market and I expect to satisfy those few I can accomodate.
I also plan on growing chillies and a number of other things – like TREES.

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