Unearthed Review: The Blaqk Year (aka Beyond December). Four and a half stars.

johnboy 7 July 2011 1

Beyond December screenshot

Unearthed Review continues its inexorable progress through the Canberra musicians on the TripleJ Unearthed website.

Moving on through the “drummed” artists we come to The Blacqk Year.

They have this to say about themselves:

First of all, we ARE NOT a band that has just popped up and become popular out of nowhere, we’ve been going at it for years. We are a band that consist of 4 members, that are 15 years of age, and come from Canberra, Australia. Our passion for music, is indescribable, and has been since we were little. We have been working as a band since we were seven years old. We have a goal, to not just be another typical ‘come and go’ band that so often come about these days, no, we want to to make musical revolution, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. So, give us a chance, listen to a couple of our tracks, search around the internet a bit, get to know our story. We have alot videos on youtube.

Ummm, what the hell’s going on here?

The guys have the slickest myspace page in the known universe (complete with Bieberesque hair and Twilightish brooding). Apparently they have 31,000 Myspace friends (or everyone in the world still using Myspace) and over 5 million plays for their songs.

(Oh, and a name change to “Beyond December” has recently taken place)

But leaving all that aside the music is actually really very good.

They combine hard rock, punk and electronica effectively and had us pogoing around The Eagle’s Nest.

At times they really remind me of Rise Against, but I really like Rise Against so that’s no bad thing.

The recording, production, and musicianship is all excellent.

The only real questions are how did this come from here and where are they going to end up?

I really flirted with giving them the full five stars, but in the end there are just a few rough edges that only time can take off.

Four and a half stars.

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One Response to Unearthed Review: The Blaqk Year (aka Beyond December). Four and a half stars.
Grrrr Grrrr 6:24 pm 07 Jul 11

Wow, pretty good for a 15YOs. I guess the autotune-turned-up-to-11 is a normal these days, but I don’t care for it..

Not hearing Rise Against in there but you like rock / electronica fusion – Pendulum + Kosheen are OK by you? Check out The Qemists – there’s some gold on both their albums. (Inc an appearance from one of The Blaqk Year’s favourite bands – Enter Shikari.)

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