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Vicki dunne gets up the Comrade for the rent of whaling.

By Thumper 9 November 2005 8

Vicki Dunne it appears is accusing our beloved leader of double standards in not lobbying the Japanese over whaling because of our lovey dovey hippie hippie joy joy sister city act.

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get sick and tired of Stanhope’s many forays into foreign affairs.

However, this time we see that he will not lobby the Japanese about whaling and that he wants the federal government to do so. Now I feel this is actually the appropriate way to do such things yet given Stanhope’s penchant for following his own rules, one would have to think that Vicki Dunne has a valid point.

This statement particularly took my fancy. A spokeswoman for Mr Stanhope said, “Telling Nara not to engage in whaling is equivalent to people in Nara telling Canberra it isn’t looking after the Great Barrier Reef properly.

“It is an issue that as a small municipality they had nothing to do with.”

Ah, Pot, this is Kettle over…..

CT article here

[ED – Er, he’s doing the right thing so what’s the problem? (and Vicki’s got a woefull record of launching herself on extra-jurisdictional frolics for that matter)]

What’s Your opinion?

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Vicki dunne gets up the Comrade for the rent of whaling.
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Maelinar 8:12 am 10 Nov 05

JB fair point, but it belies the fact that nobody on this site can believe that the inland capital of Australia has any ‘stance’ at all regarding whales, pro or against.

I’m going to propose a new acronym, WOFT (Waste Of Fucking Time)

Canberra’s stance on whaling is a WOFT.

johnboy 10:40 pm 09 Nov 05

Ok, but having given him stick last time he arced up about the whales we now give him stick for not?

Especially when, in the case, Vicki wants him to give grief to the Mayor of Nara of all people?

I mean hey, this is the innernet, why be fair?

Spot the wog 3:50 pm 09 Nov 05

mmmmm Dolphins, the clowns of the sea, not like sharks who are the assasins of the sea

ssanta 3:44 pm 09 Nov 05

Dolphins: the thinking mans tuna!

Maelinar 3:02 pm 09 Nov 05

Ssanta, they have to do this kind of thing because it gives them plausability when they rush through legislation without any due process because they have been assing around with stuff that’s not of their concern.

It’s standard Government practice.

ssanta 2:45 pm 09 Nov 05

Hasn’t the ACT go bigger fish to fry than having our MLA’s prattle on about this?

Chris 2:07 pm 09 Nov 05

Before we proceed to lynch Ms Dunne, I seem to remember our Dear Leader saying (sanctimonious serious voice over)during the drought “We must preserve LIFE..”blether blether…Isn’t a whale’s life important ? And, according to the BBC, its not just the minkes, its also right whales targetted this season. And I also seem to remember the Dear Leader giving away a building in Griffith for an Afghan Embassy – ah, delusions or dreams of being Foreign Minister ?

Thumper 12:38 pm 09 Nov 05

Double standard my friend, double standard….

Vicki’s actually got a woeful record fullstop. *g*

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