Village Building Company faces minor hiccup

S4anta 15 August 2007 11

The denizen of middle of the road music and Macca on Sundays, ABC has fired up this story about the Village Building Company’s woes in the Federal Court.

the basis of their arguments was that an Air Services report on airport noise was skewed by political pressure imposed by CAG and grossly unfair. The aforementioned report, which can be (good luck), gives a core reading that makes building houses their illegal under NSW building laws.

Strike one for the good guys (and the snows). Having worked in and around this issue for what seems years it is time that this was put to bed, and that alternatives to stacking the border between ACT and NSW was found, such as Captains Flat, Bungendore, Yass and Gunning to name a few. It is sad that a large amount of cash has been poured into this administrative squabble by investors, who are now looking down a long, dark tunnel to success. But then again the outcome was never really rocket science due to the depths of Team Snows pockets.

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11 Responses to Village Building Company faces minor hiccup
S4anta S4anta 10:07 am 16 Aug 07

stemp oot illiteracey random git!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:46 am 16 Aug 07

As Sepi says, the ANEF doesn’t preclude development. Just means that they have to uprate noise buffering of the houses built there – more insulation, double glazing, etc. Sort of things you need to be considering to build an energy efficient house here anyway.

But the catch is that all that does squat in summer when you have the windows open. And to keep the house shut up like a bunker means air con is virtually mandatory – and that is definitely not energy efficient.

The forecast is for I think (left notes at home) 8 heavy aircraft movements between 1am and 5 am each night. That would just be such a wonderful environment to live in. Be like having a 3-year-old in the house for ever…

Snow Co have been bombarding Gungahlin area with their leaflets incidentally.

Bob Winnell is clearly trying to make his mark by big gambles rather than the slow road, and he appears to be pretty good at that approach. It is just most unfortunate that the NSW Government fell for the spin.

Expand the ACT out to Bungendore and up to Yass I say. Long-term sustainable tax base, with all contributing users also contributing tax payers. Connection with the No. 1 Highway and all the relevant planning under the one roof.

flyingblind flyingblind 9:26 am 16 Aug 07

VBC should be tarred and feathered for trying to build housing in such a ridicules place.

The airport does not come out of this affair snow white either,their release of select aircraft noise contours it not quite the whole story, lying by omission perhaps?

Joker Joker 9:17 am 16 Aug 07

Wasn’t it Bob Winnel who purchased a parcel of land out near Dairy Flat for a bargain basement price because it wasn’t zoned for residential and then bitched and whined in the courts that he couldn’t develop on it?

Pandy Pandy 8:21 am 16 Aug 07

I should have said “arrivals over southern Canberra”

It was too late at night………

Pandy Pandy 12:29 am 16 Aug 07

Mr Snows ad campaign is very devious. It features the following drawing:
which they say are “possible” noise sharing options.
Whereas the current flight paths are:

There is something funny about the first diagram. It is when I look at:

In particular the photomaps, is that the arrivals over Canberra as shown in the first map, appears to be for small planes.

If you look at the following:

you will see that the noise over Tralee, given no noise sharing, will be substantial.

sepi sepi 8:24 pm 15 Aug 07

The ruling doesn’t say they can’t build there.

It says the ads describing the possible airport noise are able to continue.

thetruth thetruth 7:00 pm 15 Aug 07

And still people can’t find somewhere to live

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 6:09 pm 15 Aug 07

So sympathy here from the money hungry pricks of VBC.

The flightpath should be the exclusive domain of industrial development, the gaol, legless lizards and the Fraser Park Raceway Mk 2.

Swaggie Swaggie 4:35 pm 15 Aug 07

Pure greed on Winnel’s part anyway, good to see him get his fat arse kicked.

RandomGit RandomGit 4:26 pm 15 Aug 07


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