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Two 20 metre high granite structures for the Gallipoli Reach

By johnboy - 2 March 2009 36

[First filed: February 26, 2009 @ 17:26]

The SMH reports on new plans for specific memorials to the two world wars of the 20th century.

    The design will see two 20 metre-high granite structures constructed near the stretch of Lake Burley Griffin’s northern foreshore known as Gallipoli Reach, flanking the entrance to Anzac Parade.

Don’t hold your breathe though, apparently it will only be built when enough private money is chipped in to the tune of $21 million.

UPDATED: If you want to donate, or see more pictures of the plans, you can do it at the dedicated website.


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36 Responses to
Two 20 metre high granite structures for the Gallipoli Reach
ant 3:38 pm 27 Feb 09

Wandering around a Utah CD/DVD shop today, I spotted a copy of Gallipoli in the bargain bin. It featured a large picture of Mel Gibson, and the blurb “From a place you’ve never heard of, a story you’ll never forget” and it was 8 bucks. No I didn’t buy it.

solomon-trujillo 1:24 pm 27 Feb 09

johnboy said :

Italy only left the Triple-Alliance in May 1915.

Exactly, when they entered the war. They were neutral before (given they had more or less secret alliances going both ways)

Gungahlin Al 1:03 pm 27 Feb 09

Is anyone else hearing the 2001 Space Odyssey theme ringing in their ears?

johnboy 12:17 pm 27 Feb 09

Italy only left the Triple-Alliance in May 1915.

solomon-trujillo 12:13 pm 27 Feb 09

johnboy said :

Or the Italians who switched sides in both wars…?

Sorry JB, I believe the Italians only switched side in WWII, WWI was all about kicking the Great Central Empires’ (i.e. Austria-Hungary and Germany-Prussia) butt

p1 11:28 am 27 Feb 09

And do we fly the soviet flag or the new russian one?

My vote would be for the flags of the era, since countries have come and gone. If you were to fly the Russian one, you would have to fly the flags of every other Nation which at the time was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

fnaah 11:16 am 27 Feb 09

From the SMH article:

“The committee’s chairman Mike Buick said each of the memorials would have sections cut from the structure to represent significant dates in the conflicts such as the Gallipoli landings and the fall of Singapore.

On the anniversaries of each of these dates, the sunlight at dawn in Canberra would shine directly along the cut lines in the memorials.”

That actually sounds pretty cool. Stonehenge-esque.

pmcb 11:06 am 27 Feb 09

The architect, his designs and models will be on Stateline tonight.

caf 9:11 am 27 Feb 09

harley: You can do what you like with your refund from the immigration bridge (if you actually donated to it, that is).

pug206gti 8:44 am 27 Feb 09

I’m still in favour of bringing home one of the Saddam-sword sets from Baghdad as our war bounty, and setting them up across the parade. It’s the colonial way – invade, conquer, take pretty stuff and put it up in your capital.

old canberran 8:45 pm 26 Feb 09

How many more memorials do they want? Surely the one at the end of Anzac Parade should be enough. A waste of good money and I think they will ruin that wonderful view from Parliament house to the War Memorial and vice versa.

Ozhair 8:42 pm 26 Feb 09

So that’s what the model was. Wandered past it today in the Parli House basement, looked like awaiting transport.

If it’s still there tomorrow (doubtful) I’ll try to get a snap.

johnboy 7:51 pm 26 Feb 09

Allied countries’ flags facing the lake? A bit confrontational to all those we have relations with directly opposite.

I wonder what they’ll do with the Japanese, allies in WWI but enemies in WWII.

Or the Italians who switched sides in both wars…?

And do we fly the soviet flag or the new russian one?

harley 7:47 pm 26 Feb 09

Can we take the refunds from the immigration crockbridge and put it to this?

BenMac 7:27 pm 26 Feb 09

Damn. I saw the model of these today and was going to take a picture, but was late to where I was going. It’s a very interesting idea. I’m sure lots of people would say that it will spoil the lake, espically the view from Parliament House towards the War Memorial and vice versa.

They looked like huge rectangles on their sides with the center cut out, so I guess you could walk inside them. They’d also have flags of the allied countries whom fought in front facing the lake.

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