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Two green ministers, sitting on the wall?

By johnboy - 29 October 2008 70

As predicted by your’s truly the Canberra Times is reporting that the Liberals have found it in their hearts to offer two ministries to the Greens in exchange for the keys to the kingdom.

The Greens seem to be holding out for ministerial levels of resources (read that as well paid jobs for supporters and party members who are in turn required to tithe their income back to the Party) without the need to do the unpopular things that ministers from time to time must do (read that as closing schools):

    “Earlier in the day, Ms Hunter said the issue of ministries would not be the primary issue in negotiations.

    There seems to be this big focus on ministries, where I think the discussion we would be having is more about the role of the Greens in the Assembly and down to the tin-tack issues of resourcing”

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
Two green ministers, sitting on the wall?
Skidbladnir 12:29 pm 29 Oct 08

As far as titles go, does anyone else see Meredith Hunter’s new one as a masterclass piece of code switching?

(She still has to do something with it, though)

whistle 12:28 pm 29 Oct 08

Jeremy Hanson would be great for a Minister – a very senior and capable military commander – but very new to the Assembly. My guess is that your guesses are right.

jimbocool 12:27 pm 29 Oct 08

caf – Vicki Dunne a minister??? Noooooooooooooooooo! That would really be the end of the Greens if they allowed that to happen.

robbi64 12:25 pm 29 Oct 08

you took my lines, aurelius. dam. am i ever going to get a word in? 😉

well said.

jimbocool 12:24 pm 29 Oct 08

swaggie – I made an error, it’s actually Parliamentary Convenor Hunter – obviously to avoid any confusion with any other Greens convenors out there 🙂 Just be thankful that they don’t have ‘co-convenors’.

Aurelius – it’s a tricky position the Greens find themselves in, Stanhope is a dab hand at brinkmanship so you’d think the Greens will blink first. I also think the Libs have over-egged the pudding with the offer of two ministries.

caf 12:21 pm 29 Oct 08

With two ministries out of five, they’d be a significant voice in Cabinet – able to make Government policy with the support of just one Liberal minister. So who would the Liberal members of Cabinet be? Sesselja, Dunne and Smyth?

Pseudo Nym 12:19 pm 29 Oct 08

You’re calling a ministry in the ACT legislative assembly a prize? I thought it was a punishment

Aurelius 12:17 pm 29 Oct 08

It’s good to see that Stanhope and Gallagher aren’t pandering to this stuff.
I heard a few nights ago from an MLA that Labor are not offering the Green MLAs ministries, and just saying “This is our agenda for this term, support us, or send us into Opposition”.
Especially since any coalition between the Greens and Zed’s christian fundy party will never last a summer.
The Lib vote went down at the recent election. They have less seats than Stanhope and friends. If the Greens make Zed the Chief Minister, it will be obvious to the whole electorate they have sold out for a ministry. And their vote will reflect that at the next election.

whistle 12:10 pm 29 Oct 08

Two Ministries would mean that Shane Ratenbury gets one heck of a consellation prize for not being leader.

Swaggie 12:10 pm 29 Oct 08

“Convenor” Hunter FFS – Don’t encourage this crap. If it smells like a leader, looks like a leader, behaves like a leader….. They’ve got 4 MLA’s and they’re already losing touch with reality. Is there some device fitted to the Assembly Building that makes otherwise normal people transcend day to day reality and common sense when they get near the place? As for the Libs they’ll probably tithe to the Greens as well for a chance of power, why sell their souls now when they can build for the next few years and when, with a creditable performance, they should wipe the floor with this lab/green coalition we face.

jimbocool 11:15 am 29 Oct 08

Doesn’t matter which party you are in, one way or another you’re expected to tithe…

As I commented the other day, one of the things the Greens are after is more resources (that is staff) so that they can better cover all the portfolio areas. In the past they had one MLA with 3 staff to cover everything. On current allowances they will have 4 MLAs and 12 staff. If I were a major party leader, I’d be resisting giving them any more unless they took a ministry.

Imagine, if you will, that Convenor Hunter becomes Minister for Environment – immediately she will be paid $78,854 more than her colleagues and will have upwards of 5 staff plus DLOs. Don’t bet the green-eyed monster won’t come out and start driving some serious wedges into the team.

S4anta 11:00 am 29 Oct 08

damn it . operators

S4anta 11:00 am 29 Oct 08

Jack Dorf said :

(read that as well paid jobs for supporters and party members who are in turn required to tithe their income back to the Party)

Evidence please?

I believe it is the MO for most Green operaors in the country. Maybe not all income, but enough to be able keep the socialists at bay.

Skidbladnir 10:56 am 29 Oct 08

Analogy for the politically blind, and I won’t refer to a pervious post.

If it were normal affairs, the Liberals could have waited a long time to make deals with anybody they like, but they have only until the week after Declaration of Results, so they are being forced by time constraints.

The Greens got the votes, they have the seats, their popularity appears to be rising, they are internally united, and they have agreement on leadership.
Greens are everything the Liberals are not.

For any deals between the Greens and the Liberals, the Greens are in a fundamentally stronger position.
The Greens are like the sexiest females in the entire territory, but there is another suitor that she can listen to.
All of this current deal-soliciting behaviour is a sign that the Liberals are desperate to make babies, or they have to wait until next mating season, when they may be even less able to impress the females.

If they can’t seal the deal with the Greens soon, expect dirty tricks.

Jack Dorf 10:53 am 29 Oct 08

(read that as well paid jobs for supporters and party members who are in turn required to tithe their income back to the Party)

Evidence please?

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