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Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Organic cafe, where are they?

By PaisleyGypsy 3 June 2010 28


I am a gluten free vegetarian and am looking for a nice wholesome cafe where I can go for brunch with my daughter and a friend on the weekend and not have to settle for a salad. I have tried the place in the city. When it first opened it was good, the last time I went there however it was quite bad and I had to return some food. I guess you could say I am rather fussy when it comes to eating out at restaurants. I expect that the food should be better than what I can make myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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28 Responses to
Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Organic cafe, where are they?
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emilybob123 11:49 am 16 Jun 10

Not sure how organic they are, but there is a great little cupcake place in the city called Jazz Apple. As far as I know, they are completely allergen free (with the exception of the little garnishes they use on the cupcakes) and vegan to boot. Best cupcakes in the world! They are on ainslie ave near the fountain at the mall.

PaisleyGypsy 2:51 pm 10 Jun 10

troll-sniffer said :

Hi Paisleygypsy

Instead of trying to find the perfect nibble for your grandstanding ‘look at moi’ tastes, why don’t you employ the age old science of VGF Reiki to make your food palatable. With the advanced symbioses avaialble to the graduates, you will be able to draw out all the gluten and any taint from those disgusting meat products that we are forced to share our pure world with. Once drawn out to the side of the plate, the undesirable elements of your food can simply be wiped off with an organic cloth and washed down the sink with purest meadow-harvested rainwater from out affiliates, the Gluten-Free Water Company.

The next course in how to return your standard cafe food to vegan gluten free delight starts at our workshops at Majors Creek on the night of the next full moon. Registration is avaialble at only $2150 to the pure earth-mother convert, if you have sat in a moving car, switched on a light connected to the great greenhouse gas producing coal fired electricity grid or flushed your gluten free waste products down the community-funded sewerage system in the last year, then you don’t qualify.

Hehehe troll sniffer, well thought out. Unfortunately I can’t make it. I will be busy hugging trees and dancing naked around a cauldron next full moon.

PaisleyGypsy 2:45 pm 10 Jun 10

Wow, thanks guys. I now have a few new places to check out.

I have tried the Vegetarian Vietnamese places in Dickson, my favourite being Au-Lac, they even have cheap $7 lunch specials. Luckily some of the fake meat is made from either tofu, soy protein and mushrooms. Some of it however is also made from gluten.

I have seen My Rainbow at Dickson but haven’t yet had the chance to try anything from there yet. I just hope some raging militant vegetarian doesn’t come out yelling and screaming and giving vegetarians a bad name.

I think I will next venture over to the southside and check out the Ridge and Ethopia down under.

johnny_the_knife 5:30 pm 03 Jun 10

Give Deek’s bakery a go at Pierce and Deakin shops.

Pork Hunt 5:19 pm 03 Jun 10

Unfortunately, troll-sniffer, I have prior plans for the weekend of the full moon but please let us know how attendees you get….

neanderthalsis 4:54 pm 03 Jun 10

I do love a good vegetarian meal, I find that a high tofu diet does wonders for making the skin crackle nicely when roasted…

hellspice 4:05 pm 03 Jun 10

Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Organic cafe, where are they?
Dead probably 😉

astrojax 3:23 pm 03 Jun 10

Since no-one appears to have given any answers yet, here we go…

well, to be fair, the first half dozen or so replies had some suggestions…

and of course, to add to them (again), choku baijo is a great source of organic veges, in nth lyneham shops – not that this is a cafe, but if you’re after produce… (per dvaey’s mention of the excellent ‘wilsons’)

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