Virgin Blue commencing Canberra-Hobart direct flights.

toriness 12 February 2009 16

Finally the day has arrived which I have been wishing for, as a former Hobartian, for almost a decade now.

And this is that Virgin Blue is opening a Canberra-Hobart direct route in April!

Flights on sale for $99 each way at the moment.

This is great for ex-Tasmanians such as myself, Canberrans wanting a stunning new accessible holiday destination, and business people travelling each way alike.

No more hanging about in bloody Melbourne airport, and cutting travel time by as much as half.


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16 Responses to Virgin Blue commencing Canberra-Hobart direct flights.
R. Slicker R. Slicker 11:19 am 13 Feb 09

mutley said :

Will they charge per head?

What about arms and legs? (groan, groan!)

Piratemonkey Piratemonkey 2:15 am 13 Feb 09

Woot falls festival at marion bay just got that little bit closer 🙂

ellingly ellingly 11:38 pm 12 Feb 09

Another former Hobartion (and possibly Martian) here. Cost isn’t so much of an issue – it’s the bloody waiting around in Melbourne, or driving up to Sydney that gives me the shits.

RatsNest RatsNest 11:01 pm 12 Feb 09

Brilliant! I hope these routes last 🙂

AndyC AndyC 10:26 pm 12 Feb 09

mutley said :

Will they charge per head?

I looked at the prices and they are only $4 cheaper than flying via Sydney or Melbourne. I thought they could have done better than that, as they wouldn’t have to pay fees to those airports….so yeah, I can only assume they are charging us double 🙂

cranky cranky 9:21 pm 12 Feb 09


Thank you. Made my evening.

AndyC AndyC 8:18 pm 12 Feb 09

As another ex-Hobartian, I am pretty excited about this. I’ve lost count of the amount of days I’ve wasted in Sydney / melbourne airport just to get home. Seriously, for something that is under a 2 hour flight, often spending an extra 4 hours in airports each way was crazy..

And hey there Toriness! Nice to see another Tasmanian about. I always said oneday we will rule the world. Looks like we might be starting with The RiotACT..

Mr Evil said :

And how many flights are they going to offer/day????

Just the one…each way.

jase! jase! 6:54 pm 12 Feb 09

pretty happy about this, quite annoyingly it starts a week after Im booked to go to tassie.

have to go again in august and 2×99 bucks is cheaper than I can do flying via melb

deezagood deezagood 6:42 pm 12 Feb 09

Yay – this is great news …

mutley mutley 5:56 pm 12 Feb 09

Will they charge per head?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:45 pm 12 Feb 09

And how many flights are they going to offer/day????

p1 p1 4:00 pm 12 Feb 09

…direct flight to Reykjavik for a buck fiddy…

I’d be tempted by such an offer.

G-Fresh G-Fresh 3:48 pm 12 Feb 09

Hm flights into the abyss. Are you able to get a return flight?

OzChick OzChick 3:41 pm 12 Feb 09

The ABC reports that there will also be direct flights from Canberra to Townsville too.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 3:23 pm 12 Feb 09

They could do a direct flight to Reykjavik for a buck fiddy for all I care. Nothing would compel me to fly with those numpties.
But one of our Board members is a Taswegian, so I guess it will be of some benefit instead of juggling connecting flights.

p1 p1 3:12 pm 12 Feb 09

Might actually have to visit the parents now 🙂

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