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Ugliest architecture in Canberra? A Call for submissions.

By johnboy 24 October 2005 58

I’m planning on doing a tour, with camera, of Canberras ugliest buildings. I’d like to record the horror for posterity.

Where you come in is by leaving suggestions in the comments as to which buildings deserve inclusion in the survey.

Knock yourselves out.

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
Ugliest architecture in Canberra? A Call for submissions.
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mjdavis 5:17 pm 19 Mar 06

Dear Chris S.

Regarding Hartigan Gardens: Do you think the solution is to demolish the existing small-scale development and replace it with a large and ugly double storey development as proposed by the Department of Housing (and subsequently rejected by ACTPLA)? Why did the so-called “Garran Residents Association” make a submission to ACTPLA in favour of the development when all the neighbours objected? Shouldn’t a residents association represent the views of Garran residents rather than your personal views?

Mjdavis. Garran resident.

Maelinar 2:51 pm 27 Oct 05

To be honest, and as somebody who’s flamed others for writing in txt or sms speech, I still have no idea where the whole apostrophe bit came from.

OK I’m too lazy to read through the entire thread to find it, but it didn’t stand out to me.

el 2:21 pm 27 Oct 05

Well, we have apostrophe-man, who’s going to be colon-man?

benett 1:21 pm 27 Oct 05

What’s it all about, it’s about nothin’…
Ok. I shall let u get back to your whinging and *flaming* wars. Before I post in future I will make a mental note not to go against the grain and fire in the same direction as others.

bonfire 1:09 pm 27 Oct 05

yes apostrophe grammar softhead interrupted a perfectly good flamewar on another thread for no apparent reason.

probably a recumbent cyclist,.

benett 12:55 pm 27 Oct 05

lol, whinge it up terubo.

el 10:15 am 27 Oct 05

Just remembered “Lyneham Flats” facing on to Northbourne.

terubo 8:07 am 27 Oct 05

Just like getting run’s and wicket’s, eh?

Thumper 8:05 am 27 Oct 05

Uh oh, looks like a job for apostrophe man, or guy, or whatever.

By the way, he hasn’t dropped in for a while. maybe the standard has been lifted?

terubo 8:30 pm 26 Oct 05

Dunno about the jabba, benett, but you sure have a problem with apostrophes…

benett 6:46 pm 26 Oct 05


I think that on the whole. We should knock down more tree’s for more development, thus enabling more criticism of thee. Apart from that, it may even provide more housing sources if the common modus operande of thinking towards this issue is to not build higher.

Those that have homes could have extra targets for their relentless whinge campaigns. The Greenies sitting comfortably in their armchairs inside their homes rattling off jibba jabba about urban sprawl etc would also be given extra work to do.

All in all, its a win-win situation…Or am I just jibbering jabba.. ?

bonfire 12:39 pm 26 Oct 05

one thing i noticed while riding the bus last night, was that all new homes today must have a double garage thrusting out to the street. invariably the house seems smaller and less attractive as a result.

when i was looking to buy i noticed how smnall newer homes were, especially in bedrooms. apart from a bed, not much room for anything else. get rid of the double garage and you could build a mess hall.

seepi 5:49 pm 25 Oct 05

ON Limestone Ave there is a bizarre development going up around the outside of the last of those funny little flat roofed houses. It is very very strange. I am fascinated to see what is going to happen to the little house once the units are finished – will anyone live in it, or will it just house the garbage hoppers or laundry of the new flats?

Jey 5:02 pm 25 Oct 05

in the tent, I mean

Jey 4:58 pm 25 Oct 05

RG: hmmm soooo very tempting….I do however believe crimes against certain religions constitute hate crimes.
Although that tent is a hate crime against my eyes!
Once your link FINALLY loaded I was muchly amused
Was it massage tables I saw in there?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:16 pm 25 Oct 05

I passed that tent today and if I hadn’t read about it here I would have declared it to be the most inane thing I had seen by surprise all week. Unfortunately the surprise was removed and it became somewhat intruiging after the mention here, so it just gets an “ugly monstrosity” vote, just like the multiplex monstrosity in woden.

RandomGit 3:38 pm 25 Oct 05

Jey, how about we go execute a take down of said tent tomorrow lunchtime? 😉

Hey lookie!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 1:43 pm 25 Oct 05

Some of the buildings in the Dickson shopping precinct are quite odd. They look fine on the bottom floor, but for some reason they never bothered to paint most of the higher floors exteriror walls. If it was all plain brick it would be nice, if it was all painted it would be nice, but having a nice paint job and a bare wall above doesn’t please me.

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