Tyres slashed – a good story

davesfk 8 October 2009 10

I thought it might be nice to give a local business some positive vibes, and given it’s school holidays a few readers might like to know of a business that exists (which until last night I had no idea)

Upon finishing up our regular Tuesday night trivia at the Burns club, one of my friends was upset to find that some little waste of space and decided to slash three of her tyres (and managed to do a couple of other cars in the car park also). After trying to find a tow truck that would answer their phone at 11:00, I flipped through the good old yellow pages and came across a 24 hour tyre delivery business. Phoned through, a very friendly bloke answered the phone, said he would be able to come in half an hour.

Lo and behold, 30 minutes later he arrived with a mobile workshop – three tyres replaced quickly and relatively cheaply (normal tyre prices and an $88 call-out fee – still cheaper than a tow).

Anyway, long story short – the bloke was a champion, we really appreciated his help and thought that people might like to know of an alternative to towing if they get caught out like we were. The business is Tyres on the Move, and the number is 0402 132 428 (could be worth storing in your phone for emergencies).

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10 Responses to Tyres slashed – a good story
Chop71 Chop71 6:18 pm 09 Oct 09

I don’t see how getting your tyres slashed is ever a good story.

(I have no idea, where is the Burns club?)

Now beating the crap out of the punks who slashed them, that would help!!


Great to hear a good story come out of a bad situation.

davesfk davesfk 8:18 am 09 Oct 09

Burns trivia has just wrapped up unfortunately. It was a good night mainly, the host started pretty shaky but was starting to find her feet. Was a three month trial, and unfrotunately they just never got the bodies through the door to make it doable long term.

speaking to Shaun (the tyre bloke) he said it was only the second time he’d been called out to the burns, and I haven’t had a problem living in Kambah with these sorts of idiots before – but when I was in Watson in happened there. I think there’s little dickheads in every suburb and it’s a bit of a lottery.

damien haas damien haas 1:08 am 09 Oct 09

after dining on an excellent schnitzel at the weston creek labor club the other night, i noticed upon leaving that a security guard patrols their car park constantly at night. it was wet and cold, but he was still standing outside in the car park.

busgirl busgirl 8:18 pm 08 Oct 09

…hhmmmm…maybe this isn’t something to add to that ‘Good things about Kambah’ list…

dvaey dvaey 8:08 pm 08 Oct 09

Aside from the tyre slashing, whats this trivia night at the burns like? I saw a poster advertising it while visiting recently, but have heard nothing more about it, am I out of the loop?

In a (probably) unrelated story, there was an incident a couple of years ago when a number of tyres (I was told upto 40) were slashed in Kambah. I wonder if its the same group of idiots or if theres a new group of idiots come in to fill the void.

vibes vibes 4:17 pm 08 Oct 09

That is an unfortunate story. Thanks for this guy’s number it is now in my phone.

Rosencrantz Rosencrantz 11:42 am 08 Oct 09

Well that explains a lot – I was at the Burns Club on Tuesday night also and had a flat front left tyre which I changed about 500m down the road (as I hadn’t noticed anything wrong when driving away). I thought it was just a split in the sidewall that caused it…but now I know why I had the split in the first place.

That’s a $600 tyre ruined…not happy!

prhhcd prhhcd 9:33 am 08 Oct 09

Thank you so much for posting this Dave! Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago and I paid SO much for a tow and had to deal with the dodgy driver! Well done for giving a good business a plug here. number stored for next time (which will without a doubt happen) a little waste of space bastard slashes my tyres!

BenMac BenMac 9:33 am 08 Oct 09

Sounds like a good service. For even more of a plug, here’s his website.

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