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Violence against women strategy released

By johnboy 22 August 2011 45


Joy Burch has announced the release of the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children Strategy 2011-2017

Thank goodness we’ve got one of those.

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Violence against women strategy released
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LSWCHP 9:37 pm 23 Aug 11

I can guarantee that it’s not easy to leave an abusive relationship. In my case, I’d made a lifelong commitment to my ex-wife. I have strong principles, and the idea of breaking my wedding vows almost drove me mad, despite what I was undergoing. And as so many other people have experienced in this situation, I was manipulated into thinking I was at fault, and I deserved the horrors that she visited upon me. All I needed to do was lift my game, meet her expectations and everything would be all right.

If you’ve never been there, you’ll never understand.

We also have children, and the thought of being parted from them was almost more than I could bear.

Looking back now, I can’t believe I put up with what happened to me for so long. But at the time, it’s hard to look at the situation dispassionately, and simply say “Time to go now”. It’s just not that simple.

In short, based on my personal experience, I think that some of the comments on this thread have been profoundly misguided.

gooterz 7:28 pm 23 Aug 11

sepi said :

There are plenty more spaces in refuges for men in need of support to leave their violent relationships.
For women, not so much.

I thought there weren’t many if at all. How many of them let the guy bring the kids?

Darkfalz 7:10 pm 23 Aug 11

sepi said :

There are plenty more spaces in refuges for men in need of support to leave their violent relationships.
For women, not so much.

Wow, now you are delusional. Most shelters do not even accept men.

Darkfalz 6:12 pm 23 Aug 11

Calamity said :

I’m sorry but I just honestly can’t believe anybody is standing up for comments such as the below –

“If you’re sticking around because of “self esteem” issues, then the violence isn’t the problem because you’ll find your way into another abusive relationship, you should seek professional help.”

“If you’re sticking around because you are financially dependent on the abuser, essentially letting someone beat you for money, then you need to get a job.”

“I just shake my head and tell myself if she’s dumb enough to stick around, if she’d rather be with a “thug” than the thousands of decent, hardworking single men out there, she deserves it.”

Just thought I’d pop them up here again because I suppose I’m praying you haven’t read them properly the first time.

I stand by my assertion that nobody is forced into an abusive relationship, and nobody is forced to stay in one in a society where we have shelters, police, courts and laws. People do not “suddenly” become controlling and abusive, anyone not wearing rose coloured glasses can usually spot it coming a mile away. Even if it did happen suddenly, that’s when you walk away. I agree that the longer you stay, the harder it might be to leave – but this proves my point – leave at the first instance. Unless you’re in an arranged marriage, you have some say who you’re in a relationship with!

Nobody, apart from the coppers who are paid and prepared for it, should have to risk their personal safety to protect you against your attraction to aggressive thugs or controlling pyschos with money.

Calamity 5:42 pm 23 Aug 11

Yes, of course I would. That was never my issue. Apparently I am speaking another language…

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