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Unidentified Flying Object over Kaleen?

By neurotic_gal - 16 April 2008 34

Did anyone see a bright white flying object over Kaleen/Barton Highway area around 9:35 tonight? It was quite high in the air – at first it appeared to be a firework of some sort…but it was too high (would have been perhaps 200-300 feet in the air) and the white light shone for several seconds longer then a normal firework would.  It’s trajectory followed a wide arc.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything or anyone else saw it?

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Unidentified Flying Object over Kaleen?
Mr Evil 12:37 pm 16 Apr 08

But it did make a long drawn out noise tha sounded a bit like “soooooooooorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy” as it flew overhead!

Liberal Stooge! 😉

deye 12:36 pm 16 Apr 08

If it hung around for a while it could have been a parachute flare.

Thumper 12:26 pm 16 Apr 08

Nah, there was no report of it spinning…

Mr Evil 12:24 pm 16 Apr 08

Kevin Rudd’s over-inflated ego re-entering Australia after his overseas “Salute to the President of the Free World” tour?

neanderthalsis 12:10 pm 16 Apr 08

perhaps some fool was playing with a flare gun.

Ozhair 11:35 am 16 Apr 08

With a green tail, it’s highly likely it was a meteorite. I saw one a few years back, just happened to be looking out the window at the right time. It looked like a green flare going off a couple of K’s away, but it turned out to have been about 250 K’s away.

They don’t happen that brightly very often, so very cool if you managed to catch it 🙂

blueberry 10:49 am 16 Apr 08

Yeah i’m pretty sure it was not a firecracker but it looked kind of like one.
The front of it was birght white and there was a green tail that look kind of sparkly.

Ladette 10:46 am 16 Apr 08

This was seen down in Woden too. It appeared to be too high in the sky for a firecracker…

blueberry 10:41 am 16 Apr 08

I’m glad sombody else saw this as well.
We were sitting in our living room in melba when we saw a bright flash out side. i was looking at the window at the time and i saw the firecracker looking thing. It was quite amazing, the flash was bright enough that people who had their backs facing the window still noticed it.

Hurm… i really want to know what it was.

Thumper 10:26 am 16 Apr 08

Hehehehe, it really is gold, isn’t it?

justbands 10:17 am 16 Apr 08

> will serve as a national command post during civil unrest in Australia caused by Y2K


Thumper 10:04 am 16 Apr 08

Here’s the proof. It has to be true because I read it on the net…

A rumored secret underground base at Belconnen, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) near Canberra, has joined Area 51 in the USA and the underground base at Corsham, Wiltshire, UK on the ufologists’ roster of UFO-related sites.
The base is known as “the Sheep Paddock” and is said to be located beneath an actual pasture in the Great Dividing Range near Canberra. Within the field are several antennae arrays and a small cinderblock security building that houses the elevator to the underground command post.

“There are at least three stories underground,” one source said. “On the third level, staff members man computer terminals.”

Some Belconnen watchers believe that the supposed base will serve as a national command post during civil unrest in Australia caused by Y2K. Others maintain that the base is merely an out-station of the Royal Australian Navy communications center at Lawton.

So it must have been a UFO. No doubt 😉

Sammy 9:54 am 16 Apr 08

It’s school holidays, and fireworks are available in Fyshwick.

Thumper 9:45 am 16 Apr 08

I told you that Lawson was a secret US/ CIA/ UFO base…

No-one believed me….

Absent Diane 9:32 am 16 Apr 08

finally they are coming to take me away. If anyone wants to join me, it is as easy as depositing $1000 into my bank account ( far cheaper than most other cults!!).

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