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Tuggers teen assaulted at school

By nyssa76 - 22 March 2009 41

Today’s CT has an ‘interesting’ article on an assault which took place at a Tuggeranong high school earlier this week.

To quote the Minister: ”We will eliminate violence and bullying in schools only when we eliminate violence and bullying in society.”

No, we will elimiate bullying in schools when the consequences fit the action. A suspension is a holiday for students and gives them time to organise another bashing or to get mates involved.

Bullies have more ‘power’ – like they need more – than their victims. In order to get a bully removed from the school, there are several hoops which need to be jumped through. The “every child has a right to learn” mantra is always attached.

The victim’s parents only need to withdraw their child and enrol them somewhere else to stop the situation repeating – or so they think. Thanks to Bebo, Facebook, mobiles and the like, the kid can be track throughout any school in Canberra and be ‘set up’.

If my intel is correct, the victim in this case had already left one school and was set up, through the means listed above, to be bashed.

I’d like to see a tougher stance taken with bullies in that they are removed from the school and placed in any one of the ‘achievement’ centres around Canberra or better still, re-open the behavioural units. They can still have an education, but their victims are not forced to leave their schools. ACTDET’s policy on bullying also needs to be updated and made more relevant to what’s actually going on in schools.

Furthermore, I’d also like to see, and this is a long shot, the parents of bullies held accountable and that includes allowing the use of their computers to upload bullying paraphanalia.

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Tuggers teen assaulted at school
Whatsup 7:28 am 23 Mar 09

The comment from Andrew Barr

We will eliminate violence and bullying in schools only when we eliminate violence and bullying in society.

It sounds like he has given up on the issue. Our children have the right to a safe school environment as much as adults have the right to a safe workplace. Can we please have a minister who shows some commitment to upholding these rights ?

Pommy bastard 7:20 am 23 Mar 09

I like the idea of bonds having to be posted by the parents of these bullies, bonds forfeited to the school should the kid re offend. Sanctions on benefits should also be considered where the parents are unemployed.Exclusion from school is often the only sanction available to schools, and as has been stated the kids often treat these as holidays, I would suggest a “boot camp” style school for those excluded from mainstream schooling, but I think the PC brigade may balk at that..

captainwhorebags 7:20 am 23 Mar 09

Donewrong: the 16 lane highway concept is not the preferred transport option put forth by the RiotACT junta.

Canals and light rail. It’ll work I tell you.

Granny 9:29 pm 22 Mar 09

Oi!! Powerless, my fat aunt! I would just say, ‘Sic ’em Sir BerraBoy68!’ and they’d be toast!

ant 8:29 pm 22 Mar 09

what these “kids” are doing is criminal. God knows what happens to the victims, how do they get over such sustained, vicious attacks? Being followed to a new school and set up by these criminal networks, it beggars belief.

The people doing this need to be dealt with by law. It’s gone beyond a school issue. If the worst they can do is suspend or expel, clearly more needs to be done.

this crap has got to stop. What do these little criminals go on to become after school, I wonder? The likes of the people who smashed up teh Qantas hall in Sydney today?

It’s got to stop.

cranky 8:16 pm 22 Mar 09

Donewrong for Chief Minister.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:01 pm 22 Mar 09

Oh the stories I could tell you from last year….but I’d lose my job.

I went to a pretty rough highschool myself (in NSW). I imagine we would have some cracker stories between the two of us.

Donewrong 7:29 pm 22 Mar 09

After reading the comments in this and the Wanniassa death thread, and the perpetual ones in the court/police threads, I have been sitting here trying to imagine what Canberra would be like if there was a coup d’etat by Riotact posters.

They would probably put up Granny as a beloved but powerless figurehead, whilst in the meantime organising public beheadings and limb removals for first-time offenders. All public art would be destroyed and 90% of government spending would be allocated to building magnificent 16 lane highways that would allow you to travel from Gungahlin to Conder in 43 seconds. The other 10% would be spent on establishing a team of bureaucrats to come up with new critques of the concept of ACT self-government. The bullshit Gold Coast comparison is running pretty thin.

BerraBoy68 7:27 pm 22 Mar 09

The problems in such a case are many but in all honesty, but to my mind people wathihg and filming this is almost worse than the crime itself. You have to ask yourself would you jump in if you saw a person being bashed?

I did at the Woden bus interchange about 5 years ago when a kid (about 15) punched an inspector in the face, the bloke hit back and within seconds about 20 more more kids came out of nowhere to beat the bloke to the ground, where he also received several kicks to the head. Everyone else sat and watched and I have to say I don’t hold the women or other kids present accountable at all, but the other blokes around could have helped. When I got this bloke to his feet I ran him to the other end of the interchange as fast as we could go with punches raining on us. Cops arrived quickly but of the many kids involved they only picked up one (incidentally, he was the only non-indigenous kid involved) and he was apparently released that night with a caution.

In short, what punishment is there these days for these idiots.

bigfeet 7:21 pm 22 Mar 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

Why can’t the matter be referred to the Police?

It apparantly has been.,_chisholm

But as all the people involved are probably underage, we will probably never hear if anyone is charged.

nyssa76 7:15 pm 22 Mar 09

VY, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The only reason the school is named to the public is because the parents spoke to the Canberra Times.

Oh the stories I could tell you from last year….but I’d lose my job.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 6:32 pm 22 Mar 09

Why can’t the matter be referred to the Police? With a bit of planning and support I reckon the Police could organise a program to put the frighteners up some of these bullies good and proper. In my experience, fear is the only thing the bully responds to.

Sad for the bully, but I think the rights of the victim come first.

Thumper 6:24 pm 22 Mar 09

I totally agree Nyss…

That’s one of the reasons I Did not remain in teaching for long.

Ian 6:18 pm 22 Mar 09

Sounds like the Minister is throwing his hands in the air and saying its too hard to solve.

How about things like “encouraging” the parents of “difficult” children to take an interest by making them pay bonds to have their kids in school, and forfeit these when they muck up – $1000 they can’t spend on smokes, drugs, plasma TVs or whatever their vices are might focus their attention on their spawn’s behaviour.

grunge_hippy 6:01 pm 22 Mar 09

behaviour units were useless. It was a means to get these kids away from everyone else, but create a zoo of misfits where no learning took place. The kids still went back to their ‘home’ school, where they practiced what they learnt with all the other ratbags. these days there are Behaviour management consultants, which (some) are just as useless.

I agree that bullies need tougher consequences, and it does need to involve their parents. Trouble is, alot of these bullies learn their best techniques from the parents!!! There is no ownership of their behaviour, either by the kids or parents. They dont see what they do as a problem. There is no point trying to discipline these kids when they dont think they are in the wrong.

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