Volvo driver confirms stereotype

johnboy 3 February 2011 11
volvo boom

“J” has sent in these gems with this note:

Spotted on Northbourne Avenue Braddon the intersection with Eloura St.

The Git in the Volvo drives through a RED right turn arrow to stop in the middle of the intersection.

You can see the crossing traffic in the other shot.


Why J was ready to shoot the scene is a question we’ll not ask.

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11 Responses to Volvo driver confirms stereotype
bryansworld bryansworld 5:21 pm 03 Feb 11

Still reckon some academic could do an interesting study into the psychology of security and Volvo drivers. Could be extended to include 4WD truck people.

enrique enrique 5:15 pm 03 Feb 11

Happens semi-regularly on Northbourne, especially with interstate drivers.

How about this one… was driving on Commonwealth Ave. pretty early this morning and a, yes, wait for it, white commodore that was travelling next to me flys through a red light at the Coronation Dve intersection at the same time as another car was going through from the direction of old parliament house. Nothing but a bees d!#( in it! Lunatic!

screaming banshee screaming banshee 4:12 pm 03 Feb 11

May I suggest that all those putting their hand up to say they have done it pick up a copy of the road rules and flick through it….you know, just to brush up.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:08 pm 03 Feb 11

printerisempty said :

Don’t worry sid your not the only one…

That’s true, I’ve seen it happen a few times as well.

However, the road markings should be enough to resolve any confusion that may exist. There’s no hard white line in front of where the Volvo is parked to indicate that he/she needed to stop there and nor is there an unbroken line to indicate he/she should give way.

printerisempty printerisempty 1:22 pm 03 Feb 11

Don’t worry sid your not the only one…

sid sid 12:48 pm 03 Feb 11

I have a confession – I did this at this exact intersection when i first moved to Canberra 10 years ago. You come around the corner from Northbourne on a green light, and then from where the Volvo is waiting you see a red light directed at the people waiting at Eloura St. Very confusing and embarrassing. Mainly embarrasing.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:07 pm 03 Feb 11

Pfft, I saw someone turn right from London Circuit into the oncoming city-bound lanes of Vernon Circle the other day. That is, the completely incorrect side of the road.

To be fair, there were no cars waiting at the red light, haha, so all three lanes were empty. But, there had been at least one, and maybe two cars ahead of this klutz that had correctly executed the right turn ahead of him/her.

lobster lobster 12:01 pm 03 Feb 11

I hate these people.
There used to actually be a centre line there to wait at. But they changed the intersection.
Surely the fact that there is no longer lines to tell you to stop there is a massive clue as to what you should or shouldn’t be doing.
Ah well. At least he wasn’t speeding!

Athryn Athryn 11:59 am 03 Feb 11

LOL Canberra’s answer to the infamous Melbourne hook turn 😀

Mysteryman Mysteryman 11:48 am 03 Feb 11

I would like to know if the car was registered in the ACT. I don’t know why, but more often than not I see these shenanigans performed by people in cars with Victorian registration plates.

grundy grundy 10:56 am 03 Feb 11

I see this all the time at that very intersection for some reason. (I’m normally walking)

Many drivers also do this when they have a green right-turn arrow, they start turning then stop in the middle and wait for a full light cycle so they get a green straight-ahead light for the cross streets!
Even more hilarious when there are no cars waiting on the cross road so the lights never trigger…

No amount of arm waving or honking seems to get these idiots to move.

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