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UEFA Champions League Final 2012 in Canberra

By TBagger 16 May 2012 25


Does anyone know of any venues doing something for the UEFA Champions League Final kicking off on Sunday 20 May @ 4.45am?

Preferably northside but given the importance of the game for my beloved Chelsea, I’m prepared to go to Cooma to find a good place to watch it if need be.

Go the blues!!

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UEFA Champions League Final 2012 in Canberra
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TBagger 4:11 pm 21 May 12

Mighty Chelsea did it! WOO!

Overheard I ended up going to Sydney to watch the game after you mentioned the atmosphere for the Manchester derby. And the fact somewhere was open! Was a long road trip but worth it in the end.

Canberra really needs an all-hours sports bar. Anyone keen to pool resources with me to open one? 🙂

Overheard 3:51 pm 21 May 12

Holden Caulfield said :

Spykler and Ben_Dover, don’t be shy.

Speak up.

Let it go, lad/lass. Let it go.

Btw, the Italo-Australian Club weren’t answering their email but I found out when I rang then dropped in that they were not showing this morning’s Coppa Italia. Confucius say, ‘Man who watch football in bed at 5am a high chance to fall asleep again and miss two goals by Napoli.’

Go go gadget highlights.

But given that there is a whole month of the beautiful game from Europe coming up from early June, and that the place I’ll be in has glorious analogue which I believe is going to have the long handle taken to it sometime during the month, I’ll be seeking out live sites and posting them, at the good graces of the moderator.

My mail is the Harmonie German Club might be showing the Deutsch games live, which is good news since they’re up against old foes (my team) Nederland with a 4.45am kick-off on, I think, 14 June.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’d much rather be sharing the drama with others at a live site than tucked up under the duvet in a lounge room somewhere.

Holden Caulfield 2:40 pm 20 May 12

Spykler and Ben_Dover, don’t be shy.

Speak up.

Overheard 9:19 am 20 May 12

Hey TBagger, I hope you found somewhere. I ended up watching at home on unwatchable, pixilated “HD” and settled for a patch analogue signal. Just trying to find out from the Italo Club if they’re opened in the morning for Juve and Napoli.

Holden Caulfield 7:34 am 20 May 12

Spykler said :

Bayern! teach the blue filth a lesson..

Ben_Dover said :

Chelsea? Bunch of overpaid effete w@nkers.

Morning lads. 8)

Overheard 5:34 am 19 May 12

astrojax said :

dickson tradies will doubtless have it on – go chelski!!

The Tradies closes at 4am. No licensed premises is allowed to serve alcohol after 4am which is what makes it so tough to watch these matches in a public setting in Canberra when they’re evening matches in Europe. No such problems in Sydney. There would have been about 400 people in the venue I was at to watch the Manchester derby with a 5am kick-off a couple of weeks ago.

astrojax 9:32 pm 18 May 12

dickson tradies will doubtless have it on – go chelski!!

dungfungus 5:11 pm 18 May 12

Given the economic strife engulfing Europe, this may be the last time there is a UEFA Champions League Final. No loss really.

Ben_Dover 4:38 pm 18 May 12

Chelsea? Bunch of overpaid effete w@nkers.

TBagger 4:35 pm 18 May 12

Sorry everyone, haven’t been able to find a place that is showing it. Enjoyed reading the comments tho! Especially the celery one haha. Loved chanting that at Stamford Bridge.

Enjoy the game everyone 🙂

Spykler 8:43 pm 17 May 12

Bayern! teach the blue filth a lesson..

Holden Caulfield 6:56 pm 17 May 12

poetix said :

I know what you are saying and it is rather rude.


While the subject is rude, of course, that’s not why it was posted.

Vorsprung duch technik. 😉

Overheard 5:54 pm 17 May 12

I too would consider firing up the campervan and making some sort of short journey (maybe not as far as Cooma). I just can’t see Goulburn being the sort of burgh that would fling open the doors for soccer. Bungendore??

Overheard 5:53 pm 17 May 12

Wow, such a simple request, so many clever trousers with mostly little to offer!

TBagger, excellent question and I would be interested in the answer. However, I’ve just rung the Harmonie German Club and it’s a case of, ‘Nein, we sihn gelsloschen on Zondag’ or something that roughly amounts to ‘Not open for the game’.

If you find somewhere, do pass it on as I would relish, I mean, sauerkraut the opportunity to be around a bunch of loud, funny, extroverted round ball nuts (is that a tautology) to watch Chelsea get flowered, I mean, creamed.

Go Bayern. Don’t think about Borussia Dortmund — that was just a training run. A bloody entertaining one, nonetheless.

poetix 5:36 pm 17 May 12

Holden Caulfield said :

In that case: Sellerie sellerie. Wenn sie kommen nicht, ich werde kitzeln ihren hintern, mit einem stück sellerie.

Or something like that.

I know what you are saying and it is rather rude. Also, I shall now call you Audi Caulfield. Also also:

Holden Caulfield 5:18 pm 17 May 12

In that case: Sellerie sellerie. Wenn sie kommen nicht, ich werde kitzeln ihren hintern, mit einem stück sellerie.

And: Blau ist die Farbe.

Or something like that.

Holditz 9:32 pm 16 May 12

You could give the Harmonie German club a call and see if they’re doing a function- you’d be surrounded by Germans of course, but I figure that wouldn’t stop you bringing the Blues scarf out.

Peekz 7:23 pm 16 May 12

Would also like to know if any venue is showing it and hosting something perhaps?

Holden Caulfield 10:11 am 16 May 12

I’ll be watching it on my couch.

Celery, celery!

mickey 10:08 am 16 May 12

Sorry mate, save yourself the trouble, the blues are going down, down, down.

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