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Two die in Kambah car accident

Thumper 6 December 2006 19

The SMH is reporting that a car accident in Kambah has claimed the lives of two people. Not many more details at this stage except it was a single car accident and the vehicle was found in a ditch.


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19 Responses to Two die in Kambah car accident
el el 7:34 pm 10 Dec 06

Yup cranky, drove past yesterday not realising exactly where it had happened, until I saw the flowers…chills down the spine, I only hope (and expect it likely) it would’ve been over in an instant. Tragic.

cranky cranky 7:02 pm 10 Dec 06

Just drove past the site. About 8 car loads of people stopped and a field of flower tributes. Instant lump in the throat.

gurunik gurunik 10:44 pm 07 Dec 06

all those grieving people can do is celebrate the lads that they loved and tough out the pain that they are no doubt assaulted by right now. it is a shit place to be in and will take many years to come to terms with. i, despite having never known them, have been touched by their fate. we can only wish that other lads of their ilk are having a period of quiet reflection over this. peace to the families…..

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:16 pm 07 Dec 06


Did you all see the picture of the remains of the Commodore on the front page of today’s Canberra Times?

It was seriously crushed…. the bonnet and the boot were folded upright in a distinct square shape, as if the car had hit – on it’s roof at very high speed – a solid square concrete *something*. Which would have crushed the roof down to the height of the dashboard.

Truly a sobering photo.

As a parent myself, my heart goes out to the family and parents of these young blokes. Yes, they were stupid, but I bet they didn’t mean it. Luckily they never took anyone else out with them.

As mediagirl says, not a good Chrissy for the familes. I’d say Chrissy is pretty much over, what is there to celebrate?

Pandy Pandy 9:38 pm 07 Dec 06

Early in my Canberra days, I once drove home blind drunk. amazing I did not crash or get pulled over.

That was a long time ago. Never again.

gurunik gurunik 8:33 pm 07 Dec 06

xmas party. then kick on into civic. last seen catching taxi in early hours….back to car methinks. after careful pissed deliberation decided fine to drive home. been there done it. i’m a lucky stupid boy. they weren’t. a bit quick over the hill there, maybe a roo, whatever, the driver lost it and once off the road flipped it into the culvert roof first. well fucked. the firey it chatted to that arvo said the motor was cold when discovered.
young fellas + piss + i’m fine….hands up who hasn’t been there.
by the grace of god we are still here. we live or die by choices we make.
and to think it would have been a top night until about 5 seconds before their demise.

FC FC 12:11 pm 07 Dec 06

just curious.
does anyone know if alcohol was involved?

Thumper Thumper 9:38 am 07 Dec 06


As I said, tragic….

mediagirl mediagirl 9:32 am 07 Dec 06

The two guys were close friends of mine. While they were good guys they made some foolish decisions and I think that the only good to come from this tragedy is that it might wake people up to the fact that they are not invincible and that when you get in your car and drive dangerously you hold other peoples lives in your hands. Such a waste – like the canberra time article says – two families will be without their families this christmas. Such a sad sad waste.

Kerces Kerces 8:57 am 07 Dec 06

Cranky — the police said there is absolutely no connection between the that chase and the crash. Apparently the people in the car involved in the chase pulled the car over and jumped out and ran away.

Sammy Sammy 8:32 am 07 Dec 06

Police speculated that the car could’ve been laying in the ditch for a while, unnoticed.

Cameron Cameron 10:08 pm 06 Dec 06

I would suggest it likely.

I’m not surprised about the location – that roundabout can be a bit of a problem – but for them to end up in that ditch they would need to have been travelling a lot faster than they should have been.

cranky cranky 4:56 pm 06 Dec 06

Any conection with a posse of sirens around 4am, south woden – Erindale Drive?

RandomGit RandomGit 2:56 pm 06 Dec 06

oh BURN!

Sammy Sammy 2:24 pm 06 Dec 06

At least Donald will keep me company.

RandomGit RandomGit 1:47 pm 06 Dec 06

Oh, you’re going to hell for that one Sammy.

Sammy Sammy 12:00 pm 06 Dec 06

Fair enough then. From the SMH:

He said the car was found in a ditch beside the road, but there were no known witnesses.

How about unknown witnesses? Or the witnesses they know they don’t know about? Or the witnesses they don’t know they don’t know about? *smirk*

Thumper Thumper 11:58 am 06 Dec 06

Because I haven’t got a radio at work….

Sammy Sammy 11:56 am 06 Dec 06

Why do the SMH get credit for breaking this story? It has been doing the rounds of 666 radio since 6am.

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