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Vice City Rollers smashed by Sun State.

johnboy 8 August 2011 8

As the video shows the Vice City Rollers had a very impressive intro dance routine for their Roller Derby clash with the Sun State Roller Girls’ Fancy Pants.

But the match report is putting a brave face on a whopping 181-48 defeat in front of a big crowd at the AIS Arena.


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8 Responses to Vice City Rollers smashed by Sun State.
Fashion Queen 9:14 am 11 Aug 11

Sounds like there are more people there than at a Canberra Capitals game!

Tom Green 8:44 am 10 Aug 11

I agree with OverLord. It was a good game, a lot of fun, great half time act and from up the end, the intro routine looked great.

Somebody's gotta win, and somebody's gotta loose, and although the score in bare isolation looks a little crippling on our end, from what I could see the game dynamics can easily result in vast point disparity.

Moreover, the maturity and resolve the Vice City Rollers showed in light of the growing lead by the Sun State was exemplary and highlighted their good-natured sportsmanship, or, I suppose in this instance, sportswomanship.

I can't wait for the next match.

If nothing else, it was a helluva spectacle, and slightly cheaper than a movie ticket.

Eppo 2:56 pm 09 Aug 11

Some quite nasty commentary in here, but perhaps not all that surprising.

I've been to a few home bouts now & saturday night was my first interstate match up. Despite the scoreline, we had a huge amount of fun & it looked like the VCRs were still enjoying themselves too. The intro was fantastic and really got the crowd going. Made a nice change from the sulky faced, overpaid Brumbies and Raiders. At a fraction of the price too.

All the naysayers should perhaps get down to Souther Cross Stadium and see what all the fuss is about.

Phend 2:17 pm 09 Aug 11

[quote comment="343456"]And based on the scoreline their skating in general play is even worse than in the intro.[/quote]

That's a bit unfair. Sun State are one of the best teams in Australia, and it was always going to be a tough ask.

The Vice City Rollers should be given some credit for *choosing* to take on the toughest competition in Australia. The two home bouts at the AIS this year have probably been against the number 1 & 2 ranked teams in the country, after playing VRDL earlier in the year.

Perhaps some here would prefer they take on less developed competition in front of the home crowd, hoping for an easy win? Personally, I'm glad they are taking on the best.

By the way, here are their last five results:

- beat the Northern Brisbane Rollers’ Brawl Stars 176-75

- beat Sydney Assassins 99-87

- beat the Western Sydney Rollers 309-11 (not a typo)

- beat Newcastle 156-66

- beat Wollongong 266-107

All away games, all good wins. I look forward to the VCR's next home game, whenever that will be.

Scores found on these pages:

Beserk Keyboard Warrior 10:14 am 09 Aug 11

[quote comment="343429"]That parade belongs in the special ed class...[/quote]

And based on the scoreline their skating in general play is even worse than in the intro.

Classified 8:26 am 09 Aug 11

That parade belongs in the special ed class...

Itchy 9:54 pm 08 Aug 11

The game was already won during the pre-game warm-up. Sun State girls, highly disciplined, drilled, determined, skating as a team... VCRs, ambling, just having a skate and a wave, over confident, skating as individuals...

As for the match report,... that sort of delusion and excuse-making will only help to continue the lack lustre performance.

Great bout Sun State !! You deserved to score 200 !! A true roller derby team !! Might need to move to QLD after this

OverLord 1:21 pm 08 Aug 11

It was a bit of a drubbing, good defense from sun state. As my first Roller Derby viewing experience, it was pretty fun. Go Short Stop!

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