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Vindaloo: Ruchi vs Jewel of India

By Maelinar - 20 October 2007 27

In the same essence as the Sammy’s Laksa (old premises) being a 10/10/10 for comparitive purposes – Jewel of India gets the mantle of 10/10/10 here’s a blow by blow comparison of Ruchi Belconnen vs Jewel of India Manuka vindaloo:

Taste (Flavour) = 9
Size = 10
Ingredients = 10
Decor/Cutlery = 8
Waiting Staff = 8
Cost = 10

Ruchi is a comparable vindaloo to Jewel of India – but only if you are in Belconnen and can’t be bothered going all the way to Manuka. The taste is slightly lesser in fire terms (less chilli), but otherwise a good curry. Ruchi has recently undergone an update, and if you haven’t been there in a while it’s worth going down to check out their more modern decor, although they have moved away from the more intimate indian style for a more modern feel, which detracts slightly from the ‘indian experience’.

The waiting staff are a little slow, and not as personable as the Ruchi guys who actively endeavour to keep the atmosphere going. It can be a little like being served by a McDonalds cashier, as their bleak uniforms don’t do anything towards fostering an indian experience.

On a side note, Ruchi appears to have more alcoholic beverages of an indian nature which may subconsiously affect my ratings, even though I’m not rating their provision of alcohol.

Overall Rating:
I give it a 9, and I’ll be returning often as Manuka is too far to travel just for a takeaway vindaloo, especially when I’ve just driven all the way from Barton beforehand.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Vindaloo: Ruchi vs Jewel of India
Cameron 11:42 pm 21 Oct 07

A proper curry house in England? How about… you know… India?

In any case, I agree with VicePope. I’ve always been partial to Rama’s.

BigDave 11:38 pm 21 Oct 07

I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to buy a good curry here in Canberra (or possibly Australia), and those that think you can have obviously never tasted a REAL curry. They are all crap. Once you’ve sampled a proper curry house in England you’ll know that they just have no idea over here. As for the food court in Belconnen being very close to London standard? DREAM ON!!!

burninator 11:17 pm 21 Oct 07

Rama’s has gone down hill since my first visit there about 3 or 4 years ago. Jewel (ask for a ‘too hot’ madras) and Ruchi (chicken andra) are great, but so is Flavours of India and Kitchen of India (in Gungahlin).

By far, the best service anywhere is Indian Affair, but I seem to recall they don’t serve one of the staples of Indian that I require. Like naan or samosas or something – can’t recall.

VicePope 10:21 pm 21 Oct 07

Rama’s – first, second, third. Then daylight. Indian Affair has been pretty good.

I have not been to the Curtin place for years. I found the food all too similar, and not especially tasty. The decor was oppressive and I thought the service was intrusive.

KaneO – dead right about Jabal’s. I’ve bought some great beef and lamb there – my cooking victims won’t go for goat. The vegies are pretty good too.

nyssa76 9:02 pm 21 Oct 07

Ruchi’s who still owe me about $150-200 in wages from 1998?

Ok food, but they treated their staff crap – well the Anglos anyway.

boholisa 5:25 pm 21 Oct 07

Was at Ruchi last night. It was not bad but I prefer Jewel of India (yes, despite the slow service). But the papadum at Ruchi was delicious. I could just sit there and munch on it all day.

I-filed 2:26 pm 21 Oct 07

I agree with Jemmy – the masala dosa from the food court at Belconnen Mall is a standout – unbelievably good value, easily as good as ‘restaurant food’ and very close to London standard.

Pandy 12:46 am 21 Oct 07

the last time I had Indian from the place in Curtin, I had the shits. I plame it on the so called “mild” chile.

emd 10:18 pm 20 Oct 07

I love Jewel of India. Their gulab jamuns are fantastic.

Ingeegoodbee 8:38 pm 20 Oct 07

I’ve been a regular at Rama’s for years now when it comes to curry … now I doubt I’d ever get to the Belco for a feed (not even sure if the road-side assistance policy covers such out of the way places) but I might give Jewel of India a try as it’s just around the corner.

Maelinar 8:18 pm 20 Oct 07

Hi Jemmy – I’ll do a rating once this thread has done its course.

I can do it off the top of my head, because I have been there before – they’re not bad for a takeaway feed.

VBman – thanks for the compliment, merely trying to provide some serious news in pennance for Friday’s efforts (Read Admins: you might want to talk to S4anta about his devious plan he came up with on Thursday night)

KaneO 7:54 pm 20 Oct 07

Head down to Jabals in Mawson, grab some goat meat (the good stuff, chunks of goat still on the bone), some spices from that shop in Oatley Ct (counter lunch curries, yam-yam) and make your own curry.

The Relapse King 7:50 pm 20 Oct 07

How long have you been working there jemmy?

Vic Bitterman 7:29 pm 20 Oct 07

What a great topic Mael!! I absolutely love Indian food, especially a hearty stinking hot Vindaloo.

You have just given me tomorrow night’s dinner idea!!! 🙂

jemmy 3:47 pm 20 Oct 07

On a side note, the Indian takeaway in Belconnen mall food hall is pretty good, esp for a takeway. I think they’re an offshoot of Jewel of India. The vindaloo has that cant-get-enough-of-it vinegariness and depth of flavour that is the measure of a good vindaloo. All their curries are good imo, you can tell they’re using the full range of spices and not covering up blandness with chilli powder like so many crap takeaways do. The meat samosa is one of the best I’ve had anywhere.

You seem to know your curries M so interested in what you think of them. Bear in mind they are a takeaway though.

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