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Unreserved Apology

By Ingeegoodbee 24 June 2008 50

Last Sunday evening on the Police Convention in Civic thread I posted material directed at VG that was incorrect and derogatory and designed to cause offence. I will not repeat the statement here as I feel it would make little further contribution. What I did was a considerable error of judgement on my part and an action that I am ashamed of and embarrassed about.

I would like to unreservedly apologise to VG for the offence that my post caused. I would also like to apologise to any other members of the Riot-ACT community that may have found my post offensive and to Riot-ACT admin, Jazz who had to respond to the mess created by my actions.

The debate here on Riot-ACT is often robust and reflects the broad range of views and debating styles of the sites community.  Robust debate – accompanied by equally robust language – however is different from being deliberately offensive. Last Sunday I crossed that line. I was wrong to do so.

What’s Your opinion?

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Unreserved Apology
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Jazz 6:35 pm 24 Jun 08


As one of the mods of the forum i’ve been a little concerned by the general degradation of behaviour and civility which is why we put the terms and conditions of use in place. They’re there as a guide.

Prior to that it was a little more free for all however we don’t want to get to the point where we moderate every comment on here as that’s definitely contrary to the intent of what we’re trying to create.

In this case Ingee clearly overstepped the line and has been put on notice as would anyone else who’d made a similar comment without factual evidence or just cause.


Pandy 6:17 pm 24 Jun 08

Who is VG?

cranky 6:13 pm 24 Jun 08

and that would be ‘amusing’

cranky 6:01 pm 24 Jun 08

The comment was totally OTT. My immediate thought was that it was brown liquid generated.

Yes, an apology was appropriate.

I’m not sure where or why the site has seemingly degenerated into acrimonius slanging matches – for a group of people who are unlikely to have met, the venom on occasions is palpable. Sadly, maturity is not a word which springs to mind.

Perhaps a quick mental check before posting – ‘am I adding to the collective wisdom?’, would keep the site on track, informative, ammusing and with never a dull moment.

Overheard 5:28 pm 24 Jun 08

There is indeed a breakfast this Saturday:

Unfortunately some of us are interstate then and have submitted our apologies. I will be beside the seaside.

ghughes 5:24 pm 24 Jun 08


Did you ever work for Belinda Neal? and did she help you with the apology?

astrojax 5:23 pm 24 Jun 08

“Maybe if everyone stopped occasionally and thought…”

well, aurelius, there’s ya mistake… ; )

as for a site meet, i believe there is a call to breakfast in civic at a venue to be disclosed by e-mailing qwerty – it is this sat’dy morn… more civil, mebbe, than a pub. no beer, but.

Holden Caulfield 5:18 pm 24 Jun 08

I missed all the fun. 🙁

peterh 5:12 pm 24 Jun 08

Doctor Evil said :

Danman said :

George Harcourt Friday 04 July ~1800 ?

But that’s Northside!

I’m sorry, couldn’t help it………

yeah, bugger of a stagger back to southside, isn’t it??

boomacat 5:04 pm 24 Jun 08

Thanks Overheard, I’m so glad to see somebody has FINALLY consolidated these complimentary services into a one-stop-shop type affair, of course it would be Hume, where else could you get all this provided AND a fully functioning modern prison?

God love Hume is all I have to say…

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