Unusually High Number of Complaints Against Police

luca 1 February 2007 34

“Number of complaints against police per 100,000 of population:
NSW (48), Vic (18), Qld (39), WA (41), SA (79), Tas (18), NT (131)

ACT (128)”.

The Australian Productivity Commission 2005-06.

I guess its what you’d expect from a community dominated by a lawyer-driven rights-mad Government that believes the law is not there to be obeyed but … contested!

[ED – Yes, obviously the fault lies with the public? The ABC had a piece on this yesterday]

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34 Responses to Unusually High Number of Complaints Against Police
Anomoly Anomoly 5:25 pm 06 Feb 07

With “only a cigarette butt and a discarded piece of scott tape”…….it must have been Magiver!!!

Maelinar Maelinar 7:43 am 05 Feb 07

No vg, CSI.

I need to call them and check if they have some cool Who tunes for their call waiting music.

And of course if I need them to find a murderer using only a cigarette butt and a discarded piece of scott tape.

vg vg 10:16 pm 04 Feb 07

If it is classified as a ‘complaint’ then it can’t be arbitrarily dismissed. Complaints range from the serious to what Smack describes above (and ones like that do happen quite regularly in this town).

No one can dismiss a complaint because they think it doesnt warrant any actions…..despite the stupidity of the occasional one.

Personal not professional opinion (sorry again, but you never know who is reading this)

simbo simbo 8:16 pm 04 Feb 07

Yep, pretty low level of quality contol going on at the complaints desk. Surely complaints that can be summarily dismissed after the most cursory of investigations shouldn’t really be included in the stats?

smack smack 8:11 pm 04 Feb 07

Some other complaints about Police in Canberra inclued:

“The Police officer called me Sir” (apparently he didnt like being called sir)

“The Police officer called me mate, he should have called me sir”

“The Police officer didnt take off his sunglasses when speaking to me” (even though it was the middle of the day, outside in the sun, on the side of the road.)

These types of complaints are all included in the stats.

vg vg 10:34 am 04 Feb 07

“before you pipe up vg I know it is not something that is unique to the police force”

But having a specific act that deals with complaints is

vg vg 10:33 am 04 Feb 07


Maelinar Maelinar 10:01 am 04 Feb 07

btw, what’s CSI’s number so I can put it on hotdial on my mobile.

vg vg 8:05 am 04 Feb 07

“So, let me get this straight, VG, is there no quality control on the old complaints registration? So if I were to be a looney and start calling the police complaints hotline to raise issues with the conduct on “The Bill” or “CSI” or whatever, it’d be included on the stats?”

No, but if you can point the behaviour to a particular AFP member then yes, it would be treated as a complaint. I once had someone complain than I did a u-turn at a set of lights in a Police car whilst at work. It was investigated. Funny thing is, at the time, chucking a u-turn at a set of lights was legal but, rather than tell the person that, they thought they’d investigate

HA HA 4:57 pm 03 Feb 07

Three things…
1. Cops are needed no matter what. Imagine a city without ’em.
2. Perception of crime, and actual crime are two different things. It’s not mjust what you see — it’s what the cops do that counts.
3. ACT cops as an executive have lost the ability to communicate their message(s). Theirt media team is non-existent and the laffing stock of the capital. The lack of support from their boss is indefenceable.

luca luca 5:48 pm 02 Feb 07

By the time Police smashed down the door of the US embassy woman’s apartment in Kingston she had been well and truly raped by Mr Christopher Henderson:


Police, more Police can’t be on the spot to protect you, seepi.

All that will protect you, assuming you’re an average Joe like the rest of us, is the removal of bad people from the community.

I don’t think the residents of the ACT realise how vulnerable they are to human predators because of the progressive attitudes held by the
administrators of the ACT Criminal Justice System.

I have heard horror stories of what happens when Neanderthal forgets to take his medication!

And then the boffins say: “Oh well, you win some,
you lose some, back to the drawing board” as they implement another phase of their experimental rehabilitative program.

Put simply, the ACT Criminal Justice System devalues our lives. It puts the interests of ratbags ahead of ours. And the blame for this
situation can be fairly and squarely focused on the Canberra Times.

There is an unfortunate confluence of ideologies between the ACT Government, the ACT Supreme Court and the Canberra Times.

Could you see the Daily Telegraph or the Herald Sun standing by as people were used as guinea pigs in a vast State-operated laboratory as
is happening in the ACT?

No, neither could I!

Danman Danman 5:03 pm 02 Feb 07

like the fashion sense of a plain clothes officer!

I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and linen shorts with some slip on loafers the other day.

My friend noted that I looked like an undercover cop from the cast of point break.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 4:36 pm 02 Feb 07

From the ABC piece:

“The report on government services says about two-thirds of Canberrans were satisfied or very satisfied with their police services, well down on the national average…” and they’re worried about this?

I can just imagine the question: Sir, when thinking about your level of satisfaction with the ACT police service would you say that you were a) extremely over-the-moon satisfied b) extremely satisfied, c)very satisfied or d) satisfied…

sheer sheer 10:57 am 02 Feb 07

miz that would have been an interview obo the Australasian Centre for Policing Research? I used to run this survey and can tell you the reason you didnt get asked the more pertinant questions like WHY you felt very safe/unsafe in your local area, or how you felt about staffing levels is because thats not what the poll is for. It’s designed to track very general and subjective community opinions and how they change over time – eg. “has satisfaction with the Victorian PF dropped since the recent corruption allegations?”

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 9:29 am 02 Feb 07

People make complaints about the police because the can.

That said, I’ve heard some police officers say some pretty silly things over the years.

FC FC 9:27 am 02 Feb 07

There might be a few complaints that are a joke, but shit service is shit service.
In my experience you get treated very differently from uniform police depending on what class you are from – I know that from experience.
and they defintely change their tune when they find out my Dad is their bosses, bosses boss.
Its bullshit and before you pipe up vg I know it is not something that is unique to the police force – even I would plobably treat someone better if I knew my boss was their parent, but the fact remains that there have still been many instances in which I would have had valid course to complain about the cops.
Just to set things straight though – I couldn’t be bothered complaining and never have complained – If I ever have to deal with the police (through work) I just speak with a posh accent and I get treated better.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:21 am 02 Feb 07

Maybe DJs family have been whinging?

simto simto 9:19 am 02 Feb 07

So, let me get this straight, VG, is there no quality control on the old complaints registration? So if I were to be a looney and start calling the police complaints hotline to raise issues with the conduct on “The Bill” or “CSI” or whatever, it’d be included on the stats?

seepi seepi 9:18 am 02 Feb 07

The problem is there are not enough police.

Thus people reporting minor crimes get ignored or fobbed off. This builds feelinhgs of resentment, and also leads to people feeling unsafe – you start to wonder if there will be any police around if something really bad happens.

More police would fix the problem.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:59 am 02 Feb 07

Change it then to skew your stats like the other states.

It’s not a brainteaser…

Perhaps the moral of the story is that the ACT was a little slow off the boat when responding to a question about complaints and didn’t realise the implications.

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