VideoEzy versus Blockbuster

Tiffo 10 November 2007 7

Sign up at the Videoezy store in Erindale now reads Blockbuster.

Does this mean Videoezy has gone bust?

The Videoezy store used to be a lot larger but then a section of the store was sold off to an Italian restaurant.

I can not help to think that film-on-demand via Foxtel is killing the local video store.

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7 Responses to VideoEzy versus Blockbuster
p1 p1 12:52 am 11 Nov 07

On top of downloads, and mail order (over the internet or whatever), I think the availibility of pretty cheap puchaces from plaves like JB also make a big impact on rentals.

I don’t know if pay TV makes that much difference, as I thought the uptake wasn’t all that big as a percentage of the population? Although I guess the people who pay for TV may well be the same people that spend a lot on video rental….?

ant ant 10:46 pm 10 Nov 07

Quickflix. heaps better, your DVDs don’t stink of some bogan’s smelly house, their range is HEAPS better, and it’s very convenient. and no late fees.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 6:43 pm 10 Nov 07
b2 b2 6:16 pm 10 Nov 07

i think blockbuster bought video ezy, the store in dickson has changed to blockbuster too…

Meconium Meconium 4:41 pm 10 Nov 07

Agreed, and not just Foxtel, but Transact VOD, and of course P2P protocols and torrents.

I’m sick of having to rely on what video stores have anyway. Plus the DVDs are scratched, to varying degrees, about 50% of the time in my experience (although that could just be the movies I watch).

On top of this, the late fines are huge. I ignored a late fine from my local Video Ezy once and just decided not to patronise that place any more. I got a letter from some lawyer in Melbourne saying I had to pay the fine or else! It’s not like I stole anything – everything got returned, and there was no damage or anything – but all of a sudden I’m forced to pay legal fees plus an old fine accrued over the years for handing back videos a couple of days late. No recourse for me either, because I don’t know anything about the law and they do. I figured paying a $100 fine would be better than getting a bad credit rating or having them exact some other revenge on me. All this for being a frequent customer of the place and occasionally being forgetful and not returning the videos on time.

Well suck it, video stores with your ridiculous late fees, you’re going down. We have easy access to new and old stuff over the internet now, even legally through iTunes and stuff. Also, video on demand. There’s even mail order. Soon we’ll have access to a much greater range, for a much lower cost, than you can provide in your shitty, greedy little franchises.

barney barney 4:38 pm 10 Nov 07

“I can not help to think that film-on-demand via Foxtel is killing the local video store.”

Really ??

bd84 bd84 3:33 pm 10 Nov 07

I noticed that a couple of weeks ago, the place used to be huge. It did sell off a portion before it changed from the VideoEzy to Blockbuster though. Might be the owners were offered more to be a blockbuster as I’m guessing most of the places are franchises. Also interesting as that means there are now 2 Blockbusters at Erindale, with the one in the shopping centre which opened about 3 years ago or so. Probably all the places like bigpond home movies and the like and the internet killing business for them these days.

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