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Visit to “The Venue” (first and last)

By Annoyed - 2 September 2007 25

What a fantastic night. After last nights experience I now know why I stay in at night. Last night my husband and I decided to go to “The Venue” at Erindale for the first time. We were charged $5 entry each for a 45 min stay and to be treated like shit. The security guys were rude, threatening and verbally abusive. We were not even allowed to finish our drink before being just about thrown down the stairs. The Venue is definitely a place to stay away from unless you are looking for trouble from meat head security guys. Has anyone else experienced this.

PS: Thanks to the guy from the service station who wanted to punch on. It topped our night off.

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25 Responses to
Visit to “The Venue” (first and last)
justbands 9:13 am 03 Sep 07

Cool. In that case…agreed. Sure, security everywhere can be a little over the top sometimes, but that’s not unique to The Venue.

Ingeegoodbee 8:59 am 03 Sep 07

Not you Justbands, Annoyed. This sounds like a spray by someone who cant hold thier drink or their tongue – we dont need a-holes like this wrecking our nights out. Bloody bogans.

Indeed an excellent trout stream.

justbands 8:55 am 03 Sep 07

Nice river by the way.

justbands 8:55 am 03 Sep 07

Me? I’m no bogan. I just avoid trouble.

Ingeegoodbee 8:43 am 03 Sep 07


justbands 8:37 am 03 Sep 07

I’ve been a few times, never had a problem with the place, security…anything.

Thumper 8:22 am 03 Sep 07

Ah, I love being ‘tired and emotional’

ant 10:37 pm 02 Sep 07

Well, she’s not anonymous here, is she? Soem more info on what happened would be good though. Either there’s a real problem here, or she and partner were tired and emotional.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 7:21 pm 02 Sep 07

Easily solved – don’t go there again.

(And of course exercise your God-given right to bitch and moan anonymously on the internet).

Sikkukkut 6:30 pm 02 Sep 07

I’ve been to the Venue exactly once, for last week’s Jenny Morris gig. There were a few problems – the Moshtix computer at the door was being temperamental, and I think they have yet to get a proper handle on the dinner-show thing – but the staff were all quite cheerful and helpful, letting me in to go to the bar while they got the machine working and so on.

Not saying you’re a liar, Annoyed (maybe we just dealt with different people) but like the others I wouldn’t mind hearing a few more details of what led up to this…

Kramer 3:14 pm 02 Sep 07

I’ve only been to the venue once, for earlish drinks, so I’m not too sure about the nightclub crowd, but I found it OK. If you found the bouncers rude and lacking personal skills, you mustn’t get out much – this is usual behaviour from most security staff.

I agree with the others about the motivation for ejecting you. Why did they boot you out? Surely you have some kind of idea? Unless you were too drunk to recall??

Deadmandrinking 2:13 pm 02 Sep 07

I second Queenie. Those lights are a massive pain, and the prices – dear god, who the hell charges 4.70 a schooner? The ANU bar is bullshit.

hk0reduck 1:47 pm 02 Sep 07

On a scale of 1 to 10 how was being ejected your own fault? If you were only in for 45 minutes it might suggest that the door-person made a mistake in allowing entry in the first place.

I’ve been to the Venue a few times and have generally only seen people ejected for being argumentive.

The owner of the Venue of the venue does frequent here and has made mention of a security review due to a previous complaint about angry guards.

I generally dislike this form of badmouthing, because, unlike restaurants alcohol plays a huge factor in these situations.

Queenie 1:25 pm 02 Sep 07

Can’t say as I’ve been to The Venue, but your experience there sounds like the regular treatment we get at the ANU Bar. Rude, openly sneering security and summary ejection from the place immediately after the bands finish playing.

Jazz 1:09 pm 02 Sep 07

cant say i had any problems with the one visit i’ve had to The Venue. security wasnt really friendly but then i cant recall any clubs i’ve ever been to where they engaged in pleasant chit chat. As for throwing you out and your punch up at the service station, the two events only have YOU in common. you dont happen to think that is where the problem lies do you?

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