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Barcham 2 September 2013 7

The Vikings’ latest marketing stunt is having some fun mocking election signs, sadly they weren’t for a fake Viking Candidate which feels like a wasted opportunity.

Remember! Ex-cons, gay people, and Magic fans are all welcome at the Vikings.

They almost appear mirage like in the distance. Shinny cardboard gleaming in the Canberra sunshine, swaying softly in the breeze.

Election signs you gotta love em.

The stereotypical election road sign is made up of the following features;

1) A cheery faced politicians- eyes sparkling for a vote

2) Slogans- that obviously were created by a brimming board room full of creative political types buzzing on lattes

3) A close gathering of other signs that also possess features 1 and 2.

These said road signs seem to be cropping up more and more as that election date draws nearer.

Honestly, the drive to and from work has never been more interesting with the road side addition of the election sign.

However, although we do love these signs, we at Vikings feel the repetitive nature of the classic election sign was/is starting to bore those behind the wheel. So we had this fun idea to create some quirky Vikings signs. We drew inspiration from the latest and greatest elections signs and then we strategically placed our signs on the major Tuggeranong Valley roads, right next to our pollie friends…

However after 48 hours of exposure, our beloved signs were spotted by the Ranger.

Now our glorious signs have retreated to our venue car parks, where they will stay (please note this Ranger). So if you have a spare minute why not visit Vikings and take a look at our signs, which although did get the boot… we just can’t let go (please note not a Rudd reference).

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7 Responses to Vikings fake election signs
BimboGeek BimboGeek 11:58 pm 02 Sep 13

Even on their own property, wouldn’t it be an illegal billboard? I only mention it because I hate billboards with a passion. That one at the Canberra Centre is particularly wrong, as are some ones advertising building projects that are clearly ads, not notices!

Weatherman Weatherman 11:16 pm 02 Sep 13

The youngsters are loving the signs. It’s like Christmas decorations for them. They like the smiling faces and novelty factor.

Keep in mind that ACT has more lenient laws in regards to roadside placards, compared to other jurisdictions. Business or organisation can set up their placard along the roadside, as long as it falls into place with the law. It mostly relates to sensible placement, such as not on median strips where it can block visibility of traffic.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 7:36 pm 02 Sep 13

I lolled when I saw them.

Sadly kutas has turned to poo. I don’t know if they changed hands or what but the menu changed, prices went up and quality has gone way down.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 4:51 pm 02 Sep 13

Dear Vikings.

What is your policy on smorgasbords?

MERC600 MERC600 3:47 pm 02 Sep 13

A bright advertising ploy. Had a chuckle when I first saw them.

gospeedygo gospeedygo 3:42 pm 02 Sep 13

Darkfalz said :

What a monumental waste of plastic and wood.

Just like Tony Abbott amiriteguys/scathingpoliticalhumour

Darkfalz Darkfalz 3:32 pm 02 Sep 13

Couldn’t believe how many of these signs were out the other day. What a monumental waste of plastic and wood.

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