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Venue for a fancy dinner

pamplemous 10 June 2008 47

I’m looking for a recommendation for a good venue for an anniversary. Preferably in the Civic/inner north/inner south area. We went to Courgette last year for a degustation, and it’s set the bar pretty high! We loved the food, wine and ambiance of the place. I was thinking Artespresso in Kingston, which has a degustation menu, but don’t know anyone who’s been there. I also know of Aubergine in Griffith, but am not sure it’s got the same ambiance as it’s sister-restaurant.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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47 Responses to Venue for a fancy dinner
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ant ant 10:37 am 11 Jun 08

This is funny. A couple of posters carping on about how inappropriate these topics are and how no one wants to read them, and a whole lot of other people replying to the OP with suggestions and comments.

realityskin realityskin 10:34 am 11 Jun 08

Fine Dining at the Ginger Room in Old Parliament House. Deep inside the hallowed halls of Canberra’s Old Parliament House, what once was the private Members’ dining room has been transformed into a fine dining experience.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:16 am 11 Jun 08

Grazing’s thread here is kind of entertaining for the blowback on the original poster, but this whole “where is the best” meme thats been going on since January has really grown stale.

Completely off this topic, but what kind of stories do people here want to see or are willing to contribute?

PS: Getting police to talk about anything local probably won’t happen.

Danman Danman 10:01 am 11 Jun 08

err Grazing….

justbands justbands 9:54 am 11 Jun 08

Rubicon, love that place.

ant ant 9:47 am 11 Jun 08

Ah yes, I keep forgetting the Charcoal. Used to see the stuff delivered to their back door every day (we shared the back ally with them) and the fruit and veggies were of a quality to be entered in the Show. Meat came in a box from King Island (very small box, they got them daily).

fnaah fnaah 9:13 am 11 Jun 08

I second Sage at Gorman House. Superb food. Pricey though.

If you’re into steak though, give the Charcoal Grill a run. Also expensive, but they serve the best steak in Canberra.

astrojax astrojax 9:12 am 11 Jun 08

i’ll second axis (though sitting outside for the view is half the thrill and it’s winter now…), rubicon or chairman and yip – the latter can offer a private room.

all will do you a degustation if you ask, though you could prob’ly stick a pin in any of the menus at random and be delighted with the cuisine. all have great, calm, efficient staff.

happy no. whatever! 😉

LG LG 8:58 am 11 Jun 08

Axis at the National Museum

Hamilton Hamilton 8:36 am 11 Jun 08

I would have to say the Ottoman in Barton or Chairman & Yip in the city.

Ruth Ruth 8:34 am 11 Jun 08

Rubicon in Griffith has lovely food!

mirage3 mirage3 8:08 am 11 Jun 08

Flint in the new Acton precinct is pretty good. Got a nice write up in the CT wine & Food today.

Nosey Nosey 6:38 am 11 Jun 08

The Hermitage on London Circuit in the city.

Great food, great wine, great staff, great everything.

Try the pumpkin and crab ravioli. (DRIBBLE DRIBBLE)

A little pricey but for an anniversary, well worth the overtime.

peter@home peter@home 12:09 am 11 Jun 08

Mælinar said : for that special ‘getting lucky’ kind of anniversary night.

Any thoughts or recommendations? – the box with a big black button labelled search at the top right corner.

The current spate of best of’s is really starting to reek.

what, like a prawn in the sun??

try looking at some of the restaurants in civic – La Scala’s is pretty good for anniversary dinners, my wife and I go there every couple of years ( I usually forget the in-between years) and we always have a good food / service experience.

crabb crabb 11:22 pm 10 Jun 08

You should consider Ottoman – maybe a private room?

ant ant 11:16 pm 10 Jun 08

Not sure if the WatersEdge menu is fancy enough, but the place itself, the view, and the service, is brilliant.

needlenose needlenose 10:48 pm 10 Jun 08

Been to Artespresso twice; decent food, abysmal service.

I think both Aubergine and Sabayon have much better service and ambience than Courgette, which is easily my least favourite of the three. However Sabayon only offers degustation menus on special occasions (it’s also much more reasonably priced than its two siblings).

Had a wonderful degustation last year at Ellement at Griffith. So that or Aubergine would be my suggestion.

Or Rubicon. Does Rubicon do degustation? Not sure, but the dinner I had there a few months ago was seriously one of the best I’ve ever eaten.

Mælinar Mælinar 10:44 pm 10 Jun 08 for that special ‘getting lucky’ kind of anniversary night.

Any thoughts or recommendations? – the box with a big black button labelled search at the top right corner.

The current spate of best of’s is really starting to reek.

Whatsup Whatsup 10:43 pm 10 Jun 08

We went to the Axis restaurant at the National Museum of Australia a few weeks ago for our anniversary. The service and food was just brilliant, could not have asked for more. Had a great view over the lake. Some great choices on the wine list also.

jessieduck jessieduck 10:32 pm 10 Jun 08

I’ve been looking at the degustation at Sage (Gorman House) which looks lovely…

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