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Truffles in Canberra

By johnboy - 15 July 2008 36

The SMH’s ‘Good Living’ is giving a plug to Canberra’s Truffle Shed.

Apparently you too can get your hands on locally grown truffles on Wednesday between 10 and 2 at 311 Majura Road, Majura.

It’ll set you back $250 to $350 for 100g of the black gold, but apparently you only need 40g to cook for four.

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36 Responses to
Truffles in Canberra
PM 11:59 am 16 Jul 08

S4anta – Can you please bring back some truffles on your next sorjourn to Belco?

neanderthalsis 10:57 am 16 Jul 08

Mælinar said :

Where can one get decent wild bacon in Canberra ?

Some of the specialist Game butchers occasionally have wild boar Ham and Bacon. The one at the Belco markets does occasionally.

S4anta 10:34 am 16 Jul 08


Most truffle growers in tassie and parts of France have diversified their trees. Hazelnut and Walnut trees and have been known to produce good spores after two years or so. And you get the added bonus of the trees producing their nuts as added income.

The only problem is ensuring that your machinery doesnt compact the soil too much, get into the rubber tracked skid steer jobbies. They seem to do the job on most the export joints i’ve visited over the past year or so.

wombat_stew 10:31 am 16 Jul 08

Wank alert!

If this shit wasn’t rare and expensive, would all you ‘connoisseurs’ still sing praises about it? It surely doesn’t taste that good.

It’s funny, you all probably earn what, 60-70k on average?

You’re lower middle-class at best. Spending hundreds of dollars on mushrooms is not for you.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:44 am 16 Jul 08

There’s a rather extravagent recipe that requires you to layer truffle slices over a chicken breast, under the skin, completely covering the meat. Smear with butter, season, cover the breast with bacon then roast. I think there’s also some kind of ‘world’s most expensive burger’ recipe made from truffled ground wagyu.

Truffles also go very well with eggs. I think you can also make pre-truffled eggs by storing them together – the truffle aroma permeates the shells and flavours the white and yolk.

ant 8:33 pm 15 Jul 08

You can practise the truffle thing with some truffle oil. Funnily enough, The Essential Ingredient has their truffle oil locked away in a glass-fronted case, but if you go to the IGA-ish place at Griffith shops, there it is on the shelf with everything else. heh. Good for pasta and risotto.

Majura Road valley has good soil, it’s old river flat so lots of sedimentary stuff. Oaks grow well throughout this district, they’ve been encouraging us to grow olives and truffles in local ag publications. Only Oaks take forever to grow, slow buggers.

astrojax 6:55 pm 15 Jul 08

s’easy jazz, just grate it over pasta that has been tossed with butter, parsley, mebbe a little parmesan and garlic too. or add last to a slow cooked beef casserole – basically as a pungent and richly flavoured garnish to anything you rekkun mushrooms might work with.

snice scraped in between two lateral halves of a nice camembert or brie (though the latter can be a smidge too runny if too ripe) then reassembled and sliced with a good sourdough bread or plain cracker, too.

Mælinar 6:54 pm 15 Jul 08

Happy to buy some bacon off you bubzie, but I get the feeling you were just trying to be sarcastic.

bubzie 6:45 pm 15 Jul 08

from a wild pig??

Mælinar 6:42 pm 15 Jul 08

Where can one get decent wild bacon in Canberra ?

Pesty 6:13 pm 15 Jul 08

You’d want decent bacon & free range eggs to compiment such expensive mushies.. wouldn’t you?

Danman 6:09 pm 15 Jul 08

Oh and for reference – good truffles sell @ $3000 a kg.. forget italian white truffles @ $50000 for a kilo.

Danman 6:07 pm 15 Jul 08

Truffles are probably too strong as is – If I was using them as is, I would shave them very finely over a leek and onion/white wine risotto.

Preferable method would be to finely shave and steep in oil – then use oil as a condiment…

Not that I would know of course.

johnboy 6:02 pm 15 Jul 08

I reckon you’d want to follow the recipe veerryy closely

Jazz 5:34 pm 15 Jul 08


now if only i knew how to cook with truffles

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