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Ugly ‘Altitude’ High Rise Apartments In Belconnen

By BlueChris - 1 September 2012 58


Is it just me or is anyone else horrified by the Altitude Apartments being constructed  between Chandler Street and Emu Bank in Belconnen? This monstrosity is an eye sore to say the least and it may not have reached it’s final height as yet.  There are a number of large buildings in the area such as the ATO, ABS and Oracle Apartments but they are no where near the height of Altitude – hence the name I guess. It just seems a shame that from which ever direction you approach the Belconnen Town Centre now this Ugly High Rise sticks out like a sore thumb.

Hindmarsh say:

‘The Altitude Apartments will be a pinnacle building in the Belconnen Town Centre with most apartments enjoying uninterrupted views of Lake Ginninderra and beyond.

A major feature of the development will be an 18 storey tower that will contain a total of 236 apartments. This will consist of a number of 1 & 2 bedroom plus several 3 bedroom penthouse apartments.

There will also be 2 other smaller scale buildings of 6 and 7 storeys containing a total of 111 apartments. The ground floors will feature a mix of commercial office, café/restaurant and retail spaces.

The development is located on the eastern side of the Belconnen Town Centre, between Chandler Street and Emu Bank.

Residents will enjoy direct access to the Lake Foreshore and Café precinct with only a short stroll to the Westfield Shopping Centre.’

Check out what the final building will look like at and construction pictures at Related Content on RiotACT ‘The view from Altitude‘.

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
Ugly ‘Altitude’ High Rise Apartments In Belconnen
WVCC 2:15 pm 01 Sep 12

Yes I’d have to agree, was out at Belconnen on Friday. We were looking at the Bus stations to see how Woden Bus interchange will be upgraded. The Community Bus station will be completely overshadowed by the new Sintenel towers and will create even more wind. than is there already.

That’s the trouble with High rise developments while not being that energy efficient they create a negative impact at the ground level with increases in the down shaft of winds and cold shadowed areas particularly in winter.

That’s why the WVCC doesn’t support more high rise in the Woden town centre because of the negative impacts of Lovett tower has on Woden square. You don’t need High rise to create high density.

blub 1:16 pm 01 Sep 12

Was driving past it the other day, I think the ugliest part is the design of the two smaller blocks. From Chandler st all you see is concrete and more concrete. I thought there’d be more glass like Oracle, but there’s not. It’s a concrete monstrosity. the tower itself doesn’t bother me, I guess it depends from what angle you’re coming from.
I was interested in buying in Altitude (I like apartment living) but once I saw the floor plans which just seemed small and impractical in shape I was turned off.

As others have said once Sentinel on the other end of the bus station takes shape altitude won’t be alone in the Belco vista, so it won’t look so bad. I just hope Sentinel doesn’t end up to be a concrete monster either…

drfelonious 1:12 pm 01 Sep 12

There’s a really simple solution if you don’t like it – don’t live there!

Goddamn NIMBYs in this town have a really big definition of their backyard – covers the whole frickin city.

Obviously those of you so offended by the aesthetics are not offended by the fact that Canberra has what must be the highest house prices for a city its size anywhere on this earth – in no small part due to the likes of you.

Skidbladnir 12:40 pm 01 Sep 12

So, the two ugliest and controversial apartment buildings are both on Club land.
Amazing how we hide it in plain sight, isn’t it?

Deref 12:25 pm 01 Sep 12

As blocks of flats go, I’ve seen worse. That’s not to say that they’re not horrible.

kagey 12:22 pm 01 Sep 12

It is instructive to look at the history of the block of land upon which the Altitude rests. Originally granted to the Labor club for extensions to the club rooms, the club held an option on the block for decades. Then amendments to land use, and subsequent interest from developers, and then subsequent upward revisions to the proposed number of floors to be built, with no new shadow impact. In sum, mutually beneficial to both developer and the labor party. It is also instructive to look at party donations. Get yourselves educated about how Canberra runs.

Skidd Marx 11:48 am 01 Sep 12

After Sky Plaza nothing seems so bad.

screaming banshee 11:09 am 01 Sep 12

“It just seems a shame that from which ever direction you approach the Belconnen Town Centre now this Ugly High Rise sticks out like a sore thumb.”

You mean like Woden.

Rawhide Kid Part3 11:09 am 01 Sep 12

Don’t worry. There’s another one going up along Benjamin way opposite the Bel Health center. That should even things out.

Tony 10:49 am 01 Sep 12

Its no worse than other buildings. Besides, it a town centre, its suppose to have high rise buildings to promote sustainability, transport efficiently etc..
We need more of them, IMO.
If you dont like it, dont live in a town centre.

Kath 10:45 am 01 Sep 12

It won’t be alone for long – Sentinel, which is going up in the old carpark next to the community bus station, will dwarf it at 20 storeys high. There’s also another small block of flats with shops at the underneath going into the area that the abandoned Pizza Hut occupied, directly in front of Altitude.

At least the empty bus station will get more business! I’m not horrified because it make so much more sense to get people who don’t want a backyard into a central location where they don’t have to drive everywhere. More green space for the rest of us,

mr reason 10:24 am 01 Sep 12

Not as bad as that hideous tower in Woden town centre

G-Fresh 10:05 am 01 Sep 12

buddy you crack me up.

rodent 9:54 am 01 Sep 12

It might ‘stick out’ for now, but it’s about to be joined by Linq, Sentinel (“two towers resting on a 5 storey platform above the road”…) and Westfield have a proposed development of about 20 storeys next to their carpark in front of the lake. If your point is that it’s ugly because it sticks out, I guess it won’t be ugly for long.

voytek3 9:31 am 01 Sep 12

Agreed. I didn’t think it possible for Belconnen to become even more of a hole. Sometimes I have to go out that way for work and always think “God…those building are such an eyesore” but that sky plaza in Woden is an even bigger eye sore. That building is horrific.

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