Unearthed Review: Kempsey. Four Stars

Barcham 19 April 2013


Why I haven’t done an Unearthed Review in 4 days! How on Earth have you all been coping?

It’s ok, we’ll get you your fix with Kempsey.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Kempsey draws it’s life from a broad world of influences. From the guitar driven riff-rock of Television, to the mood-filled hangover of Interpol to the expansive nostalgia of the Stone Roses, Kempsey is four music obsessors looking to create something they believe in.
After supporting the likes of You Am I, Tame Impala and Art Vs Science, Kempsey is gearing up for a busy time ahead with the release of their new single, ‘The Weather’, from their forthcoming EP, and a string of dates to boot.

Here’s what I have to say about them:

Kempsey are a rather nice pop-rock band that move freely back and forwards across that spectrum, switching deftly between a catchy light sound and something a little more subdued and gruff. Their bio rings true, these boys are obviously fans of the genre and it can be heard in their sound.

I quite enjoy these three tracks they’ve uploaded. They’re fun, upbeat, catchy, and clever. However I constantly get the feeling that they’re holding back something. I can’t help shake a feeling that could be more fun, upbeat, catchy, and clever, they just choose not to be. Maybe they’re tired. I keep waiting for them to step up and cut loose and it never quite happens.

Perhaps they can’t get too energetic or their music won’t match their expressions in their band profile picture.

I kid, I kid.

I get the feeling listening to these tracks that their live show is probably fantastic, yet I have not seen them live so…

Ahem. Moving on.

“The Weather” is probably the worst offender in terms of feeling held back. It seems to promise something greater that never quite arrives. That being said, it is still absolutely worth a listen. The build is totally worth it, even if the payoff feels smaller than it should. It might actually be my favourite of the three tracks they’ve put up.

Hit “Why So Serious” first. Sadly it’s not about the Joker, but it is a very solid song, and perhaps their best in terms of finding that perfect pop/rock balance. It’s maybe probably my favourite track too.

Also my favourite track is (possibly) Dizzy Head. It’s solid and (at least to me) feels the most ‘full’ of the three songs.

Four stars.

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