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Vic Adams falls on his sword after Lundygate

By johnboy - 13 March 2009 43

The ABC reports that local Labor Senator Kate Lundy has had to accept the resignation of her media adviser Vic Adams after he was found to be writing letters to the editor without disclosing his affiliation.

This follows our Liberal Senator, Gary Humphries, raising the issue.

Expect a vengeful Lundy faction to dig up a Liberal staffer engaging in the same behaviour as payback real soon now.

UPDATE: Senator Humphries’ office has made this statement to RiotACT:

    Senator Humphries did not in fact raise the issue; but responded to a Journalist’s queries yesterday afternoon.

    I understand that the Canberra Times journalist stumbled on the letter which was published in the Canberra Times last week and made the connection.

    Senator Humphries, nor his staff had anything to do with the information being published or in passing the information to anybody; despite Senator Lundy’s claims on ABC Radio this morning.

One suspects those assurances will not still the wrath of Kate. Letter writing Liberals will be holding their breath waiting to see which of them cops the payback.

(On the other hand, given the state of Kate’s website, maybe her vengeance isn’t to be feared so much.)

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43 Responses to
Vic Adams falls on his sword after Lundygate
ricci 3:44 pm 13 Mar 09

Keelty is “top cop” or at least at present.

jakez 3:30 pm 13 Mar 09

George said :

It was Mike Kelly Jake.

Oh yeah. Who the hell is Mick Keelty then? Did I make that up?

frontrow said :

What’s an ideal world, Jakez? Is it just a world where I get to be king and all the oiks have to do what I say?

That’s not my ideal world frontrow.

frontrow 3:13 pm 13 Mar 09

What’s an ideal world, Jakez? Is it just a world where I get to be king and all the oiks have to do what I say?

George 3:05 pm 13 Mar 09

It was Mike Kelly Jake.

caf 2:54 pm 13 Mar 09

In my opinion, a Party ceases to be anything other than a mere political brand if they don’t usually vote together. Under the current system I can investigate the detailed political platforms of the major parties and know that if I vote for a candidate from that party, they can be expected to vote for that platform. Under the alternative I know nothing other than the candidates vague leanings (as shown by the political branding they have chosen) and whatever minimal platform they have decided to disclose.

Furry Jesus 2:54 pm 13 Mar 09

Being a boss (despite the derision with which my staff greet this suggestion whenever I remind them) I’d like to think that staff have a duty of care re their employer’s reputation, an obligation to follow lawful directions etc. As Vic was a media adviser, he could hardly have been ignorant of the implications of what he was doing.

It’s not the letter-writing that matters anyway, it’s the undermining of the boss. Ask Malcolm Turnbull.

jakez 2:40 pm 13 Mar 09

Well let’s ignore the reality for a second and see what people think should be the case. In our current political climate, staffers basically can’t have opinions of their own (another recent example was Gary Nairn’s Chief of Staff at a public meeting with Mick Keelty).

In an ideal world, should staffers be able to be their own person? Should their opinions reflect on their boss or should they be able to separate their job and their private personas? Does it matter that Vic Adams’ letters were so aggressive?

What about politicians? Do you consider a split vote in a Parliamentary Party or a non binding caucus a sign of disunity? If it were on policy issues and not personality issues, would a Party that allows for split voting appeal to you? Would it completely turn you off?

AngryHenry 2:32 pm 13 Mar 09

Free speech for the dumb!

ricci 2:31 pm 13 Mar 09

I don’t work for anyone justbands. If letters to editors are reasonably polite and constructive then I don’t care who the writer is. But if you are pushing a political line as hard as Adams does then he should disclose his affiliation as far as I am concerned. Stanhope’s adviser, Jeremy Lasek used to do the same thing as Adams.

jakez 2:30 pm 13 Mar 09

I wasn’t able to write letters to the editor when I was a staffer to Humphries. It’s pretty standard I would have thought and I’m shocked Vic Adams would do it, especially as he was her Media Adviser.

Considering the acerbic nature of his letters, it’s all the stranger.

It’s a cycle though. Staffers can’t write letters because they can’t separate themselves from their boss, only because that has become the standard. It only exists because it exists.

It’s like our ridiculously strict party system. You can’t cross the floor because it is seen as dissent and disunity. It is seen as dissent and disunity because it never happens anymore. In the US, it’s par for the course.

AngryHenry 2:20 pm 13 Mar 09

What kind of a Media Advisor does something like this in the first place? Nuts!

Clown Killer 2:17 pm 13 Mar 09

This is lame. If the author of a letter is presenting their own views and arguments and not claiming to represent the position of another individual or organisation then there is absolutely no need what-so-ever to declare any affiliation – if anything there is an obligation to distance themselves.

The real losers here are the electorate, because once again we get our noses rubbed in what our representatives really spend our money on – bitchy little tit-for-tat games. Humphries is diminished by getting involved and Lundy’s effort of 666 this morning simply once again confirms her oxygen-bandit status.

justbands 2:08 pm 13 Mar 09

& you work for who then ricci? 😉

Nah…fair enough he gets the boot. I’m sure a lib staffer in fairly recent history got the a**e for the very same.

ricci 2:04 pm 13 Mar 09

Adams writes letters to all the newspapers without disclosing his affiliation with the ALP and Lundy should have stopped it long ago. His letters are always aggressive, contain personal attacks on those he writes about, are never constructive and are often abusive (might be good subscriber to RiotAct).

I’m glad he has been “outed” and it is another case of “what comes around goes around” and I can think of no one more worthy of getting bitten on the bum or hoist by his own petard.

colourful sydney rac 1:54 pm 13 Mar 09

*sheesh* he used his own name? That shows such a serious lack of judgement it would be reason enough to sack him – Amateur.

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