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Volunteers for Beta test needed

By Jazz - 9 January 2008 43

About mid last year we started to think that the RiotACT needed a facelift and you may recall us asking how you used the site. Whilst some indicated that they loved it enough shared our sentiments that we needed to try something new and fresh. Over the last couple of months we’ve been working behind the scenes on our new Riot and you may have noticed a few changes in preparation for its unveiling over the last week, most notably the category reorganisation.

We’re almost at a point where we want to release it on the unsuspecting public (although i’ve probably just given away our master plan.. doh!) and need some volunteers to help with a beta test. If you’re at all interested reply below and we’ll be in contact.

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43 Responses to
Volunteers for Beta test needed
Skidbladnir 9:36 am 10 Jan 08

@jono1: I use Vista and will happily run IE7
Then may God have mercy on your soul.

RandomGit 9:33 am 10 Jan 08

I’m in

Mælinar 8:46 am 10 Jan 08

@GnT – google it some more then. I’m going to nominate you as the village idiot for the beta test though, every testing process needs a village idiot.

grundy 8:42 am 10 Jan 08

I’ll test.
Have a long work history in QA, software testing and support.

DarkLadyWolfMother 8:24 am 10 Jan 08

I’m happy to help if you want. Firefox 2 on Linux, Firefox 2 and home, and IE 7 if you really want 😉

GnT 7:47 am 10 Jan 08

From Maelinar’s informative link: “Beta testing is the last stage of testing, and normally can involve sending the product to beta test sites outside the company for real-world exposure or offering the product for a free trial download over the Internet. Beta testing is often preceded by a round of testing called alpha testing.”

Oh, so beta testing comes after alpha testing and involves beta test sites. You’ve clarified the issue completely.

shauno 7:37 am 10 Jan 08

I’ll test
Sony TZ28 Lappy with Solid State hardrive Vista and Firefox. Also Centos Linux with Firefox
Also firefox from a TrueCrypt USB flash drive lol

kenneth 2:09 am 10 Jan 08

I should add that I have a Palm PDA, linux with konqueror (basically the same as safari but there could be some small differences) and an iPod touch as well.

jono1 1:10 am 10 Jan 08

Happy to take part – I use Vista and will happily run IE7, Firefox, Opera 9, Safari 3 beta and Mobile Safari (on iPod touch).

Mælinar 9:36 pm 09 Jan 08

What is a Beta Test – Google 0.12 seconds.

GnT 9:14 pm 09 Jan 08

What’s a beta test? (Scuse my ignorance).

Special G 8:19 pm 09 Jan 08

Running something on a mac. Guinea pig me up.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:06 pm 09 Jan 08

Happy to be a tester. Also running a mix of Safari and Firefox.

bighead 6:07 pm 09 Jan 08

Yeah, I am happy to help. Windows SP2 Firefox (although I can also try it out in IE and Safari)

kenneth 5:27 pm 09 Jan 08

I’m interested to help out. I use Safari 3 on the Mac as well as Firefox.

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