Valentines Day rip off?

Auntyem 15 February 2009 64

My son took his girlfriend out for Valentines Day dinner at Sage in Braddon.

When he booked the table he wasn’t told there was a $100 (per person) set menu for the night. Add to that three glasses of wine ($10 per glass) and one glass of water ($9 per glass) and the bill came to $239.

He texted me half way through the meal and asked that I keep some dinner warm because the set menu was extremely scant.

He didn’t complain because he didn’t want to ruin the night for his girlfriend – so he paid, came home and they both had more dinner here (even though she normally eats like a bird).

I don’t mind paying top dollar for a good night out – but hey, what a rip off.

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64 Responses to Valentines Day rip off?
qwerky qwerky 10:46 pm 17 Feb 09

I made a decision several years ago to avoid the overcharging of restaurants on Valentines Day and go out to dinner the day before or day after. I can’t stand the nauseatingly neat rows of tables set for two, and restaurants ready to rip people off for huge numbers of courses at big prices. Why would you be more hungry that night than any other? It’s worth shopping around though and perhaps go to somewhere out in the ‘burbs. Wouldn’t it be sad if one’s birthday fell on Valentines Day; it’d make it very awkward to have a birthday dinner out with friends, surrounded by gooey couples who are forced to buy into the ‘I have to love you extra much on this day’ message.

I do hope your son’s girlfriend paid her share though.

RatsNest RatsNest 1:53 pm 16 Feb 09

transaustralia said :

Perhaps even better, make your sentiments known when you are served the meal.

But not if until you have received EVERYTHING that you have ordered. I would not recommend eating anything that comes out after you have complained… think Coogee bay hotel.

peterh peterh 1:50 pm 16 Feb 09

speaking to gary at indian affair – who doesn’t charge for water regardless….

he went the extra mile for a client in deep tuggeranong, apparently they ordered a mild serving, takeaway, but received a medium instead. he sent one of his staff to personally deliver their correct meal, by way of an apology.

We had indian food for our valentines night meal. It was as good as expected.

peterh peterh 1:38 pm 16 Feb 09

Danman said :

I got home from hospital and drank my dinner.

pureed the dinner, or something far worse?

Granny Granny 9:34 am 16 Feb 09

I can’t imagine how anyone can actually find Valentine’s Day romantic. I’m all for a bit of passion and excitement, but Valentine’s Day has to be the plastic cheese of romance.

Gumby Gumby 9:32 am 16 Feb 09

I got take-away from the fortune cookie at Melba shops. $32 of delightful food. Valentine’s day is another consumeristic scam.

seekay seekay 9:29 am 16 Feb 09

He should clearly stick to all you can eat buffets. So should you.

Danman Danman 9:04 am 16 Feb 09

I got home from hospital and drank my dinner.

goose goose 7:08 am 16 Feb 09

Four of us went to the Plaka in Mawson. We all had garlic & herb bread, entree’s, mains + 2 bottles of wine + a couple of gin & tonics and the total a mere $258 :):):):):)

el el 12:04 am 16 Feb 09

Went to Edgar’s in Ainslie for tea. The place was nearly empty. Had a good meal for 2 which came in under $50.

I won’t be bothering to check out Sage.

Granny Granny 11:41 pm 15 Feb 09

Yeah, well I reckon any establishment that think it’s a good idea to charge nine bucks for a glass of water should be known locally as “Shylock” regardless of what they print on their shingle.

jas0nt jas0nt 11:20 pm 15 Feb 09

It is my understanding that:

Places that serve alcohol have to give water for free.
Places that do not serve alcohol CAN give water for free but they are not legally obliged to.

imarty imarty 10:44 pm 15 Feb 09

I’m pretty sure that water must be made available free of charge and easily accessible where alcohol is served. May be this was a case of “would you like water with your meal” and the customer accepted but didn’t specify tap water.
With all respect to Auntyem and her son, it seems like a bit of naivety on their behalf but also poor form on the restaurant’s part for not being upfront.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:36 pm 15 Feb 09

we were going to go to Sage. But not now.

Snap. People power!

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:04 pm 15 Feb 09

youami said :

The water is poor form. Licensed restaurants I do believe by law must supply tap water for free.

I asked for some water at Mcdonalds Erindale a few months back and was refused. I was told that I’d had to buy a coke, but they could instead fill it with tap water instead.

It wasn’t the principle… When I ordered some dinner, I was simply thirsty and I wanted water, and they had no bottles of water available. I would have happily bought a bottle of water. But to no avail. Next step was for some tap water, but in order to get that, I’d need to pay for a soft drink and they could fill it with tap water.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 9:14 pm 15 Feb 09

We had Dominos pizza, haha. It cost us $23 and was just what we expected.

shiny flu shiny flu 9:13 pm 15 Feb 09

If the restaurant is serving alcohol and your son and prospective daughter in law was also drinking water, they must under the Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation; provide free tap water.

So he could go back, threatening to bring Liquor Licensing down on them and get $9 back.

But yes… big big rip off.

1) Valentine’s Day is a joke, not worth buying cards/meals/flowers unless you’re a sucker.
2) Sage is a herb, that somehow sticks around in Braddon despite being rotten.

bd84 bd84 8:29 pm 15 Feb 09

Another reason for not doing anything for the stupid day.. do it a week later when everything is normally priced.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 8:25 pm 15 Feb 09

I have 11 business associates in town for a gathering next week, and we were going to go to Sage. But not now.

transaustralia transaustralia 8:06 pm 15 Feb 09

Refuse to pay, explain politely that you are not satisfied with the meal. Perhaps even better, make your sentiments known when you are served the meal. If they make a scene about it with the law, then you can take it up with consumer affairs. I would do the same.

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